The Womb Codes: Feminine Synchronicity in the Cycles of Time & Space

Womb Wisdom

Once upon a time, women's sexuality was celebrated and honored for it's life-giving powers and creative energy of manifestation.

Ancient priestess paths from around the world kept the knowledge of the sacred connection of our wombs for time-keeping, conscious manifestation, spiritual connection, and evolutionary creation. 

Women's life generating powers and multi-orgasmic abilities were seen as a gateway to both ecstatic embodiment and a connection to expansive spiritual awareness.

Women's cycles from menarche to menopause, and beyond, were honored and celebrated for their connection to the creation codes of life, the universe, and spirit–and the ability this gives women to be connected to the wisdom of both the Earth and the Cosmos. 

Those who wished to control the power of the people began to attempt to suppress the power of women's sexuality, in order to subdue their creativity, spirituality, and freedom.

Women's power became feared, oppressed, and coveted. The oracles, priestesses, and shamans were deemed to be witches, and the temples and sacred sites were destroyed, taken over, and hidden. The wisdom of the womb had to be hidden to be saved.

We still live with the repercussions of this submission and alteration of female energy today, but the power of women's sexuality and spirituality has not been completely obscured, and cannot be controlled forever, for it is embedded within the codes of our womb and our cycles.

Womb Wisdom

The codes of the womb are hidden within the time and space synchronization of a women's body to the cycles of the Moon, Sun, Earth, and Galaxy. 

The wisdom of these codes were honored in traditional cultures worldwide and are still present, yet hidden today, in modern culture within art, symbology, mythology, games, and within our own bodies.

As we awaken to recognize the innate connection within our deep feminine nature to the creation of the whole universe with we live in, it invokes the power of understanding, synchronization, healing, and transformation that can guide us to tune into our own inner guidance and wisdom in more effective ways. 

When women are empowered in their cycles, bodies, and sexuality in natural ways, they have the power within themselves to create changes within their own lives, as well as their family, community and the world.

A woman who is healthy, vibrant, and sensual, and connected to the wisdom of her natural menstrual cycle, is a woman who's creative life-force energy propels her manifestations in all cycles of life. 

The practice to disgrace women's innate sexual and creative energies coincided with the cultural shift away from honoring nature and living in harmony with the cycles and rhythms of the moon, seasons, and stars.

As our modern civilization attempts to continue to hack nature, and synthesize our lives into a technological and plastic replication of the natural world, we have collectively fallen into a trance, forgetting that the codes of infinite creation are within ourselves, and that we are deeply interconnected to the natural world around us, from the invisible web of bacteria to the incredible dance of the stars in the cosmos. 

Pharmaceutical control of our hormones disconnects us from the natural connection of the synchronization of our womb cycles with the universal rhythms. The menstrual cycle holds vital information about our health and wellbeing, and synthetic hormones mask the underlying issues that can cause hormonal imbalance, as well as disrupt the power of our intuition and spiritual connection to nature.

This disconnect from nature and our womb codes is also collectively embodied in the shift from natural calendrical systems based upon the rhythmic cyclical movements of the Moon, Sun and stars, to the Gregorian Calendar which is the common modern system used today which is out-of-sync with the harmonic synchronicity of time. 

Do you constantly feel like you are short on time?

Do you feel like the days, weeks and months fly by and that you are always rushing to get things done by the end of the month (which unnaturally changes from 28, 29, 30 or 31 days depending on what month it is)?

Do you feel out-of-sync with the world, as if you just can't explain why you feel something is not right, but you know within yourself there is a different way that must be more aligned?

Reconnecting with the codes of the womb helps us to find our own natural synchronization and relationship to the ever-present rhythms of life, and to understand our place here in this life on Earth in this time and space. 

There are numerological codes connected to women's sexual cycles that are repeated throughout the patterns of life in the natural world around us.

