Honoring Your Divine Feminine Essence

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I've always felt a knowing deep within my soul.

A calling that I was here for a mysterious reason, a purpose to share inspiration and serve the world, and that there was MORE to the world than what is commonly understood.

It was challenging growing up in a religious culture that considered the feminine body to be sinful, and even demonic.

Being raised Catholic, I was told that if I didn't believe exactly what was preached, I was going to hell, and that as I grew into being a women, I had to repent for my sins. That even when I was a little baby I was born sinful and had to be cleansed. Also, that only men could hold high positions of spiritual authority in the religious order. I didn't understand why the few women I learned about in religion stories and the Bible mostly all had the same name and held diminutive or shameful positions in the stories. This didn't seem to be the whole story...

I knew in my soul this was not the complete picture and did not reflect what I felt within my heart. I went away from spirituality for a long time until I rediscovered it within my self. 

The old-paradigm stories that based upon fear are no longer serving our soul's evolution toward a universal divine humanity. We need to rewrite our personal mythology to represent the true beauty, love, and power of life, our bodies, nature and our soul's quest for wisdom.

Due to the rigid masculine nature of my religious upbringing, it took me a while to come around to honoring our authentic spiritual nature, and to see the deeper significance of the feminine essence. 

It took my a long time to really grasp the power, significance, and honor of being a woman, and I am still honored to be learning, as I will my whole life. 

We all have divine feminine and divine masculine energy within ourselves, and these are reflections of one pure loving energy system that we are all apart of.

In order to heal the challenges we have in the world today, and within our own lives, we must honor and love the divine feminine essence and see the gifts that it has for our evolution and enlightenment. 

This repression of the divine feminine and holding the female essence to a shameful or sinful position in the cultures of the past several thousands of years has trickled down through our economic, medical, political, and social systems creating increased challenges for women, children and families today. 

Why do the majority of surgeries in the US happen to women? Why are women getting their uteruses and breasts surgically removed in growing numbers? Why are 95 - 99% of births interfered with? Why do women take more pharmaceutical drugs for depression than men? Because the feminine essence is hurting, and we need to honor the reflection of the divine within all people today - to create a world in which we value all of our highest potentials. 

In this episode of Divina Radio Show & Podcast, I am talking about the meaning of the name "Divina", and how that reflects my mission to bring light to the divine feminine essence within all life. I also share info about my personal journey that I have not shared before, so you can know about the passion I have for the messages that I share with you. 

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