How to Have an Awesome Birth

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How to Have an Awesome Birth

How to Have an Awesome Birth

The ultimate guide to conscious birthing for parents of the new millennium.

This book is a rich collection of wisdom for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum by a women's health educator, childbirth educator, doula, and mother.

Learn about natural healing during pregnancy, labor, and breastfeeding for the optimal health of your family, children, and self.

Discover simple practices for connecting with your unborn baby each day, helpful tips for healthy pregnancies, and how to plan to achieve your best birth possible.

Empower yourself with this enjoyable to read book filled with stories and anecdotes to inspire your awesome pregnancy and birth. 

Including 10 inspirational birth stories from: Jade Beall, Sammi Cambray, Jaya Sat Kriya, Kristen Avonti, Ana Camacho Hansen, Joleen Decker, Michelle Peterson, Debbie Pierce, Kristie Joy, and Kara Maria Ananda.

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