The Bayer Takeover of Monsanto Creates a Mega-Merger of Food, Chemicals, and Pharmaceuticals

The Bayer Takeover of Monsanto Creates a Mega-Merger of Food, Chemicals, and Pharmaceuticals

The Agrochemical Consolidation

Monsanto has officially been bought by Bayer, and they are ending the use of the name Monsanto (1, 2, 3, 4). From now on all Monsanto products will be known as Bayer, for example Monsanto's Roundup is now Bayer Roundup. Two of the evilest companies are now one mega-corporation, bringing you herbicides, insecticides, GMO's, birth control, and pharmaceuticals. (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

Bayer's Sordid Past

Bayer has an awful history that is arguably worse than Monsanto. Their parent company was responsible for working closely with the Nazi regime, manufacturing the poison gas used in gas chambers, and Bayer bought Jews from the camps to experiment on with vaccines, drugs, and birth control, often killing them (11, 12). Elie Weisel, Holocaust survivor and Nobel Laureate, actually got Bayer to publicly apologize for their contribution to the Holocaust several years ago (13).

Bayer is also the company that brought you heroin. They own the trademark on the name Heroin, and while opium has been around for thousands of years, their production and marketing of it, including to children, is what led to the commercialization of diamorphine (14,15).

Beginning with the company's past in experimenting on Jewish women with birth control during the Holocaust (16, 17, 18), their modern company now produces some of the worst birth control products for women today (19, 20, 21, 22). From Essure to Yaz, they keep selling contraceptives to women that can cause serious side-effects and dangers. Their birth control products include: Diane 35, Jaydess, Kyleena, Mirena, Yasminelle, Yasmin, and Yaz (23). Some of their birth control pills have been known to create up to double the potential of life-threatening blood clots (24, 25, 26), and have been banned in certain countries, but continued to be sold in other countries as anti-acne medication, and are used for off-label birth control purposes (27).

Food & Pharmaceutical Impacts on Fertility

So now Bayer and Monsanto have come together to reduce human fertility in multiple ways. If you avoid their birth control products, you can still reduce your fertility by eating the glyphosate-laden GMO food at the supermarket instead, or the conventional crops coated with Roundup, and grown with their seeds (28, 29).

A specific issue with GMO's and infertility is the excessive use of glyphosate, the main ingredient and herbicide in Roundup. Glyphosate is now the #1 used herbicide in the world, and sprayed onto GMO crops, which are designed to be "Roundup Ready" and are also herbicide resistant requiring higher and higher amounts of the toxic herbicide. Plus Roundup is used on many conventional crops, including sprayed onto wheat and grains right before harvest as a desiccant, to make the wheat fall off the stalks easier. It's found in about 80% of the food supply in America, and has been banned in many countries around the world. It's also now found in our water, air, and taints many organic crops due to the winds and water carrying it. It's also sprayed in public parks, lawns, and along roadways and is a pervasive chemical poison that is effecting health in many ways. 

Glyphosate has many issues, including causing effects on the respiratory and immune systems, disrupts the gut microbiome, leads to inflammation, and is a carcinogen. As a women's health advocate, I am particularly concerned about it being a severe endocrine disruptor, and how it mimics estrogen in the body, binds with estrogen receptors in the body as a xeno-estrogen, and causes issues with fertility and sex hormone production. For men, it can impact fertility as well leading to decreased sex hormone production, and reducing sperm count (30, 31, 32, 33).

The Deregulation of Genetically Modified Foods

Do you avoid GMO's? Well, Bayer/Monsanto is thinking of that too. GMO development is so expensive and time-consuming that they are now focusing on new biotechnology mutations including CRISPR, a faster way for them to edit the genes in plants and animals and bypass GMO controversy, fees, and regulations (34, 35, 36, 37). One of their projects is to bring genetically castrated pigs to market soon (38). I feel like that is a metaphor for what they are doing to the human population.

Bayer now owns Monsanto. DuPont is merging with Dow. All the major agribusinesses are merging creating a huge takeover of our global food supply. Now about 60% of the planet's food is controlled by 3 companies (39). 

Be aware and keep Bayer out of your body - protect your womb, your food, and our water.

Note: Their consumer product list includes: Aleve, Alka Seltzer, Aspirin, Coppertone, Dr. Scholls, Claritin, Elevit, MiraLAX, and much more (40, 41).













































Why Women's Health is Fracked Up

Fracking and the Environmental Impacts on Women's Health and Wellness

One of the greatest growing threats to women's health today is the environmental and social devastation caused by fracking. 

