How to Balance Work & Parenting as a Holistic Mama with a Big Vision

How to Balance Work and Parenting for Holistic Mamas with Big Visions

If you are a parent, you know how challenging it can be to figure out how to work, make money, fulfill your career goals, pursue continuing education and be there as much as possible for your kids - all at the same time. Not to mention having time for self-care. It's a mega balancing act!

It's awesome to be a natural mama and spend lots of time with our children. However, it's also at the time when someone becomes a parent, that a strong desire to make a bigger difference in the world also comes about because of the realization that it's not just about us anymore, it's about helping to create a better world for our children, and all the people on the planet. 

Thus, I think it's really important for parents to find ways to be active in the world, doing the meaningful work that will bring about health, wellness and social change. Not only to fulfill our dreams and create a better world, but to set good examples for our children. 

I understand the struggle. As a mama of two boys, currently a teenager and a toddler, who has been an entrepreneur in the healing arts for 16 years, I've had to figure out how to create balance in my work and parenting life. 

I've gone from attachment parenting mama to having my older son in childcare and school a lot while I worked out of the home, to then creating a global health education and coaching business where I now work from home mostly and set my own hours so I can be with my kids as much as possible - and fulfill my soul mission through creating a business I am passionate about. 

There are more options available today for mothers and fathers to create your own work and parenting balance that works for you. You could create your own business, work online, have home offices, and set your own schedule. 

I've had several requests from my clients to share some insights into how I manage being a mama and growing a global business, so I'm excited to dish out some tips in the new episode of my podcast. 

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