While all women are different, and we each have our own unique rhythms and cycles, influenced by our own lives and environments, there is an harmonic pattern that collectively is seen, and resonates through all life and creation. 

Connecting with the power of our menstrual cycle and womb codes, supports us to get in sync with the rhythms of nature and the universe, opening up infinite possibilities of creative manifestation in our lives. 

The Hidden Codes of the Womb

The menstrual cycle is the key that unlocks the deeper codes of the womb.

Some believe that the very first calendrical system that humans ever used were based upon women's tracking of their menstrual cycles and connecting it to the cycles of the moon. Through deeper understanding of the patterns of the menstrual cycle, humans became aware of the lunar calendar and the 13 moon cycles in a lunar year. 

There are four weeks in the average menstrual cycle, which resonate with the four seasons in a solar year, and the four phases of the moon cycle. 

Four is the number of stability in the pattern of life creation, it is the physical foundation for the manifestation of consciousness in matter. The fourth trimester is the completion of the childbearing year, the three months postpartum in which the soul of the new child becomes grounded into physical embodiment. We have four extensions of our body to primarily connect with the world through - our two feet and two hands.

The average age of menarche, a woman's first menstruation, is 13 years old. 

13 is a powerful numerological number long associated with the feminine. In the suppression of feminine wisdom in the world today, 13 is culturally revered with superstition, and is so feared that it's common for tall buildings to omit the 13th floor, for house numbers on a street to skip the number 13, and for airport terminals to not have a gate 13. Perhaps the most common superstition of all, Friday the 13th is called an unlucky day. Yet, 13 is the number of lunar cycles in a year, the number of weeks in a season, is the average age a female embodies the fertile sexual mysteries of the menstrual cycle, and is a potent number of meaning in many ancient spiritual traditions.

It is long been connected with the honoring of the Sacred Feminine. The ancient Celts viewed 13 as a number of the Goddess, and the ancient Egyptians believed there were 13 steps on the ladder that leads to eternity. The word enlightenment has 13 letters in it. 

The average age of menopause is 52 years old, which resonates with the 52 weeks of the year. 

The age 52 is considered the time in many traditional cultures when one is honored by the community as becoming a wise woman or wise man. It is the completion of the creative fertile phase of life, and a time when one's energy is then redirected from the physical process of creation toward spiritual consciousness. 

52 is a significant number in numerology and mirrored throughout the cosmic calendar of time. The Mayan and Aztec calendars were calibrated to mark the 52 year cycle of the Pleiades aligning with our Sun. The brightest star in the sky Sirius is actually a binary star in which Sirius B takes 52 years to circle around Sirius A. 

The 52 card playing deck, is an encoded book of wisdom that is said to have been encoded by Ancient Egyptian Magi's with planetary and numerological wisdom. The cards have 4 suits representing the 4 seasons, 13 cards in each suit representing the 13 weeks in each season, and 52 cards for the 52 weeks of the year. Each of these numbers also connect with the womb codes. 

There are 7 cycles of 52 days in a year, plus one extra day, which represents the connection of our Earth Cycles with the Solar System and Galactic Cycles through the activation of our 7 chakras. 

There are 7 primary chakras in our physical body through which are all activated and integrated when the womb is resonant. Through the chakra system the womb frequencies resonate in harmony with the heart and pineal gland supporting hormonal balance, natural synchronization, and creative expression. 

The 7 chakras also connect with the 7 major planets in our solar system besides the Earth, as well as the 7 stars of the Pleiades known as the Seven Sisters

Cosmic Womb Resonance

The menstrual cycle is a micro cycle that resonates with the macro cycles in nature, the Earth's cycles, and the cosmos.

There is an ancient spiritual practice of connecting and synchronizing the frequencies of the womb with energetic vibrations to create stargates that allowed humans to access higher levels of cosmic connections. 

