Pleasurable Planning for Creativepreneurs

Pleasurable Planning for Creativepreneurs

What tools do you use to stay focused in the midst of endless creativity inspiration and growing to-do lists?

As an entrepreneur, working from home or laptop and with my beloveds nearby, I don't dread the workweek or have the Manic Mondays that people with jobs do.

I love the opportunity to be creating what I'm passionate about and working when and where I want to. 

However, I do feel a creative overload sometimes from thinking about ALL the big ideas and projects I'm working on and want to achieve.

That HUGE list of things I want to do just keeps growing - with emails, websites, blogs, social media, events, sessions, podcasts, interviews, videos, summits - not to mention all those books I want to write and art to make!

And self-care! Have to remember that. 

Creating a plan and making written goals, really helps my brain to relax and enjoy each task that I'm working on, and trust and allow the flow of the creative process to proceed in the right order.

Writing things down is the first step in prioritizing, scheduling and organizing. 

my top tools for planning: 


I love journaling. The act of writing things down on paper makes an idea into a real form, a physical manifestation of my intent. First I get all my ideas out that I want to work on. Then, I reorder and prioritize and take notes. Next, I'll schedule it onto my calendar and set the time to actually make it happen. 


My favorite planning tool is my Moleskin notebooks and calendar. For the last few years I've been using the Bullet Journal method for analog organizing my gridded Moleskins, and it's really great way to track all the awesome ideas you write in your notebooks.

Check it out here:


I also love my big blank journals and multi-colored pens and pencils. Sometimes, instead of the gridded organized journaling, I like to create a colorful rainbow mind map expression of my ideas on paper. Just like coloring and drawing are now popular for meditation and calming, creative doodling and freestyle writing out your ideas with colors is similarly a calming and creative way to ignite those inspirations from within while focused on your goals. 


Another tool I use a lot to plan out my business and projects is giant presentation sized sticky post it notes, which I write on with colored markers and stick all over the walls while planning and brainstorming ideas in groups or individually. 


I have several calendars that I coordinate for myself, my clients and my family. Syncing these calendars is essential to coordinated flow. 

First I have my Moleskin Calendar, in which I handwrite my personal schedule, goals and notes. 

Then I have my online systems. I use Google Calendar which syncs with my Calendly online appointment schedule for my clients. 

We also have a big whiteboard monthly calendar in our home that we sync up our family schedules with and keep track of important dates. 

Keeping our ideas flowing and life organized is vital to be able to be fully present in the moment while working on projects. 

How do you make it pleasurable to plan and organize all your great inspirations, business ideas and projects?

What tools and resources do you use to plan your business and life?    

Please share in the comments below.

Many blessings,