The Awesome Birth Teacher Training

Conscious Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting

Empowering Birthing Families Worldwide

Be an Advocate for Mothers, Babies, and Families...

  • Empower Families with Healing Arts Education for Conscious Birth
  • Mentor Families in Your Community
  • Host Awesome Birth Classes & Circles
  • Support Mothers and Babies During Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum
  • Be a Leader in Co-Creating the New Paradigm of Birth
  • Join a Global Network of Birth Visionaries in Supporting Awesome Births Today

A Comprehensive Training for Health Coaches, Doulas, Childbirth Educators, Holistic Care Practitioners, Pregnancy Bodyworkers, Midwives, Expecting Parents, Nurses, Teachers, Students, Mothers, and All Birthkeepers to Expand Your Knowledge & Vision. 

The Awesome Birth Teacher Training is a holistic global mentor program to support you in creating your vision of how you can best help mothers, families and babies in having awesome births.

This course supports the birth entrepreneur, student, practitioner, advocate, and parent to expand their education, resources, language, clarity, confidence, and global network.

This is a holistic and comprehensive program that is attended by a diverse student population from women's empowerment advocates, doulas, childbirth educators, midwives, doctors, nurses, bodyworkers, healers, yoga teachers, health coaches, students, mothers, teenagers, grandmothers, and sisters - from all over the world!

YOU are invited to join our global network of Awesome Birth Teachers and together we will support mothers, babies and families in having Awesome Births!

The Awesome Birth Teacher Training is a Global Multi-Media Course to Empower Community Leaders in Advocating, Teaching, and Mentoring Expecting Parents Today in How to Have an Awe-Inspiring Birth.

The Awesome Birth Teacher Training Curriculum

Conscious birthing and pregnancy

Part 1: The Awesome Birth Vision

  • All About Our Global Network of Birth Visionaries
  • What are the Essential Elements of Creating an Awesome Birth
  • How to Co-Create the New Paradigm of Conscious Birthing
  • The Most Important Childbirth Practices Around the World
  • The Importance of Empowering Parents During the Childbearing Year & Beyond
  • What to Know on Your Journey as an Awesome Birth Teacher
  • How to Create Awesome Services for Your Clients
Shamanic Pregnancy and Birth

Part 2: The Shamanic Way of Pregnancy & Birth

  • Ancient Wisdom and Healing Practices of the Wise Women
  • The Evolutionary Potential of the Womb
  • The Legacy of Wise Women Healers, Shamans, Midwives, and Priestesses
  • The Ancient Feminine Arts of Shamanic Midwifery
  • The Traditional Indigenous Wisdom of Women's Healing Arts
  • Dream Medicine as a Shamanic Midwifery Tool
  • Meditations for Connecting to Your Inner Guidance System


Fertility Awareness & Preconception

Part 3: Fertility Awareness & Pre-Conception Wisdom 

  • When Parenting Really Begins
  • What Every Woman Should Know for Creating Empowered Health
  • The Wisdom for Health, Sexuality, and Longevity in the the Fertility Cycle
  • Essential Practices for Enhancing Women's Fertility
  • Conscious Creation: The Science and Spirit of Ovulation
  • How to Use the Power of the Moon to Heal Women's Cycles
  • Essential Practices for Preconception Health & Vitality


Conscious Conception

Part 4: Creating a Conscious Conception

  • How to Intentionally Prepare for a Conscious Conception
  • The Sacred Geometry of All Life As Expressed Through the Biology of Conception
  • Energy Healing Practices for Enhancing Fertility
  • Energy Practices & Visualizations for Promoting Health & Relieving Stress
  • Ways to Enhance Conception and Pregnancy Naturally


