The 2020 Visionary Women Seminars

What do you desire to see in your life by the year 2020?

2020 Visionary Women Seminars

The 2020 Visionary Women Seminars are video trainings for visionary women leaders, creators and entrepreneurs to manifest your big vision with clarity.

Now is the time to start activating your soul mission in a deeper way, grow your roots, and expand your vision of what's possible. So many opportunities are opening right now, especially if you widen your perception to new ideas.

Now is the time to rise up, raise your voice, tell your stories, and connect with like minded souls around the world. Together we have the unstoppable ability create change at a rate unprecedented on the Earth ever before - and it's up to us to decide what kind of change that is going to be.

Experience the 2020 Visionary Women Seminars, ongoing series of video trainings on integrative topics for conscious women entrepreneurs, healers, professionals, visionaries, change-makers, and leaders today. 

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Soul Conscious Parenting

Soul Conscious Parenting Seminar

In this seminar, I will be sharing powerful practices that I have used as a parent for tuning in to the soul messages of my children and supporting them to find their unique paths, confidence, and trust in their journey.

As a mother of three children, ages 17, 6, and 1, as well as a parent with experience in homeschooling, unschooling, charter and public schools, as well as having been raising children in marriage, co-parenting, and as a single mom, I understand the many complexities, stresses, choices, and scenarios facing parents today.  

Learn how I've developed a method to get clear on the soul messages of my children, regain my center, and support them in a heart-centered way, guiding them with what works best for each unique child, at each age, and in our unique family situations.

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2020 Visionary Women Seminars

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Sustaining Your Longterm Business Vision
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