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I've compiled a mega resource of my awesome birth e-books, audio, and more for mothers and fathers preparing for pregnancy, birth, and beyond. 

This is the ultimate online birth library for parents with 3 awesome birth books in downloadable PDF format plus a BONUS of 17 audio interviews by Kara Maria Ananda with global birth and parenting experts, including midwives, doulas, prenatal coaches and mamas. 

Whether you are planning to conceive in the future, are currently pregnant, or learning more about conscious birthing to support loved ones through the experience, this is a birthing library of wisdom to support you to experience confidence and empowerment through the childbearing year.

This is an abundant collection of wisdom for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum curated and shared by a women's health educator, childbirth educator, doula, and mother.

Learn about natural healing during pregnancy, labor, and breastfeeding for the optimal health of your family, children, and self.

Discover simple practices for connecting with your unborn baby each day, helpful tips for healthy pregnancies, and how to plan to achieve your best birth possible.

Empower yourself with these enjoyable and inspiring books and audios filled with inspiration for your awesome pregnancy and birth. 


How to Have an Awesome Birth
Birthing Skills for Everyone
The Conscious Birth Doula Guide


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  • "How to Have an Awesome Birth" E-Book by Kara Maria Ananda
  • "Birthing Skills for Everyone" E-Book by Kara Maria Ananda
  • "The Conscious Birth Doula Guide" E-Book by Kara Maria Ananda
  • 17+ Hours of Audio Interviews by Kara with Birth and Parenting Experts on Conscious Conception, Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting!
  • Membership in Kara's Private Online Facebook Group for Mamas for support. 
  • You can download all e-books and audios to your computer, tablet or phone to enjoy on the go.
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"I have had amazing opportunities to share what I know and have learnt from your book, workbooks and this course. I'm truly loving every word of it...SO needed!!! I'm also spreading the words to my friends. Thank you for sharing your dreams, stories and knowledge with're doing beautiful work!"  - Kristie Joy


"Through Kara's books and teachings I'm learning to take back my body, my spirit, my mind and I'm in charge this [pregnancy]. Making conscious choices, decisions, connecting with myself and my unborn child. Reconnecting with my soul power and learning to trust again. I hope you enjoy Kara's teachings as much as I am!" - Dallas Bossalo