Natural Healthy Pregnancy

Part 5: How to Have a Healthy Vibrant Pregnancy

  • The Incredible Consciousness of Babies in the Womb
  • How Conscious Birthing Begins with Healing
  • How to Bond with Babies in the Womb
  • Positive Affirmations for Conscious Birthing
  • A Mother Shares the Beauty Way of Birth
  • Prenatal Care Guidelines for an Awesome Pregnancy
  • The Ancient Midwifery Art of Singing in Pregnancy and Birth
  • Natural Practices for Empowering Parents During Pregnancy


How to Have an Awesome Birth

Part 6: How to Have an Awesome Birth

  • Empowering Preparation for Labor and Birth
  • Natura Wisdom for Conscious Birthing
  • The Essential Role of Love in Conscious Birthing 
  • The Origins of Birth Away From Home
  • How Homebirth Supports the Vitality of Baby's Immune System
  • Natural Birthing of Twins
  • Sound Healing for Reducing Pain and Enhancing Labor
  • The Art of Conscious Labor Support
  • Conscious Practices for Parents to Prepare for Birth


Gentle Baby Care and Holistic Postpartum

Part 7: Gentle Beginnings for Baby

  • The Vital Importance of The First Minutes & Hours of Baby's Life
  • The Most Important Thing for Mother and Baby Immediately After Birth
  • How to Naturally Care for the Placenta
  • The Wisdom and Practice of Lotus Birthing
  • Why to Make Placenta Medicine - and How
  • The Truth About How Aware Babies Really Are
  • Presence and Patience in Conscious Communication with Babies
  • Techniques and Support for Natural Breastfeeding
  • The Global Parenting Practice of Babywearing
  • Essential Support for Parents Postpartum


Holistic Nutrition for Pregnancy and Childbearing

Part 8: Holistic Nutrition for the Childbearing Year

  • Whole Foods for Nourishing Mothers and Babies
  • The Essential Nutrient Dense Foods for Pregnancy
  • Superfoods for Pregnancy - and How to Use Them
  • Traditional Healing with Whole Foods
  • Alchemical Arts of Food Preparation
  • Should Pregnant Women Have Raw Milk and Dairy
  • Nutritional Recommedations for Pregnancy and Nursing Women
  • The Sacred Act of Blessing Our Food
  • Recipes for Nourishing Mothers
  • Herbs for a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth
  • Morning Sickness Remedies


Bodywork & Massage for Pregnancy, Birth and Babies

Part 9: Bodywork for Mothers and Babies

  • The Ancient Art of Massage for Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond
  • The Benefits of Massage in Pregnancy and Labor
  • Integrative Bodywork Techniques for Labor & Birth
  • Massage Oils & Aromatherapy for Pregnancy and Birth
  • How to Prepare for Massage and Bodywork
  • The Rebozo: Traditional Mexican Woven Shawl & Bodywork
  • Craniosacral Therapy for Pregnancy, Birth, and Babies


Movement, Yoga and Dance for Mothers

Part 10: Movement, Yoga, and Dance for Mamas

  • Sacred Dance and Movement Arts for Pregnancy and Birth
  • Womb Dancing Through Pregnancy and Birth
  • Moving the Body in Pregnancy to Open
  • Gentle Yoga for Mothers
  • Mudras for Mamas: Hand Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth, and Breastfeeding
  • The Movements of Spiraling for Pregnancy and Birth


The Art of Conscious Storytelling and Communication in Pregnancy and Postpartum

Part 11: The Art of Positive Storytelling

  • The Healing Practice of Sharing Positive Birth Stories
  • The Art of Conscious Storytelling for Conscious Birth Advocacy and Education
  • Therapeutic Language Skills for Birthworkers
  • Awareness and Compassion in Listening to Mothers
  • Conscious Listening and Consulting Skills
  • Inspiring Birth Stories from Home, Birth Center, and Hospital Births


Birth Leadership and Visionaries Today

Part 12: Awakening to Leadership as a Birth Visionary

  • The Awesome Birth Teacher Practice & Vision
  • Visionary Leaders in Service of Conscious Birth
  • How to Get Clear on Your Calling and Purpose
  • Being a Conscious Birth Leader
  • The Art of Conscious Visioning for Entrepreneurs
  • Heart Centered Leadership Skills
  • Conscious Entrepreneurship for Birthworkers
  • A Call to Conscious Evolution for Visionary Entrepreneurs



Why be an Awesome Birth Teacher?