The womb is the stargate for Earth, bringing souls to manifest in physical density on this planet in this time and space. Yet, the womb is also able to become a conduit to become a stargate for accessing other dimensions and facilitate spiritual journeys of many kinds. 

As women today reclaim the natural power of our menstrual cycles we can tune into our womb wisdom and activate the womb codes to embody our feminine power, create more synchronicity in our life, and access higher realms of conscious creation, evolution, and manifestation. 

Know that your menstrual cycle and stages of life do not need to match these exact numbers shared, they are used as examples of harmonic resonance and synchronicity, yet we all have our own frequency and rhythms to embody. 

Whether or not you have a womb, the wisdom of the womb codes are available to all, for we all have been born through the portal of the womb, and that primary experience in our lives encoded the wisdom of the womb within each of us. You can also tune into the womb energy chakra center within your body as a women, even if you have had a hysterectomy. 

As women today synchronize our womb cycles together and create more harmonic resonance of our womb codes with nature and spirit, we can give birth to a new consciousness for all of humanity.

Tune into the wisdom of your womb, pay attention to your cycles and allow yourself to be intuitively guided in what feels best for you to do at anytime - whether to rest, to dream, to dance, or to manifest! 

The potential is infinite for what can manifest through embodying our womb wisdom and synchronizing our womb codes with the universal rhythms. 

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Conscious Business as a Path for Social Change and Spiritual Growth

Conscious Business is a path of personal evolution and social change for sustainable transformation.

Conscious business is a growing movement to use social entrepreneurship as a way to channel more energy into sustainable change, transformation and healing in the world today.

It's about being willing to follow your passion, to take risks, and to pursue your dreams on a mission to create something bigger than yourself, which will create a legacy of evolving humanity in an innovative way. 

Conscious business is a fast track to personal development and spiritual growth. 

Thriving entrepreneurs believe in their soul's calling to follow their dreams, create a life that is beyond what others said was possible, and to have total faith in something greater than themselves.

It is this higher trust in an greater intelligence that drives entrepreneurs to create a better world through the sharing of their gifts and the uplifting of others. 

Spiritual entrepreneurs are willing to blend the world of divine guidance and material success. Some people believe that money is not spiritual, or business is corrupt, however money is just an energy, and business is just a tool. 

It's up to those with a spiritual calling to use these primary tools and energies at work in the world today for good.

We can direct the force of the primary currency flowing through our civilization and channel it for healing, transformation, prosperity, and greater consciousness. 

We can use conscious business as a powerful force for creating change in the world, through serving others, spreading information, providing services others need, and generating profit that can then be used in philanthropical ways in our communities. 

We can empower conscious transformation globally for health, business, and families through socially positive entrepreneurship. 

The future is being created by community leaders who can support conscious transformation in the world today through social business as a vehicle for economic and spiritual empowerment.

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The Bayer Takeover of Monsanto Creates a Mega-Merger of Food, Chemicals, and Pharmaceuticals

The Bayer Takeover of Monsanto Creates a Mega-Merger of Food, Chemicals, and Pharmaceuticals

The Agrochemical Consolidation

Monsanto has officially been bought by Bayer, and they are ending the use of the name Monsanto (1, 2, 3, 4). From now on all Monsanto products will be known as Bayer, for example Monsanto's Roundup is now Bayer Roundup. Two of the evilest companies are now one mega-corporation, bringing you herbicides, insecticides, GMO's, birth control, and pharmaceuticals. (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

Bayer's Sordid Past

Bayer has an awful history that is arguably worse than Monsanto. Their parent company was responsible for working closely with the Nazi regime, manufacturing the poison gas used in gas chambers, and Bayer bought Jews from the camps to experiment on with vaccines, drugs, and birth control, often killing them (11, 12). Elie Weisel, Holocaust survivor and Nobel Laureate, actually got Bayer to publicly apologize for their contribution to the Holocaust several years ago (13).

