Viva la Boobies!

How to Love Your Breasts E-Book

Natural Choices for Breast Vitality & Sensuality

In this book you will learn about natural breast health for enhanced feminine vitality, sensuality, and longevity.

Discover techniques and information that every woman can utilize to create empowered breast health in every stage of life:

  • Know how to care for your breasts naturally with massage, exercise, and nutrition
  • Discover lifestyle practices to support your breast health
  • Protect your breasts through healthy choices
  • Learn about the benefits of self-massage for breast health Enhance your sensuality through gentle movement practices
  • Start taking action to create your breast health at any age with solutions that are right for you

Natural breast health is a vital issue for women today, as breast cancer is the number one form of cancer that woman are diagnosed with today, and knowing how to care for one's breasts naturally with empowered and nurturing practices supports a women's whole life, including her health, sexuality, spirituality, relationships, and confidence.  

The actions you take today support your breasts to be healthy and feel great for your whole lifetime.  

Know your options and be empowered to take your breast health into your own hands.  

Including 2 Bonus Videos & 33 Testimonials!




“You are doing amazing work for women, the community, and the planet. As a practitioner and teacher in the health field myself, I am not looking only for information, but for inspiration and ideas. You are a wonderful teacher!” - Dr. Angelika Schultz, US & Germany

“BRAVO!!! Kara Maria Ananda. You Created a Summarized, Condensed Version of some of the MOST FUNDAMENTALLY Important Truths about Keeping our Breasts Healthy and Put them all into 1 Excellently Written Article. I LOVE your Work! I Love your Mission to Share Truth, Love and Healthing with all. You are Amazing!!! Share this with the World! We Women and MEN need to stop hurting humans with this Crazy Misinformation we are allowing doctors to treat us with in their Conventional DISconnected Practices!! It's time for a Change! We need to get back to our Roots In Medicine, and Healing, and Integrate this into our Modern Medical and Scientific Advances. THIS is the Only way to have Balance with our True Nature as Human Beings. One Love Kara. Thank You.” - Jessica Pacheco, Certified Women’s Healing Arts Teacher

“Love it! Thank you, Glorious Being, for creating a movement! You have my respect, love and blessings. xo”
- Amrita Grace, Founder of the Breast Cancer Mystery School

“Excellent! Thank you for sharing such important information for all of us womenfolk and trailblazing this message in a huge way. Could not have come at a better time for me. I look forward to more of your sharing and am extremely grateful!” - Kyla Levi