The landscape of the United States is changing irreversibly and rapidly. Over the past 20 years I have driven back and forth across this country from coast-to-coast 7 times and have seen first-hand the increasing devastation caused to our environment from the boom in gas and oil wells, and 95% of new wells are being fracked.

Hydraulic fracturing, aka fracking, is on the rise in the United States in a shocking way. This is the process of injecting pressurized water, sand, and a dangerous cocktail of hundreds of industrial chemicals deep into mined gas or oil wells in the Earth to stimulate greater production. 

Over 12 million people in the United States currently live under a half-mile from active gas and oil wells, facilities, and processing plants today, in the highest threat radius, including nearly 3 million children in schools and daycares. 

Modern high-volume hydraulic fracturing was only developed 20 years ago, and in the past decade it's increased at a rapid fire rate due to advanced fracking technology and horizontal fracking practices, that even run right under the homes and neighborhoods of communities around the country. 

The long-term repercussions of fracking on our health are unknown and may take decades to truly reveal themselves, as diseases like cancer can take many years to develop, and the consequences of pregnant women being exposed to extreme toxins will be passed on to the future generations. 

What a Waste

A single fracking operation can use more than 9 million gallons of freshwater, and there are over 1.3 million active drilled gas and oil wells in the US today.

Over 700 chemicals are used in the drilling and fracking process and most are undisclosed due to proprietary trade secrets, yet many of the detected chemicals are known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors, and cause environmental pollution.

The wastewater from fracking is even more toxic and dangerous than the process itself, as it creates an enormous volume of radioactive toxic fluid that must be disposed of somewhere, and is not safe for humans, animals, or the environment.

The water is usually either trucked to treatment plants to filter it, or dumped back into the earth through deep well injection at high pressures which can lead to earthquakes and groundwater contamination, while a small amount is recycled into other fracking operations.

In addition, there can be contamination of the environment by the leaking of fracking fluids from the thousands of trucks used to transport the toxic liquid from the drilling sites to the treatment plants and disposal wells. In some cases these trucks travel extensively between states, such as how much of Pennsylvania's used fracking fluid is being trucked to Ohio, which has more deep injection wells. In other cases, such as in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, used drilling liquids are actually sprayed directly on public roads for de-icing.

There have been many recorded incidents of wastewater spills and explosions, as well as illegal dumping of wastewater and radioactive "filter socks", which are used to separate solids from the post-fracking liquids. 

The irreversible and immediate pollution of our water resources by fracking causes devastating environmental impacts, and effects all life and future generations, while the operations also cause significant air and noise pollution, as well as a myriad of health concerns.

We are facing a global water crisis today, and billions of gallons of water are being destroyed and removed from our water system by fracking. Yet, the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act, a federal law to protect public drinking water, does not apply to fracking operations, and fracking wastewater is exempt from federal hazardous waste regulations. 

Water is the blood of the Earth that sustains all life, all plants, all people, and is recycled through our whole planet's biosphere. Our health depends upon access to clean fresh water for drinking, food, and washing. 

Hormonal Havoc

One of the biggest dangers to human health from the byproducts of fracking are reproductive and developmental toxicity, which disproportionally impacts women's health in communities near gas and oil wells. 

Due to the sensitivity of women's reproductive organs to environmental triggers, exposure to industrial chemicals may lead to increased breast cancer, infertility, and fetal abnormalities, among other complex systemic health issues. 

The toxic soup created by fracking is full of endocrine disruptors which mimic female sex hormones and disrupt hormones. This can result in not just reproductive and developmental problems, but also interfere with immune functioning and cause neurological disorders.

Fracked Up

Fracking negatively impacts women's health on many levels from the destruction of our homes and environment, the polluting of our water, air, food, and land, to the wide-scale sex trafficking, assault, and prostitution happening in "man camps" in large oil production sites. 

It's noteworthy that the term "frack" has also become a slang word for having sex with or taking advantage of someone. This exemplifies the connection between the violent raping of the Earth's natural resources and fossil fuels, to the abuse of women's bodies, health, sexuality, and lives even in the name itself.

Intensive oil and gas drilling and fracking operations bring thousands of workers to the areas, who are mostly single young transitory men, and many registered sex offenders, which results in drastic increases in violence, murder, rape, prostitution, and sex trafficking in the local regions. 

The male workers are housed in vast "man camps", which are often huge areas of mobile houses, RV's, and barracks set up by the energy corporations.

In North Dakota, over 100,000 men have flooded in recent years to set up home in the man camps of the Bakken Shale, resulting in skyrocketing violence and sexual assault, particularly targeting the indigenous women and youth from the region, many who have become victims of rape, assault, and sex trafficking.