You are passionate about advocating for healthy mothers, babies, and families.

You want to facilitate support for mothers and fathers in your community and the world.

You desire to support families in the childbearing year as well as improve the health and sustainability of the world today as an Awesome Birth Teacher.

You want to be an educator, mentor, and advocate for mothers and babies locally & globally. 

You are called to be an Awesome Birth Teacher because of your passion, study, and work of uplifting Conscious Birth and Parenting practices today.

Who Can Be An Awesome Birth Teacher? 

The Awesome Birth Teacher Training is open to men and women who are interested in co-creating a peaceful humanity on Earth through supporting conscious birth.  

As an Awesome Birth Teacher you may be a parent, student, advocate, doula, educator, doctor, midwife, nurse, yoga teacher, health coach, massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, bodyworker, women's empowerment advocate, or anyone who is passionate about supporting mothers, babies, and families to have an awesome birth!


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Your Enrollment Includes:

  • 12 Part Online Multi-Media Classes for Each of the 12 Modules with Video, Audio and more
  • 12 Awesome Birth Teacher Workbooks  (Digital PDF Files) by Kara Maria Ananda
  • Personal Email Consultation with Kara Maria Ananda for Each of the 12 Journal Assignments PLUS additional questions and support. 
  • How to Have An Awesome Birth E-Book by Kara Maria Ananda 
  • Over 20 Hours of Audio Interviews by Kara with Global Birth Leaders
  • Online Private Facebook Group for Awesome Birth Teachers
  • Complete Your Homework At Your Own Pace 
  • Lifetime Access to the Course & Updates  
  • Certification as an Awesome Birth Teacher upon completion of all 12 journal assignments. 


Sign Up and Get Instant Access to:


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  • Interviews by Kara with Global Birth Visionaries including Barbara Harper, Whapio Diane Bartlett, Carla Hartley, Jan Tritten, Stephanie Dawn, Karen Brody, and more!!!
  • All audio interviews are available for download to your personal device or computer also!


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Kara Maria Ananda’s Awesome Birth Teacher Training is absolutely fantastic. The vast amount of knowledge, wisdom and information shared creates opportunities of expansion in our businesses and daily lives. The care and love attached to this program holds the power of true transformation and inspiration. Thank You.
— Karolina Staszak
Through Kara’s books and teachings I’m learning to take back my body, my spirit, my mind and I’m in charge this [pregnancy]. Making conscious choices, decisions, connecting with myself and my unborn child. Reconnecting with my soul power and learning to trust again. I hope you enjoy Kara’s teachings as much as I am!
— Dallas Bossalo
Thank you once again for challenging my heart and mind on this journey to becoming a Conscious Birth Emissary. This continues to be one of the best things that has happened in my life and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be apart of this work.  It has been a great honor to explore sacred birth with you. You are a wonderful teacher and your passion is contagious. I am having so much fun!
— Kat Burkes
This Is The Best Education I Have Ever Received, Ever! I Can’t Thank You Enough Kara, For Sharing Your Wisdom And Enthusiasm To Inspire Me.
— Tanya Greene
I have had amazing opportunities to share what I know and have learnt from your book, workbooks and this course. I’m truly loving every word of it...SO needed!!! I’m also spreading the words to my friends. Thank you for sharing your dreams, stories and knowledge with’re doing beautiful work!
— Kristie Joy
Kara Maria Ananda’s Awesome Birth Teacher Training is fabulous! I love sharing space with these wise women awakening sharing a new paradigm of birthing in Love! highly recommend if you are a conscious birth supporter, doula, and/or educator!
— Michelle Peterson