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Holistic Women's Wellness Leadership at Maia University Online

Calling all holistic women's wellness leaders and visionaries!

You are invited to join the Maia University VIP Program and become eligible to receive a Diploma in Holistic Women's Wellness Leadership. 

The Maia U VIP program has recently gone through a massive update, making it even more abundant in content, support, and ease of navigation! 

Take a look at the new design of the Maia University VIP private membership site here...

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All the courses in the Maia University VIP Program are now easily available to navigate through the picture library...

Maia University Women's Wellness, Spirituality, and Business Courses
Holistic Leadership, Women's Wellness, Spirituality, and Business Courses

Plus there's a private forum, blog, and personal coaching available to VIP members too! 

What People Are Saying:

"I have been taking Kara’s courses for about 4 years now! I am continually amazed at the breadth of her wisdom along with her amazing content. Becoming a Maia U VIP was a natural next step for me as I knew the quality of Kara’s work and I wanted to have access to everything she was creating!!

If you’ve never taken one of her courses though, I can assure you this woman knows her stuff! You will be amazed at her knowledge, but more so her skill of transmitting this knowledge. The best teachers are only as good as their ability to share the information they know. Kara does this with ease and honed skill..

I love Kara’s mission, her passion, and her commitment to helping other women become wellness leaders in the field of women’s health.
Becoming a Maia U VIP is an amazing investment in yourself and your business vision. 

You’ll be taking a brilliant next step of advancing your own wisdom and taking this forward into the world in whatever way suits you best."

— Rebecca Sarich, CNM, Yale-Trained Certified Nurse Midwife, Sexuality Coach and Women's Holistic Health Provider, www.rebeccasarich.com 

Maia University VIP Program

Holistic Women's Wellness Leadership 

The Maia University VIP Program is newly updated with a brand new beautiful private membership site including the course library, private forum, exclusive blog, extra bonus content, and diploma pathway.

All of my online courses, including the Awesome Birth Teacher Training, Women's Healing Arts Teacher Training, Maia Mystery School, Healing Arts Academy, ongoing seminar series, and more are included in the Maia U VIP membership. 

Maia U VIP's are now eligible to receive a Diploma in Holistic Women's Wellness Leadership upon completion of requirements for graduation, in addition to the certifications as a Women's Healing Arts Teacher, Awesome Birth Teacher Training, and more.

Plus members now get two complimentary private coaching sessions with me.

Discover the new updated Maia University VIP program and become a leader in holistic women's wellness worldwide. 

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If you've previously enrolled in any of the Maia U courses, message me to find out how you can upgrade to the full Maia U VIP program. 

Contact me with any questions by responding to this email and I'm happy to connect personally. 

With Love, 

Kara Maria Ananda