Native women and children are being murdered and disappearing at devastating rates, due to the complacency of the oil companies, and the government is doing nothing about this. 

Sex trafficking is crime upon humanity, that effects women, children, families and communities, and disproportionally effects the indigenous population. Due to the man camps proximity to reservations, and the reduced legal prosecutorial abilities of Native governments, cases are less likely to be tried, even if a sexual abuser is known and identified. 

Studies have also shown increased rates of sexually transmitted infections in areas with fracking. Research at the Yale School of Public Health has shown that Ohio counties with large-scale fracking have 21% higher rates of gonorrhea and 19% higher rates of chlamydia than the same state's counties without high shale gas activity. 

Increased Risk of Breast Cancer

New research has been released showing that prenatal exposure to fracking chemicals caused abnormal mammary gland development and pre-cancerous lesions in the female offspring of mice (Endocrinology). The scientists tested various levels of chemical exposure on the mice, from the potency that would be found in drinking water in areas near fracking, to the level found in wastewater pools on sites, and every level resulted in breast abnormalities. 

In Texas, there are highly elevated breast cancer rates in the counties that have active fracking sites, despite statewide reductions in the overall breast cancer rate. Yet this is considered inconclusive evidence to show direct causation, and the Texas Department of State Health Services insists there is no reason to be concerned. 

Pregnancy Problems

Proximity to fracking operations have been associated with multiple challenges with fertility, menstruation, pregnancy, and infant health. Exposure to fracking chemicals, has been linked to decreased sperm count, miscarriage, stillbirth, preterm birth, and low birth weight. 

Studies in Pennsylvania have found a 25% increase in low-birth weight and decreased infant health with babies born to mothers living near active fracking sites. In response, a spokesperson for the Marcellus Shale Coalition insisted that "It’s dangerously misleading and inflammatory to suggest that natural gas development has done anything but improve public health.” (Science)

Tragically, the health problems from exposure to these chemicals during gestational periods isn't always evident during pregnancy, birth or infancy, as seen with the mice in the breast cancer study, who's offspring didn't develop breast lesions from prenatal exposure to fracking chemicals until puberty and maturation. 

Pass on the Gas

It's absolutely essential that the United States government and concerned citizens work together to stop this violent destruction of our environment and health due to fracking. Otherwise, we are set to experience an increasing boom of oil and gas fracking, that will destroy our land, homes, water, air, health, and future, and spread into new states.

Women are leading the way in environmental activism to address the concerns about fracking, yet are more likely to be dismissed, belittled, and threatened. 

A study in the UK showed that 58% of men supported fracking, while only 31% of women did. In response, the chair of UK Onshore Shale and Gas made the claim that the reason more women were opposed to fracking than men were because they were more likely to be uneducated and lacked understanding of the science. This kind of belittling sexism is rampant from fracking proponents.

We must stop the spread of fracking in the US and invest into renewable forms of energy, divest money from big banks that support fossil fuels, and demand that the U.S. government protects our water, air, and communities now. 

It is clear that fracking disproportionally effects the health and lives of women, and women's health is an vital marker for the health and future of a nation. If we seek to grow a thriving country, we must prioritize the wellbeing of women and protect the children who are the future of this land. 

This boom has been lauded by the energy companies and lobbyists as an answer to cheap and domestic energy production, reducing our dependency on foreign oil, as well as causing less air pollution than the coal industry. But is cheap energy today worth thousands of years of radioactive waste, the destruction of our precious water resources, and the compromising of the health of our people?


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Awaken the Power Within Your Pelvis

Awaken the Power Within Your Pelvis for Vital Sensuality, Energy, Pleasure, Passion and Health

There is a vast source of energy ready to be enlivened within your pelvis. 

The pelvis is the gateway to life and to pleasure. 

It is the throne of which our body is based upon. 

It is the place of deepest connection between lovers. 

The pelvic floor is associated with the root chakra, the energy center of the body connected with security, home, sexuality, ancestry, groundedness, sense of place, and relationship to the Earth. 

One of the best ways to start awakening the power of your pelvis is to bring your awareness to how your body physically feels through your pelvic area. 

Find a quiet place to rest and either sit comfortably with your spine straight, or lie on your back with your knees up and your feet flat on the floor.

Center yourself, breathe deeply and rhythmically, and pay attention to your body.

Bring your awareness to your pelvis and notice how you feel:

  • Are your hips tight?
  • Do your pelvic bones feel aligned?
  • What sensations do you feel in your pelvic floor and perineum?
  • How do your sexual organs feel?
  • Are you tight in your low back or thighs? (Often if you have restricted mobility in the pelvis, the muscles of your low back and legs are tighter to compensate.)
  • Can you feel movements in your pelvis when you breathe?

