Breast Health Awareness

Breast Health World Summit

What if there is a way to determine your own fate?

To take the health of your breasts into your own hands.

Today, the Breast Health World Summit starts. 

It's a brand new FREE 8 day online conference featuring 18 experts on breast health including cancer prevention, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle tips created by Jessica Susan Carter. 

This is an incredible free event with top speakers including Donna Gates of Body Ecology Diet, Nadine Artemis of Living Libations, Ocean Robbins, Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Bernard Siegel and many more. 

I'm also excited to be interviewed for this summit about Natural Choices for Breast Health, Vitality and Sensuality.  

Jessica was the creator of the Zen Mama Health and Wellness Summit this past April, in which I participated in speaking about breast health for mothers. We had a great conversation then, and it was fabulous to get to continue that discussion in my interview in her new Breast Health World Summit

It starts on October 23rd, so sign up now. 

Join here FREE: 
The Breast Health World Summit

Health, abundance & blessings, 
Kara Maria Ananda