The Gifts of Simplification & Self-Care

I am so excited to welcome in this new year ahead!

2016 was transformational and challenging.

I was pushed in my personal and professional life to let go of so much, including travel schedules, speaking engagements, and just about anything involving a plan.

I did not expect that my pregnancy would lead me to be nauseous and vomiting from late March through early December of this year. I was throwing up persistently through most of this entire year, for almost 9 months straight, including up 'til past 42 weeks pregnant and in labor. 

So, you can feel then, how grateful I am to have my baby in my arms and to feel GOOD again! 

Yet, 2016 brought unexpected gifts through the near constant queasiness (besides the sweetest little baby boy).  

The most valuable transformation of this year was SIMPLIFICATION.

Being no longer able to do everything all the time, I had to minimize, streamline, and organize my life and work in a more optimal way. Truly I've wanted to do this to a greater degree for a long time, but I recognize now that I have had a hard time saying no to invitations, opportunities and projects.

This year the Universe gave me an opportunity to really get to it and focus on what was most important. In order to say yes to self-care, I had to rearrange my life.

It's amazing, now that I have embraced a streamlined creative flow, I have time to breathe and enjoy my new baby, and still grow my business, serve clients around the world, and nurture my whole family.

A significant synchronicity that supported this year's minimization was the guidance by a mentor to read the book "Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less" - just at the same time as the first waves of morning sickness started hitting. I highly recommend it if you want to take back your time, focus on your goals, and learn how to politely avoid giving your energy away. 

The Gifts of Simplicity & Self-Care

I've also deepened my practice of the art of SELF-CARE.  

Rest, nourishment, and essential oils have all been huge supports for me this year. Through diligence and care, I kept my mind, body and emotions strong, resilient, and thriving, despite near daily nausea. I was able to manage my pregnant wellbeing through daily routines to support my energy, digestion, and spirits. 

I am so grateful for all the natural health support that I have at my fingertips, to be able to meet the always changing needs of myself and my family. 

I've been called to teach more about self care and thus created the new course this year, The Pleasure of Pampering: Sacred Sensual Self-Care for Women, sharing the powerful health promoting benefits of feminine self-care. 

As we go into 2017, I will bring with me the gifts of simplicity and self-care which I gained this year.

I am so happy to be grateful and inspired heading into 2017, and with all this new energy you can bet that I have much to share! 

I'm also incredibly grateful to all my clients and community who have graciously been patient and understanding with me this year as I was unexpectedly hit with ongoing nausea for months. Your ongoing support and caring has been incredible and appreciated!!!!

What lessons did you learn this year that you will remember in the years to come? 

I am wishing you a thriving, vibrant, creative and active new year! 

Many Blessings,