Energize Your Desires with the Total Full Moon Eclipse

Full Moon Total Eclipse

Happy Red Moon on October 8th, 2014!

It's a very special Full Moon tonight with a Total Lunar Eclipse, and the moon is very close to the Earth at this time.

I love the magic of the moon and follow the lunar cycles each month. 

I celebrate at the Full Moon with gratitude for all the abundance and opportunities in my life. 

During the waning moon, I work on organizing, taking care of projects, finishing up tasks, and decluttering. 

At the New Moon I reset and activate my intentions, goals and vision. 

During the waxing moon, it's the best time to start new projects, take action on your dreams, gather resources, and connect socially. 

I've been following the lunar cycles for twenty years and have found profound benefits in aligning my energy with the moon for health and manifestation. 

This Full Moon Eclipse is a significant astrological event with profound energy to harness for transformation. 

It's the 2nd Total Full Moon Eclipse in a series of 4, the 1st one was April 15th of this year. 

Do you remember what you were doing then? I do! I set some very clear intentions on that day, and it's really fascinating to look back and see how those intentions have manifested themselves over these past 6 months in beautiful ways.

Think even more carefully and with higher faith on what you are calling forth with this moon eclipse portal, because the energy is even stronger and it is a great time to clearly set intentions for what you desire to create in your life for the next year. 

The following two Full Moon eclipses are in April and September of 2015. Through this year and a half of ecliptic transformation, things are shifting rapidly. 

Either you can roll with the transformation, set clear intentions, stay in the flow and hold fast to your faith, or you can try to resist the motion of change and find that life will toss it at you anyway when you are not expecting it.

I prefer to sail the ship of life with my will, by focusing on the direction I want to go, and knowing that things will change no matter what. Staying in a strong state of gratitude, presence and faith keeps my vibration high even when I am tossed about about by the winds and waves of life. 

This energy is great to harness for rapid manifestations of our desires in life, by knowing that we are on a big journey, change is imminent, and we can orchestrate our our destiny through consciously choosing to transform in the direction of our vision. 

So it's a great time to do some journaling, make a vision board, meditate, be in nature, move your body, practice excellent self-care and stay centered to enjoy the journey!

Happy Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse! 

Many blessings, 
Kara Maria Ananda

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