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Soul Conscious Parenting

Soul Conscious Parenting

In this seminar, I will be sharing powerful practices that I have used as a parent for tuning in to the soul messages of my children and supporting them to find their unique paths, confidence, and trust in their journey.

As a mother of three children, ages 17, 6, and 1, as well as a parent with experience in homeschooling, unschooling, charter and public schools, as well as having been raising children in marriage, co-parenting, and as a single mom, I understand the many complexities, stresses, choices, and scenarios facing parents today.  

Learn how I've developed a method to get clear on the soul messages of my children, regain my center, and support them in a heart-centered way, guiding them with what works best for each unique child, at each age, and in our unique family situations.

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Video Seminar Released March 14th

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The Sacred Feminine Path of Entrepreneurship

The Sacred Feminine Path of Entrepreneurship

Are you a women ready to create or grow your own business in a sacred feminine way?

There is a new wave of women entrepreneurs embodying the sacred feminine path of entrepreneurship, to create the freedom to enjoy life in our own natural way, while making a positive influence in the world with creative innovative and healing ideas, products and services. 

Tap into your feminine sexual energy for greater vitality, prosperity and success through channeling your cyclical energy for manifestation.

Many people ask how I am able to get so much done as a mama and entrepreneur while homeschooling, traveling, and consistently expanding in my work. 

For years I have specifically used feminine creative cycling practices to manifest with greater ease and produce high level content for my community. 

Through studying the hormonal and brainwave changes through women's sexual cycles, I have mapped out the prime times in a women's fertility to channel one's energy into different styles of work.

Through scheduling my work plans in alignment with my menstrual cycle, I am able to reach flow states in a greater way, getting more achieved in less time through knowing the peak times for different kinds of creative work. 

This is a powerful practice that many women entrepreneurs are using today to tap into their sacred feminine energy for new paradigm entrepreneurship and leadership. 

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Vision Collages

Manifesting with Conscious Art

Vision Collages: Manifesting with Conscious Art

Vision Collages are a FAVORITE practice of mine to create artful soul-inspired visual representations of the energy and experiences you want to manifest in your life. 

I'm thrilled to be sharing this special seminar to reveal to you my specific practices that I use to create a powerful vision collage to inspire and magnetize the results that I wish to enjoy in life. 

Vision boards are a popular tool that thousands of people have found incredible benefit from for decades in focusing intentions and attracting success. 

Through my 30 years of collage making, I've discovered that collages are a therapeutic tool that definitely manifest the energies one put into it! I've created a soul-led practice of putting together vision collages with intention and themes in a way that make it a soothing, enjoyable, fun way to create inspiring imagery that stimulate your mind, heart, and soul to create the life you desire! 

Join me in this video seminar presentation to learn my specific steps for creating your Vision Collage, from gathering your materials, focusing your intention, deciding upon your layout, knowing what not to put in your collage, using intuition to guide your creative choices, and a special way to enhance the power of your manifestation artwork!  

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Journal Juice

Squeeze the Most From Your Writing

Journal Juice: Squeeze the Most From Your Writing

Do you desire to write blog posts, articles, books and more but struggle when sitting in front of a blank page? 

Does writer's block stop you from sharing your powerful stories and messages with the world?

Learn how to use the power of journaling to let your writing momentum free!

Discover in this special seminar effective techniques for unleashing your creative flow through journaling.

Find out how to edit and refine your freestyle writing for publication and sharing. 

Plus learn inspiring and fun journaling practices to create a calm focused mind, enhance manifestation, tap into your inner wisdom, and unleash your inner writer! 

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Sacred Prosperity

Connect with the Source of Your Wealth

Sacred Prosperity - Connect with the Source of Your Wealth

Do you struggle with feeling that it's not spiritual to ask for money for your work and time?

Are you ready to reprogram old ideas that to be wealthy is not spiritual?

The desire to be abundant, wealthy, and prosper is a sacred calling for you to live life fully, express your greater sense of self, and to be an active force in the world for creating health, transformation and change!

In the Sacred Prosperity Seminar you will learn why it's right to be successful and abundant. 

You will discover 5 practical ways to enhance your wealth, change old negative thought patterns, and take action to manifest your greatest desires in the world. 

Learn powerful techniques for stepping fully into your Sacred Prosperity through the power of your will, blessings, gratitude, clearing, and manifestation. 

Includes a potent energy activation meditation to clear blocks and supercharge your energy field for enhanced focus and magnetism of your manifestation, creative energy and success!

Get immediate access to this 3 part video seminar now. 

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How to Blog so People Will Read It

How to Blog So People Will Read It (& Share!) - 2020 Visionary Women Seminar

Secrets to blogging for growing your business, create community and sharing your story and wisdom. 

You can easily reach hundreds, thousands or even millions of people through sharing your words, photos, audio and video online through a blog. 

Today it's easier than ever to become an independent publisher and position yourself as a sought-after expert in your field of experience through online publishing. 

Learn time-tested tips and practices for creating your blog, getting ideas for posts, how to create content with ease, how to design your blog so people read it - and share it! 

Video Seminar - 1.5 hrs - Instant Access

You receive a full seminar video to watch at your own time and as many times as you want, as well as the audio file, both of which you can download and watch or listen to on any device, plus ongoing access. 

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Sustaining Your Long-Term Business Vision

Sustaining Your Longterm Business Vision

In "Sustaining Your Long-Term Business Vision" you will learn: 

  • How to avoid burn-out and grow a business that will evolve with you through the decades to come.
  • The importance of building your online platform and the steps to do so. 
  • How to focus on what is going to bring the highest value in the long-term so you can best invest your time and minimize "busy-work".
  • Secrets for getting the most from your social media platforms, and which ones to focus on currently.
  • Practices for improving your time-management and communication skills. 
  • Why nurturing relationships with your community is the most important factor in business today.
  • Skills for analyzing what is working - and not working - for other businesses today (and how to see through the online mirage of marketing stories).
  • Understand why your business growth and journey is not going to look like anyone else's, and it shouldn't!
  • Why it's vital to create your own unique message and sharing based upon your personal story, experience, and passion. 
  • Favorite practices that WORK for clarifying and manifesting your HIGHEST VISION! 

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The 2020 Vision

How do you envision your life to be in 3 years?

What would you like to have manifested by the year 2020?

The 2020 Visionary Women Seminars are video trainings for visionary women leaders, creators and entrepreneurs to manifest your big vision with clarity.

Now is the time to start activating your soul mission in a deeper way, grow your roots, and expand your vision of what's possible. 

So many opportunities are opening right now, especially if you widen your perception to new ideas.

It's easier than ever for us to connect and create - in every aspect of life.

Now is the time to rise up, raise your voice, tell your stories, and connect with like minded souls around the world. 

Together we have the unstoppable ability create change at a rate unprecedented on the Earth ever before - and it's up to us to decide what kind of change that is going to be. 

Do you want to let others decide the future, or do you want to create a future of healing, abundance and community for all?

Now is the time to invest in building the foundation of your success, so that you can manifest your big vision!

What would you like your life to look like in 2020?

Say YES to your vision!