The Art of Ecstatic Feminine Nourishment


How do you feed your body, mind, heart & soul?

Every day of our lives, we need to quench our thirst and satisfy our hunger. These are sensations that we feel as a part of being alive and being in a body. We must consistently care for our essential needs and provide sustenance for the many complex functions of our physical bodies. 

Yet, we also have emotional, spiritual, mental, and social needs that we need to balance to satisfy the deeper hunger in our lives.

Listen to your intuition and tune into your heart to find the most powerful ways to deeply nourish your authentic being. 

Let go of old belief systems of shame and guilt. "Follow your bliss" as Joseph Campbell said, and keep going - don't look back. 

As you nourish yourself and prioritize the essential ritual of extravagant self-care, you are able to step into really living the life you love, avoiding burn-out, creating bigger impact, designing your dream career, feeling vibrantly sensual, deepening your relationships, and experiencing ecstasy in gratitude for your goddess lifestyle.

It is vital to nourish yourself so that you have the health, energy, vitality and longevity to create transformation, love, and prosperity in your life and the world.

Enjoy the inspiration from our insightful contributing sisters as we dive deep into the luscious art of self-care so we can thrive as radiant, healthy and happy women.

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Love your body. 

Love yourself.

Nourish your soul.

DIVINA magazine celebrates the art of Ecstatic Feminine Living through sharing women's wisdom for empowered health, love and prosperity. 

This new issue features inspirational writing from visionary women on the topic of NOURISHMENT.

What nourishes you? I'd love to hear in the comments below. 

Many blessings, 
Kara Maria Ananda


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