Bringing your awareness to your pelvis is an important first step to awakening our total pelvic power for it creates an essential link between the brain and the pelvis. 

Are you ready to tap into the passionate potential of your pelvic power? 

Learn more about how to unlock the vitality and wellspring of your root energy center through practices such as womb massage, spiral dancing, and more in the Women's Healing Arts Teacher Training.

Discover how to open your pelvis for optimal birthing power in the Awesome Birth Teacher Training

Awaken the root of your sensual energy and unleash your vibrant health to create the manifestations of your dreams into reality! 

She's Gutsy: How the Microbiome Rules Women's Hormones

The microbiome is a virtual endocrine organ, and the master regulator of hormones, especially estrogen for women.

The Marvelous Microbiome

Fascinating new research has come out about the microbiome in recent years, which is the synergistic community of 100 trillion microbes that live within our bodies, and how the gut microbiome rules women's hormones and menstrual cycles.

The gut is now recognized as another brain in our body which sends signals to all the organs of our body, and our gut health directly effects our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

It's absolutely amazing that even without thinking about it, the trillions of (mostly) good bacteria within our gut microbiome is working to support our health and whole body nutrition and functioning. 

The microbiome actually is 10 times the amount of cells in our body than actual human cells. We are mostly our microbiome and interconnected with the natural world around and within us. 

I believe that our interdependence upon the microbiome within is demonstrative of how we are so intertwined with the lifeforce of nature.

It shows just how much we are a part of our environment, and how our inner community and outer community are both vital to create balance and health. 

The incredible community of bacteria within our digestive tract is absolutely essential for optimal health, immunity, digestion, mental focus, emotional wellbeing, and hormonal balancing. 

The Microbiome Endocrine Organ

Scientists have now identified the gut microbiome as an organ all of it's own - and not only that but it's an endocrine organ, and considered the master regulator of our hormones! 

In fact there is a secondary microbiome within our gut microbiome that is especially pronounced in women called the estrobolome which governs the levels of estrogen, the primary female reproductive health hormone, in our body. 

Imbalance in the estrobolome causing estrogen dominance can lead to all kinds of women's hormonal challenges from PMS, to PCOS, infertility, mood swings and bloating, as well as may lead to a higher risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer

The new research coming out about how vital our gut health and a healthy microbiome is for women's health and hormone balancing is vitally important because disruptions to our microbiome from synthetic hormones, chemicals, and artificial foods can cause systemic health challenges that can be hard to identify.

Glyphosate & Hormonal Havoc

Glyphosate is the #1 most common herbicide and crop desiccant used today.

It's the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup and is now present in 75% of our food supply and has been tested to be present in 93% of American's urine.

It's not only in GMO crops, but sprayed on most crops, as well as in public parks, apartment complexes, lawns, all non-organic grains, water supply, and finds it's way into our guts, urine, bodies, and babies.

It kills enzymes and microorganisms thus destroying the microbiome in our guts, causing disruption of our nutrient digestion, immune system, wellbeing, and mood.

Glyphosate has also been shown to kill embroyonic, umbilical and placental cells, causing challenges to fertility, and adversely effecting development of a baby during the critical primal period. 

Did you know that even eating 100% organic doesn’t protect you from the negative effects of glyphosates and GMO’s?

Even if we eat organic, we're being exposed to it by living in the modern world through our environment, and cross contamination of organic foods by this pervasive weed killer.

It's important that we take conscious proactive action to reduce glyphosate and chemicals in our food supply and our environment through supporting organic farmers and companies. 

Due to the reduced nutrients in our soil today, and the widespread toxic effects of synthetic chemicals in our environment, eating healthy organic food is of the most importance today for the wellbeing of ourselves and the future generations. 

The best way to nourish a healthy gut microbiome is to eat a diverse array of phytonutrient and fiber-rich organic whole foods, and to reduce the amount of inflammation triggering processed and chemical-laden foods. 

Adding microbiome nourishing superfoods to your phytonutrient-rich whole foods organic diet with plenty of probiotics, fiber, and healthy fats is a powerful way to supercharge your gut for wellness. 

Nourish your microbiome and feel your energy flourish! 

Organic Superfoods for Optimal Nutrition and Energy

Get $50 Free Organic Superfoods

With Qualifying Purchase

You're Not Crazy: Why Women's Moods Matters

How many times have you been dismissed or belittled in your life because someone blamed your emotions, intuition and intelligence on acting hormonal?

"It must be that time of the month!"

Women's cycles and hormones give us a connection to expanded states of consciousness and can help us be more sensitive and aware to imbalances outside of ourselves.