Bayer is also the company that brought you heroin. They own the trademark on the name Heroin, and while opium has been around for thousands of years, their production and marketing of it, including to children, is what led to the commercialization of diamorphine (14,15).

Beginning with the company's past in experimenting on Jewish women with birth control during the Holocaust (16, 17, 18), their modern company now produces some of the worst birth control products for women today (19, 20, 21, 22). From Essure to Yaz, they keep selling contraceptives to women that can cause serious side-effects and dangers. Their birth control products include: Diane 35, Jaydess, Kyleena, Mirena, Yasminelle, Yasmin, and Yaz (23). Some of their birth control pills have been known to create up to double the potential of life-threatening blood clots (24, 25, 26), and have been banned in certain countries, but continued to be sold in other countries as anti-acne medication, and are used for off-label birth control purposes (27).

Food & Pharmaceutical Impacts on Fertility

So now Bayer and Monsanto have come together to reduce human fertility in multiple ways. If you avoid their birth control products, you can still reduce your fertility by eating the glyphosate-laden GMO food at the supermarket instead, or the conventional crops coated with Roundup, and grown with their seeds (28, 29).

A specific issue with GMO's and infertility is the excessive use of glyphosate, the main ingredient and herbicide in Roundup. Glyphosate is now the #1 used herbicide in the world, and sprayed onto GMO crops, which are designed to be "Roundup Ready" and are also herbicide resistant requiring higher and higher amounts of the toxic herbicide. Plus Roundup is used on many conventional crops, including sprayed onto wheat and grains right before harvest as a desiccant, to make the wheat fall off the stalks easier. It's found in about 80% of the food supply in America, and has been banned in many countries around the world. It's also now found in our water, air, and taints many organic crops due to the winds and water carrying it. It's also sprayed in public parks, lawns, and along roadways and is a pervasive chemical poison that is effecting health in many ways. 

Glyphosate has many issues, including causing effects on the respiratory and immune systems, disrupts the gut microbiome, leads to inflammation, and is a carcinogen. As a women's health advocate, I am particularly concerned about it being a severe endocrine disruptor, and how it mimics estrogen in the body, binds with estrogen receptors in the body as a xeno-estrogen, and causes issues with fertility and sex hormone production. For men, it can impact fertility as well leading to decreased sex hormone production, and reducing sperm count (30, 31, 32, 33).

The Deregulation of Genetically Modified Foods

Do you avoid GMO's? Well, Bayer/Monsanto is thinking of that too. GMO development is so expensive and time-consuming that they are now focusing on new biotechnology mutations including CRISPR, a faster way for them to edit the genes in plants and animals and bypass GMO controversy, fees, and regulations (34, 35, 36, 37). One of their projects is to bring genetically castrated pigs to market soon (38). I feel like that is a metaphor for what they are doing to the human population.

Bayer now owns Monsanto. DuPont is merging with Dow. All the major agribusinesses are merging creating a huge takeover of our global food supply. Now about 60% of the planet's food is controlled by 3 companies (39). 

Be aware and keep Bayer out of your body - protect your womb, your food, and our water.

Note: Their consumer product list includes: Aleve, Alka Seltzer, Aspirin, Coppertone, Dr. Scholls, Claritin, Elevit, MiraLAX, and much more (40, 41).













































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Why Women's Health is Fracked Up

Fracking and the Environmental Impacts on Women's Health and Wellness

One of the greatest growing threats to women's health today is the environmental and social devastation caused by fracking. 

The landscape of the United States is changing irreversibly and rapidly. Over the past 20 years I have driven back and forth across this country from coast-to-coast 7 times and have seen first-hand the increasing devastation caused to our environment from the boom in gas and oil wells, and 95% of new wells are being fracked.

Hydraulic fracturing, aka fracking, is on the rise in the United States in a shocking way. This is the process of injecting pressurized water, sand, and a dangerous cocktail of hundreds of industrial chemicals deep into mined gas or oil wells in the Earth to stimulate greater production. 

