How to Start a Holistic Business Today


A lot of people ask me about what they need to do to start their own small business, especially as a healing arts educator, coach, mentor or advocate.

I want to share with you today in the first ever Divina Radio Show & Podcast:

  • how easy it can be to start your own business
  • why you don't need certifications
  • three inspirational resources to help you on your journey

If you have information, wisdom, and knowledge that can empower people's lives and create healing in the world, then you have a duty to share it to help others. If you are wondering how you can turn your passion into a small sustainable and purpose-driven business, than I am here to inspire you. 

A lot of people hold back because of questions about not feeling qualified enough to start a business. You can start a business today, especially in the fields of helping other people with information. You can teach what you know to others who want to know it. You can talk to people about what you are passionate about. You can create information products such as webinars, e-books, and audio seminars on your subject. You can let people know about what you are doing through social media, video, and blogging. 

You need to look into specific business licensing in your area. Some places require you to purchase a small business license to get started, others may not. For some things you may need a certain license - such any kind of health profession in which you touch people's bodies, or tell them what to do to - but you can teach people healing arts techniques for their own self-help or create educational or coaching services to support their healing journey. For example, herbalists are not able to diagnose and prescribe herbs to clients (you would need to be licensed as a doctor or acupuncturist to do that) but anyone with the knowledge can teach herbal healing classes, teach others, write a book, and create an herbal business. Do your own research and be clear on what your role and purpose is for your business. 

We need you to share your wisdom and help create healing, transformation, and peace in the world today. Creating a small business is a powerful path of self-empowerment, self-development, and global transformation. 

If what you have to share with the world will make a difference in people's lives for the better than you will be totally supported to bring this out and be received abundantly - because we need you to shine your light today and people are hungry for real knowledge and empowering information! Thank you! 

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