The Awesome Birth Teacher Training Online

Birth is Awe-Inspiring!

Hello lovely!

I am so thrilled to be announcing that enrollment is now open for the Awesome Birth Teacher Training!

This is the evolution of the Conscious Birth Emissary Training, with a updated name and format to support you in doing the best work ever! 

I have been a busy mama behind the scenes working hard to figure how to create an even bigger impact in empowering women's health and birth in the world today.

I super excited to be sharing the new updated amazing Awesome Birth Teacher Training as a result!

Do you want to help parents to have Awesome Births? 


You can learn in this 12 week online intensive about the holistic philosophy of empowered childbearing.

The comprehensive curriculum includes conscious fertility through gentle postpartum care, the shamanic way of pregnancy and birth, healing arts to empower mother and baby, natural health techniques to prevent and ease labor pain, and much more. 

Be empowered to be a visionary birthworker in our world making ripples of change, healing, and transformation for families in your community and beyond. 

This training is jam-packed in 12 weeks with tons of information, including workbooks, videos, audio, and over 20+ hours of bonus talks, interviews, and more. 

You also get lifetime access to the course online and membership in our global online peer network of passionate inspired birthworkers from all over the world.

Limited enrollment! We start on June 3rd. 

Learn more and sign up today at:
Awesome Birth Teacher Training

I am so excited about this program and look forward to supporting you to follow your passion and make a difference in the culture of birth. 

We are doing it!

Much Love, Kara


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