Over 12 million people in the United States currently live under a half-mile from active gas and oil wells, facilities, and processing plants today, in the highest threat radius, including nearly 3 million children in schools and daycares. 

Modern high-volume hydraulic fracturing was only developed 20 years ago, and in the past decade it's increased at a rapid fire rate due to advanced fracking technology and horizontal fracking practices, that even run right under the homes and neighborhoods of communities around the country. 

The long-term repercussions of fracking on our health are unknown and may take decades to truly reveal themselves, as diseases like cancer can take many years to develop, and the consequences of pregnant women being exposed to extreme toxins will be passed on to the future generations. 

What a Waste

A single fracking operation can use more than 9 million gallons of freshwater, and there are over 1.3 million active drilled gas and oil wells in the US today.

Over 700 chemicals are used in the drilling and fracking process and most are undisclosed due to proprietary trade secrets, yet many of the detected chemicals are known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors, and cause environmental pollution.

The wastewater from fracking is even more toxic and dangerous than the process itself, as it creates an enormous volume of radioactive toxic fluid that must be disposed of somewhere, and is not safe for humans, animals, or the environment.

The water is usually either trucked to treatment plants to filter it, or dumped back into the earth through deep well injection at high pressures which can lead to earthquakes and groundwater contamination, while a small amount is recycled into other fracking operations.

In addition, there can be contamination of the environment by the leaking of fracking fluids from the thousands of trucks used to transport the toxic liquid from the drilling sites to the treatment plants and disposal wells. In some cases these trucks travel extensively between states, such as how much of Pennsylvania's used fracking fluid is being trucked to Ohio, which has more deep injection wells. In other cases, such as in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, used drilling liquids are actually sprayed directly on public roads for de-icing.

There have been many recorded incidents of wastewater spills and explosions, as well as illegal dumping of wastewater and radioactive "filter socks", which are used to separate solids from the post-fracking liquids. 

The irreversible and immediate pollution of our water resources by fracking causes devastating environmental impacts, and effects all life and future generations, while the operations also cause significant air and noise pollution, as well as a myriad of health concerns.

We are facing a global water crisis today, and billions of gallons of water are being destroyed and removed from our water system by fracking. Yet, the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act, a federal law to protect public drinking water, does not apply to fracking operations, and fracking wastewater is exempt from federal hazardous waste regulations. 

Water is the blood of the Earth that sustains all life, all plants, all people, and is recycled through our whole planet's biosphere. Our health depends upon access to clean fresh water for drinking, food, and washing. 

Hormonal Havoc

One of the biggest dangers to human health from the byproducts of fracking are reproductive and developmental toxicity, which disproportionally impacts women's health in communities near gas and oil wells. 

Due to the sensitivity of women's reproductive organs to environmental triggers, exposure to industrial chemicals may lead to increased breast cancer, infertility, and fetal abnormalities, among other complex systemic health issues. 

The toxic soup created by fracking is full of endocrine disruptors which mimic female sex hormones and disrupt hormones. This can result in not just reproductive and developmental problems, but also interfere with immune functioning and cause neurological disorders.

Fracked Up

Fracking negatively impacts women's health on many levels from the destruction of our homes and environment, the polluting of our water, air, food, and land, to the wide-scale sex trafficking, assault, and prostitution happening in "man camps" in large oil production sites. 

It's noteworthy that the term "frack" has also become a slang word for having sex with or taking advantage of someone. This exemplifies the connection between the violent raping of the Earth's natural resources and fossil fuels, to the abuse of women's bodies, health, sexuality, and lives even in the name itself.

Intensive oil and gas drilling and fracking operations bring thousands of workers to the areas, who are mostly single young transitory men, and many registered sex offenders, which results in drastic increases in violence, murder, rape, prostitution, and sex trafficking in the local regions. 