For thousands of years, women's sexual cycles and hormones have been put down and pathologized, as a way to keep women activists and leaders suppressed. 

Hysteria, as in acting hysterical, was considered a women's disorder of the womb, which led to many women who acted out of the social norms of society, such as speaking out politically, or organizing groups of women to create change, to be committed to insane asylums or be forced to undergo surgical hysterectomies.  

Do you ever feel frustrated with the state of the world or things in your life and have people act like you are out of whack?

You are not crazy!

In fact, crazy is not a real term. 

There are over 450 mental disorders defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the standard reference for the American Psychiatric Association, and "crazy" is not in that book.

It's a dismissive slang word that creates stigmatism for those suffering from real mental health issues, which encompass a very broad spectrum of mental health challenges. It perpetuates the problem with treating mental health issues, for people in fear of being labelled crazy may not then seek out support for real issues.

1 in 5 Americans suffer from mental health challenges in any given year, such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Yet, only 2 in 5 people actually seek out support, therapy or guidance in fear of being labelled crazy or dismissed as it "all being in your head". 

So imagine my shock when I visited my teenager's high school open house this week, and walked into his Intro to Psychology class only to hear the teacher go off with glee about how excited the kids were to study "crazy people", over and over again. 

Well, I wrote a 3 page letter to the principal (there were many, many red flags in her presentation and in her communication with me), spoke with the principal at length, got my son out of that class, and am having that teacher investigated.

That's what happens when you become empowered to trust your intuition, your feelings, and take action - you create change with confidence, you speak your truth, and you're going to protect those who can't speak up for themselves. 

We have a real issue with mental illness today in our society which is at the root of the problems with violence, drug abuse, and suicide we face today.

We need a compassionate understanding of how to honor our feelings, create real wellness today, provide resources, and support for those who suffer. 

Women today experience more challenges with mental health issues than men, due to the struggle for women in having health care providers take their symptoms seriously. Additionally, women are 40% more likely to develop depression, and twice as likely to develop PTSD. 

However, traditional treatments of talk therapy and pharmaceutical drugs often don't address the root cause of the issue, especially for women in which hormonal imbalances effect our moods, energy, and fatigue.

In addition, birth control pills can actually cause depression, which women have reported for years but is just starting to gain attention in the medical community.

There are many factors today influencing hormonal and mood imbalances, from herbicides and pesticides in our water, rain, food and environments, to plastic, toxic chemicals in cosmetics, processed food, and so much more. 

I've been highly passionate about studying the research on lifestyle medicine and positive psychology for years, including through the Institute of Coaching, affiliated with Harvard Medical School and the McClean Hospital, and incredible information is coming out now showing how positive lifestyle changes such as nutrition, diet, exercise, sleep, rest, meditation, stress relief, and social support are MORE effective at creating improvements and health and wellness than pharmaceuticals. 

Now science is catching up with traditional women's healing arts, shedding light on why natural healing works - by addressing the root causes, and supporting the body to heal itself, rather than put a band-aid on the blues.

Natural lifestyle changes to support wellness are essential for optimal health and wellbeing - and important for empowering women's health today. 

This is why I'm so excited to be sharing my Women's Healing Arts Teacher Training to empower women to bring balance and support into our lives, to find the resources and solutions that work, to know that there are natural options for many issues facing women today, and to uplift the rise of the feminine leader on the planet today! 

Our bodies are amazing, our intuition is powerful, and we can create healing and transformation in the world today when we own our feminine power, empower our health, and speak up to create change!

When a women is healthy, energized, and empowered, she has the confidence and power to speak up, stand up, and change the world! 

The Gentle Energy Solution for Powerful Health

When it Hurts So Bad, Nothing Else Works: The Gentle Energy Solution for Suffering

I walked into her hospital room and was greeted with a smile. 

She could barely move, and was in extraordinary pain, but was so grateful to have a visitor. 

I was working as an intern at the Swedish Medical Hospital in Seattle, WA, during my massage school training in 1998, providing hands-on bodywork to patients in the Acute Rehabilitation Unit weekly.

This woman made a huge impression on me and our time together taught me so much about the power of energy healing. 

When I first met her, she told me about how much suffering she experienced at every moment of the day.

She was recovering from multiple traumas, surgery and debilitation.

I talked with her about how she was feeling and what I was available to offer for support as a massage practitioner. 

Though she was joyful to welcome healing support, there arose a challenge as soon as I began to massage her.

She was in so much pain that any physical pressure was excruciating, and she would cry out at even the most light gentle massage strokes. 

I had to stop massaging her right away, but she begged me to please help her discomfort. 