The male workers are housed in vast "man camps", which are often huge areas of mobile houses, RV's, and barracks set up by the energy corporations.

In North Dakota, over 100,000 men have flooded in recent years to set up home in the man camps of the Bakken Shale, resulting in skyrocketing violence and sexual assault, particularly targeting the indigenous women and youth from the region, many who have become victims of rape, assault, and sex trafficking.

Native women and children are being murdered and disappearing at devastating rates, due to the complacency of the oil companies, and the government is doing nothing about this. 

Sex trafficking is crime upon humanity, that effects women, children, families and communities, and disproportionally effects the indigenous population. Due to the man camps proximity to reservations, and the reduced legal prosecutorial abilities of Native governments, cases are less likely to be tried, even if a sexual abuser is known and identified. 

Studies have also shown increased rates of sexually transmitted infections in areas with fracking. Research at the Yale School of Public Health has shown that Ohio counties with large-scale fracking have 21% higher rates of gonorrhea and 19% higher rates of chlamydia than the same state's counties without high shale gas activity. 

Increased Risk of Breast Cancer

New research has been released showing that prenatal exposure to fracking chemicals caused abnormal mammary gland development and pre-cancerous lesions in the female offspring of mice (Endocrinology). The scientists tested various levels of chemical exposure on the mice, from the potency that would be found in drinking water in areas near fracking, to the level found in wastewater pools on sites, and every level resulted in breast abnormalities. 

In Texas, there are highly elevated breast cancer rates in the counties that have active fracking sites, despite statewide reductions in the overall breast cancer rate. Yet this is considered inconclusive evidence to show direct causation, and the Texas Department of State Health Services insists there is no reason to be concerned. 

Pregnancy Problems

Proximity to fracking operations have been associated with multiple challenges with fertility, menstruation, pregnancy, and infant health. Exposure to fracking chemicals, has been linked to decreased sperm count, miscarriage, stillbirth, preterm birth, and low birth weight. 

Studies in Pennsylvania have found a 25% increase in low-birth weight and decreased infant health with babies born to mothers living near active fracking sites. In response, a spokesperson for the Marcellus Shale Coalition insisted that "It’s dangerously misleading and inflammatory to suggest that natural gas development has done anything but improve public health.” (Science)

Tragically, the health problems from exposure to these chemicals during gestational periods isn't always evident during pregnancy, birth or infancy, as seen with the mice in the breast cancer study, who's offspring didn't develop breast lesions from prenatal exposure to fracking chemicals until puberty and maturation. 

Pass on the Gas

It's absolutely essential that the United States government and concerned citizens work together to stop this violent destruction of our environment and health due to fracking. Otherwise, we are set to experience an increasing boom of oil and gas fracking, that will destroy our land, homes, water, air, health, and future, and spread into new states.

Women are leading the way in environmental activism to address the concerns about fracking, yet are more likely to be dismissed, belittled, and threatened. 

A study in the UK showed that 58% of men supported fracking, while only 31% of women did. In response, the chair of UK Onshore Shale and Gas made the claim that the reason more women were opposed to fracking than men were because they were more likely to be uneducated and lacked understanding of the science. This kind of belittling sexism is rampant from fracking proponents.

We must stop the spread of fracking in the US and invest into renewable forms of energy, divest money from big banks that support fossil fuels, and demand that the U.S. government protects our water, air, and communities now. 

It is clear that fracking disproportionally effects the health and lives of women, and women's health is an vital marker for the health and future of a nation. If we seek to grow a thriving country, we must prioritize the wellbeing of women and protect the children who are the future of this land. 

This boom has been lauded by the energy companies and lobbyists as an answer to cheap and domestic energy production, reducing our dependency on foreign oil, as well as causing less air pollution than the coal industry. But is cheap energy today worth thousands of years of radioactive waste, the destruction of our precious water resources, and the compromising of the health of our people?