Then I shared with her that I also practiced energy healing, and would be happy to offer that to her.

I shared how I could use my hands to direct the flow of healing energy to support her with the lightest stationary touch, or even above the body without touching. 

Her eyes opened wide in curiosity, and she nodded in agreement, so happy that I wasn't going to leave her alone in her room with her pain. 

She said just breathing hurt and could I please help with that?

My heart burst for this dear woman. 

I sat by her in her wheelchair and gently placed my hands on her while guiding her through focusing on slowly deepening her breath, and receiving the healing energy.  

After a few minutes she sighed and said that it was so good and helpful, and that she could breath better than she had in weeks.

She could feel the energy moving through her body as a soothing warmth, and I could hear her breath begin to become more relaxed.

I ever-so-lightly placed my hands on her body, and would hold my hands above areas of the most sensitivity, while allowing the universal energy of oneness to move through me to support her relaxation and healing.

Every week when I would arrive for my shift, I would see if she was still there and visit her as soon as I could.

We formed a wonderful relationship and she taught me so much about the power of energy healing.

She was SO excited to receive the energy sessions and repeatedly would tell me how it was the best relief that she would have all week. 

Not only did our energy sessions ease her discomfort and stress, they helped to reduce her pain, enhance her rest, support her breathing, and also would center her mind to take her focus off of her pain and loneliness. 

When it Hurts So Bad, Nothing Else Works: The Gentle Energy Solution to Suffering

One day she wasn't there anymore, and I heard she had gone to stay with a family member. I was happy she was out of the hospital, but sad to no longer see her again. 

However her memory and what she taught me has stayed with me. 

While I was working at the hospital to provide injury treatment massage, deep tissue, circulatory massage, and myofascial release - the best results I had with any of my patients there was the hour spent with this woman doing energy healing, breathwork and guided visualizations each week. 

This deepened my appreciation for this ancient art of energy healing, and taught me how profound the healing effects can be of sharing energy with others through the lightest touch - or no touch at all. 

In fact, using energy healing allowed me to direct the healing support right to the areas that needed it the most, such as sites of inflammation or recent surgery, without having to touch the area, which would have been contraindicated for massage during such acute times.

This experience taught me that the gentlest approach can often create the most profound results. 

For 20 years, I've been studying and practicing energy healing. 

I've had many profound experiences since that have continued to confirm for me the effectiveness of this modality and taught me how to integrate and adapt this work for people in all ages and stages of life, including babies, children, pregnancy, labor and birth, injury, rehabilitation, elderly, athletes, and for animals too. 

The Maia Method: Energy Healing Practitioner Certification

Through this course you will learn practices for self-healing, offering energy sessions to others, and for teaching groups. 

Healthy, Holistic & Hot: Growing Wellness Trends

Healthy, Holistic & Hot: The Growing Wellness Trends

Healthy living is the world's best trending movement.

This spring I drove across the United States from the Pacific Northwest all the way to New England - the long way via the California Coast, Texas, and up through the Southeast - everywhere I went I found healthy food, yoga studios, and new businesses and events popping up celebrating healthy living. 

I ran into pop-up yoga classes in the park in Oklahoma, organic food stores in small towns in Texas, amazing coops in Kentucky, and new juice bars in almost every city.

I met massage therapists, doulas, essential oil enthusiasts, martial artists, herbalists, chiropractors, and energy healers from the West to East Coasts.

It wasn't this way before. I remember when I moved away from my home state of New Hampshire 20 years ago and organic food was something most people didn't know about, and I had to drive far and wide to get it, and there was only one yoga class at a local community center.

Moving to the West Coast in the '90's felt like a whole new world of abundant organic food choices and healing arts practitioners, and was a great place to expand, learn, begin, and grow my work as a wellness entrepreneur.  

Now I've returned to the city I grew up in to find multiple grocery stores to shop for organic and healthy foods, an abundance of yoga studios, holistic centers, and movement studios offering everything from aerial yoga to Reiki to parkour.

There's farm-to-table restaurants, cafes with smoothies and bowls galore, and a farmer's market in the downtown. The healthy living movement has expanded everywhere and most rapidly in the past 10 years. 

I've driven across the USA now 7 times in the past 20 years, and it's easier than ever before to find holistic options across the country.

Now I'll cruise through a small town in the middle of the country and call out signs for holistic businesses as I see them: "Tai Chi! Yoga! Smoothies! Organic Coffee! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! Underwater Massage!"

No longer do I carry a tattered copy of the Tofu Tollbooth (a fun, yet outdated, book from the 90's) on my roadtrips to find the few and far between health food stores. Now my smart phone gives me exact directions to an abundance of options for natural grocery stores and locavore restaurants wherever I go - and there's new ones opening all the time! 