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Conscious Parenting: Healing the Future

Conscious Parenting: Healing the Future

Parenting is one of the most challenging and inspiring jobs on the planet. Raising conscious children today is of great importance, as the children of today are the change-makers of the future.

They carry the seeds of hope to grow up and be the creators of the healing solutions and transformation that is needed to bring peace forth in the world.

Yet modern parents know we face more obstacles, choices, and pressure than ever before, and without the level of social support that we truly need.

As a mother of 3 children, ages 17, 6 and 1, I have been navigating the realms of parenting now for nearly 18 years, and have kids in 3 very different stages of life.

It's been a passion of mine to study and learn about conscious birthing and parenting, and have experienced the joys and challenges of trying to implement these practices while raising kids in a culture that makes this very difficult. 

Through my work as a birth and postpartum doula for over a decade, and a childbirth educator for nearly two decades, I've immersed myself in being an advocate for maternal, infant and family health and wellbeing. 

There is abundant research today from the fields of epigenetics, pre- and perinatal psychology, attachment parenting, quantum physics, heart intelligence, and neuroscience showing how the way we birth and raise our children directly impacts their longterm health, emotional resiliency, psychological foundation, and our overall level of cultural violence and addiction as a result. 

We live in a dominator culture, in which patriarchal, classist, and racist worldviews have become so deeply embedded in our healthcare, child rearing, education, and culture to the point that many people are blind to the challenges that disenfranchised people face. 

The most disenfranchised people today are the babies and children, the ones who are too young and small to speak up for themselves, to articulate how the way they are being treated is not okay, and who lack any options to get themselves in better situations. 

The babies and children of today are suffering the most from abuse in our cultural institutions and society.

Human infants are also the most vulnerable and helpless of all babies born to mammals, and for the longest amount of time. 

The advanced consciousness of human beings, and the large nature of our brains, actually puts us in the position of being born while still in an extremely defenseless state, which means that our potential consciousness is at risk of being oppressed and manipulated while still in our helpless infancy and extended childhood. 

Thus it is up to conscious parents and adults today to speak up for those who cannot speak. We need to advocate for the babies, the children, and to see why many adults today are hurting and suffering because of the lack of love, support, and protection they did not receive as youth. 

It's time to create changes in our culture that begin with shining light on how violence begins in pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and the early years, when babies are subject to invasive and abusive procedures in the womb and immediately upon being born, and how women are abused in childbirth by the dominant culture model that says the doctor knows best and performs procedures against a mother's will or without consent. This sets us up for a lifetime of being traumatized from hierarchical powers. 

Conscious parenting is a way to change the tides of violence and start respecting children, including babies, as being fully conscious intelligent people.

It's realizing that how we treat and care for children creates changes in their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual expression of self.

The study of epigenetics now demonstrates how the environmental impacts upon a being bring forth changes in the gene expression more than the genetic code itself. 

This now verifies that gentle parenting supports our children to feel more love, empathy, compassion, understanding, and calm, because a positive environment creates biological and chemical changes in the brain that support health and wellbeing.

Bonding with our children is an essential role as the primary caregiver and parent, to create a strong life-long relationship of trust and love. 

Listening to our children, at every age from infant to teenager, is vital to help them feel heard, attended to, recognized and cared for.

Calming ourselves is necessary, as parents we are our children's models, and our emotions are like a tuning fork, vibrating and resonating with our children. 

It's of the utmost importance that we learn skills to diffuse distress, anxiety, fear, tension, trauma, and anger, and model ways of transforming our challenging emotions and coping with the stresses of life in resilient ways. 

I can tell you that parenting is hard work. It's the most challenging thing I've ever done, and I am not calm and cool all the time.

I cannot believe the challenges that parents have to face today, and the increasing threats and challenges that are newly occurring for today's infants, toddlers, children, youth, and teens.

This is why I believe learning conscious parenting skills is so essential and so lacking in today's world. 