Wellness is growing worldwide! 

 Global Wellness Institute,  Global Wellness Economy Monitor , January 2017

Global Wellness Institute, Global Wellness Economy Monitor, January 2017

While the US is the global leader in the wellness movement, healthy living is a growing global trend with Europe and China also leading the way.

From 2013 to 2015 the Global Wellness Industry rose 10.6% to $3.72 trillion, while the global economy actually decreased -3.6%. 

The options for healthy living and empowered holistic self-care is rising all over the world.

I see this in my work supporting holistic wellness educators, coaches, and professionals globally in my courses and coaching, and hear the stories of new opportunities and services being offered everywhere.

You can take yoga classes in Kenya, get doula services in Sweden, experience healing massage in the Netherlands, sit in a women's circle in Israel, go to the spa in Japan, learn energy healing in Malaysia, hire a midwife in Chile, and find herbal healing in South Africa.

Wherever you go, if you look around you'll find that self-care is the new healthcare.

More and more people are looking to support their health naturally to prevent sickness or disease before it strikes. 

What's Hot in Holistic Health

What's Hot in Holistic Health Now

The expansive wellness movement is creating new opportunities in healthy living for personal empowerment, professional practice, and wellness entrepreneurs. 

If you want to start or grow a wellness business - this is the best time to join the party (you know, the kind of party with raw cacao, flower essences, rooftop deck yoga, and crystal bowl music - rather than alcohol, drugs, or all-night warehouse raves). 

Here's some of the hottest trends in wellness for 2017 and beyond...

Beauty gets better.

The beauty industry is getting a makeover; now looking good is about feeling good.

Clean beauty, supplements, probiotics, mood support, massage, acupuncture, and brain practices to de-stress to get happy are shaping the high growth of the new pure beauty movement.

In addition to the new beauty practices being attentive to inner beauty, spa environments are getting a makeover too, as attention to beautiful architecture, healing spaces, lighting, sound, and saunas all become magnets for people desiring the most beautiful spaces to get their beauty treatments done. 

Happiness is key.

The largest focus in the wellness market is mental well-being.

Mood boosting and mind-body-spirit balancing is seen growing everywhere as spas, hotels, and health centers focus on creating beautiful environments, adding more meditation, sound healing, and creative arts programs.

Healthy food, supplements, essential oils, and bodywork are focused not just on physical benefits but the emotional and mental benefits too.

From breathwork, to brainwaves, to sleeping - health is now all about enhancing our minds and our moods. 

Accessibility Booms

It's easier than ever to find wellness in more communities thanks to the growing focus on healthy spaces and giving back to communities.

Wellness tourism and travel are a huge part of the growing healthy lifestyle market. Wellness hotels are popping up in all the big cities and cities are rebranding themselves as wellness destinations, promoting their local holistic practitioners, health centers, and nature activities for the health conscious visitor. 

In local communities, there are more mind-body-spirit classes and practitioners, and community gardens, labyrinths, and rejuvenating places are growing all over.

Practitioners are giving back in bigger ways, and now you can find classes on how to make green smoothies at senior centers, and yoga teachers at women's shelters. 

This is a great time to think outside of the box - and expand your offerings of wellness to the community in new ways. Now more than ever people are open and receptive to learning methods of feeling better, and staying healthy. 

Wellness at Work

The corporate world is hip to health. 

Employers are realizing the powerful benefits of helping their employees to stay healthy and happy. 

There's an increase in calm meditative spaces in offices for yoga, silence, and even napping, as well as more demand for yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and fun fitness (like office mini-golf and playground slides) in the corporate world. 

Corporate wellness programs pay off by increasing job productivity and focus, as well as reducing absenteeism and sick-days. 

Nutrition Gets a Boost

We're going beyond superfoods, now the nutritional buzzwords are adaptogens, mushrooms, collagen, and liposomal delivery systems. 

Customizable whole food diets, meal plans, and enhancing our daily supplements and meals with extra boosts of nutrition are all hot right now. 

We're still living in a super-size world in which fast-food is available off every major highway exit in the USA, and gigantic cheeseburgers and fried food are pop culture favorites on food television.

Thus the need and demand for healthy food, weight-loss support, and nutritional awareness are rising to counter act the excessive eating culture.

Luckily, more choices are arising everywhere, and new ones every year - but with all the new products, education and personal guidance on how to utilize and stick with these options are essential too, and thus is creating lots of demand for health coaches, chefs, spas, and wellness practitioners to help guide people through these choices. 