We are learning as we go. We are needing to do the best we can, and then support each other to do even better. It's the most important work ever to be done.

It's time to let go of what society expects and tells us we need to do as parents, and start paying attention to our children and what THEY need. 

Love. Hugs. Laughter. Listening. Play. Rest. Nature. Creativity. Encouragement.

It's time to refocus on what childhood is supposed to be about. 

Conscious parenting is not about thousand-dollar environmentally-friendly strollers, organic onesies, and ergonomic baby-carriers - it's about being present with our children, bonding with them with loving care, protecting them from trauma, raising them with empathy, and holding them when they are crying or scared.

It's about bucking the system, and listening to our intuition to recognize what is right for them and us. 

It's about re-envisioning health care, parenting plans, educational expectations, and advocating for a healthy environment and communities. 

Mostly it's about tuning into our children, whatever their age, and recognizing them as conscious individuals that we are in a family partnership relationship with and listening to them, and to our guiding inner spirit, as to what this unique being really needs for them to thrive, love and live up to their best potential. 

It's time to really see the world from a new perspective - the way a child sees the world, and then use our advantage as adults to advocate for the children and care for them with peace and compassion. 

The babies of today are the world-changers of tomorrow. Let's help them get the best start possible by listening to them and supporting them now. 

Many blessings, 

A Few of My Favorite Books on Conscious Parenting:

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Anticipating Bliss: The Healing Art of Optimism

The Healing Power of Optimism

There is a healing power to optimism. 

When you wake up in the morning excited about the day, grateful to be alive, and spend time anticipating the blessings coming your way you actually create a cascade of emotions, and hormones in your brain including oxytocin, dopamine, and growth hormones - which help to heal your cells and activate your brain in positive ways. 

So each day give thanks for the things in your life that make you happy: your joy over spending time with your beloved, gratitude for making progress on your goals, a safe comfortable home to live in, great work that makes a difference in the world, good food to eat, or the experience of enjoying the beauty of nature. 

We can literally change our minds by taking charge of the way we feel. 

It's not always easy, life is increasingly stressful in the modern world, but we can flow with our emotions and not let stress take over permanently. 

Every morning focus on what makes you grateful and what you are excited about in the day ahead. 

At the end of each evening, remember what blessings and joys you experienced that day and be grateful. 

This trains our minds to attune to the heart frequency of love and bliss, and creates healing in our whole bodies. 

As healers, teachers, coaches, entrepreneurs and leaders in the world today, we need to be catalysts for positive change in the world. 

Women's wellness today is especially dependent upon decreasing the increasing swells of stress hormones, and allowing our bodies to experience the blissful feelings of oxytocin rushes from connecting deeply in ecstatic deep trust with ourselves, with our lovers, and with life. 

Feel good about your life because you are a warrior for making it this far! 

Know that you are a goddess because you are a powerful woman capable of incredible magic and power in your life in your own beautiful unique soulful ways!

Our thoughts are the more powerful than our genes in determining our health and wellbeing. 

What we think and believe triggers hormonal changes and determines whether our brains, blood and bodies are flooded with oxytocin, the blissful chemical of love, bonding and trust, or cortisol, the chemical of protection which in excess creates further anxiety and tension, and all their hormonal partners. 

As winter is coming to an end in the Northern hemisphere and the promise of spring is unfolding, it's a powerful time to remember the exalted nature of rebirth. 

We have the power to create transformation and awaken to bliss, in our own lives, in our work, in our relationships, and in our communities and world. 

Believe in bliss! 

Be grateful to be alive!

To be in a body is a blessing! 

Try an experiment right now, speak aloud these words with feeling and trust: "I am grateful for all the blessings coming my way today!"

Now, pay attention and see what manifests in your life in the next day. 

Be open to unexpected surprises, meaningful interactions, and bursts of inspiration guiding you to new opportunities, or greater appreciation of the love in your life.