Grow Your Wellness Business

Grow Your Wellness Business

The worldwide wellness industry is rising, and is impervious to other factors such as job rates, and global economy. In fact, the desire for self empowered wellbeing seems to have an opposite effect of growing stronger and faster, despite their being a slump in the global economy in recent years. 

Wellness is not a fad, our global information age is just raising more awareness about the impacts our lifestyle factors have on our health - from rest, exercise, nutrition, stress, and environmental influences. 

Now more people than ever before are interested and ready to integrate these holistic health practices into their self-care routine, daily meals, work spaces, date nights, family life, and travel activities.

The opportunity is greater than ever before for wellness entrepreneurs to innovate, integrate, and shine in new business ideas and customized healing arts experiential offerings. 

Are you ready to start or grow your wellness business?

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Why I love essential oils for my body, home and family

Why I choose to use doTERRA essential oils and love them for my body, family, home and work!

Essential oils are amazing and my family and I turn them everyday to support our wellbeing.

I was asked today why I choose to use doTERRA essential oils rather than other companies, and turns out I had a lot to say on the matter!

I did a lot of research before joining doTERRA into all the top essential oil companies today and am blown away by the integrity, ethics, sourcing, testing, research, and philanthropy of doTERRA.

A few of the things that were significant for me is that they are more rigorous in their testing than any other company out there, they test every single batch of oil with 5 different methods, both in their own extensive labs, as well as every batch is always again tested in a third-party independent lab.

One of the third party labs they work with is owned by Dr. Pappas, who is the world's leading essential oil chemist, and doTERRA is his largest client. While he's strongly independent, he speaks volumes about the integrity and purity of doTERRA which is positively assuring!

The fact that they require every batch of oil to undergo this extensive testing by them, and by an outside lab, and then provide testing results on every batch of oil through their Source to You website is what makes doTERRA the premier choice of health professionals, hospitals and research companies.

I have many doctors and nurses on my team who have assurance in doTERRA because of the outstanding effort they put into assuring the purest oils. In addition, John Hopkins University is using doTERRA oils in their research studies on essential oils, because they tested a variety of companies oils and found that doTERRA's oils had the highest therapeutic profile, the most regular chemical consistency (meaning your not going to get different quality oil each time you buy it), and it was the purest oil they tested.

This is all extremely important to me as I want to ensure that especially mothers, children and people with compromised immune systems are using the safest and most effective oils. 

The other factor that is very prominent for me is their Co-Impact Sourcing initiative which guides their work sourcing their oils from communitites around the world in ethical, environmental, and socially responsible ways. Other oil companies go and buy up land, farms and distilleries around the world, and also produce large amounts of their plants in greenhouses in the US.

doTERRA instead works to connect with the local farmers, wild crafters, distillers, and people around the world and helps them to form coops, strong local businesses, gives them better pay then other companies, ensures they receive payment based on providing the top quality oil rather than the most quantity oil, so regardless of how much they are able to produce in a season, they get paid what they are promised in order to produce the most pure therapeutic potent oil.

In addition they provide massive amounts of funding and relief efforts in communities they work with and beyond, helping to create schools, wells, facilities, health clinics, birth centers (which is especially important to me!), and even homes, as well as funding micro-loan programs, agriculture training programs, and menstrual health and pads programs (also important to me!).

In addition, in places they have created schools where previously girls had not been allowed to get education, they made sure that both girls and boys were admitted and welcome at school, and are making a huge effort to support education and health care for girls and women worldwide. I just love that! 

I could go on and on, but what really I noticed was that the oils smelled better, stronger, and more powerful to me, and the supplements were really what I wanted and I love that they are all non-GMO, and have no pesticides, synthetics, molds, mildews, heavy metals, or any cross contamination, as well the oils come from plants grown in their indigenous climate by farmers who own their own land and businesses, not purchased out from under them.

Most importantly they work incredibly! I've used essential oils for 28 years and I've had more clear effective results from using doTERRA oils than the many other brands I've previously tried, and that to me ensures me that I'm providing my self and family with the best possible pure plant power to enhance our lives! 

The best thing is that the company culture is very positive and uplifting and I've made tons of friends through doTERRA all over who are all on a mission, not only to support natural health, but to make a difference in the lives of others, and it's been a great experience. 

Discover what my favorite pure therapeutic essentials oils are for my body, family and home.

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Do you use doTERRA essential oils?

What are the significant things that YOU love about doTERRA and using essential oils for your natural wellness? Please leave a comment below and share! Thanks so much!

Feel free to contact me personally with any questions, I'm happy to help you find the best oils for you and to know how to use them safely, appropriately and personally. 

Many blessings,