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Maia Method of Energy Healing Practitioner Certification Training Online

Discover a powerful system of energy practices for cultivating harmony and balance in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies of one's self and others. 

Energy healing is the ancient art of supporting the natural vitality of the body through intention, hands-on healing, vibrational frequency, visualization, and meditative practices. 

Everything is energy on a fundamental level. It was Albert Einstein, the brilliant theoretical physicist, who demonstrated that E=MC², and that all matter is actually energy in motion.

While energy is everywhere in our bodies, environment, and world, we need to turn on and activate our higher energy awareness and flow to tune into this force for facilitating healing of ourselves and others. 

Just as electricity is running through the wires of our communities and streets, your house is not able to turn on the lights unless that house is properly installed with an electrical system, the outlets are working, and the right appliances are in place.

This training is designed to plug you into the universal flow of energy so you can shine your light brighter and illuminate healing for others in the world today!

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Maia Method Energy Healing

Part 1: Activating Quantum Light Codes

  • Energy activation practices for evolutionary times
  • Circulating energy and plugging into the universal energy field
  • Upgrading the light filaments of our energy fields 
  • Co-creative healing with universal light and love
  • Sensing and moving energy through our bodies and hands

Part 2: Enhanced Energetic Boundaries

  • The art of grounding, centering and clearing energy
  • Kinesiology for intuitive and energetic decision making
  • Psychic protection and discernment for energy workers
  • Essential self care for energy practitioners
  • Daily core practices for maintaining our energy vitality

Part 3: Heart Field Expansion

  • Tapping into the power of the heart for energetic potency
  • Cultivating the practice entrainment as a healing facilitator
  • Unifying the fields of the heart, brain, belly and spirit
  • Activating higher levels of divine love for clear receptivity
  • The infinite heart meditation and energy symbol for healing

Part 4: Our Energy Centers

  • Enhancing the flow of energy through the chakras
  • Activating the major, minor and cosmic energy centers
  • Practices for balancing the energy lines in our body
  • Connecting our energy centers with the elemental and planetary bodies
  • Energy chakra activation meditation

Part 5: Energy Facilitation for Individuals

  • Energy practices and hands-on healing for supporting others in their healing
  • Distance healing through the quantum fields
  • Permission and perception when working with healing partners
  • The art of intuition and divine guidance in energy work
  • Energy circulation breathing practice

Part 6: Evolutionary Symbology

  • The healing power of the mind through visualization
  • Sacred geometry symbology and energy balancing
  • New energy symbols for heart-centered healing
  • Therapeutic art practices for body-mind-spirit balancing
  • Receiving your personal symbol for evolutionary healing

Part 7: The Spirit of Energy

  • Spiritual healing and the sacred path of the energy arts
  • Personal and professional transformation in energy healing
  • The universal nature of spirituality and energy healing
  • Respecting and honoring the spiritual paths of others as a practitioner
  • Communicating with our spiritual helpers in energy sessions

Part 8: Light & Color for Healing

  • The healing powers of light and the spectrum of illumination
  • Color frequency for emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual balancing
  • How to see the colors in the aura and human energy field
  • The influence of color in our daily lives and environment
  • Rainbow light meditation and energy practice

Part 9: Vibrational Therapy Through Sound

  • The power of sound healing for shifting energy
  • Practices for incorporating sound healing into your energy practice
  • Toning for releasing energy blockages and activating new frequencies
  • Vibrational sound healing instruments for adding tones to your sessions
  • Exercise to awaken clairaudience and tune in to universal vibrations

Part 10: Environmental Energy Balancing

  • Becoming aware of environmental energies
  • Working with the elements to create balance and harmony in our environment
  • Practices to cleanse, brighten, and charge up a healing space for sessions or workshops
  • Charging up your energy codes through power spots in the environment
  • How to create a healing space for your office, energy practice, and events

About this Training

Energy Healing

Practitioner Certification Requirements

  • Complete each section of the course, including practices, and send in your journal assignments for review
  • Do weekly self-healing sessions to practice and integrate your training
  • Provide reviews of three sessions that you facilitate for another in person

Course Information

  • Get instant access to all the course content, modules, and training in our private classroom website.
  • View videos online or download the videos to your phone, tablet or computer for offline watching
  • Complete the course at your own pace, take your time for integration and to finish the certification
  • Join our online Facebook group for support, connection, and networking
  • Contact Kara by email for personal support along your journey to certification


  • Join now and also receive my Activate Your Energy to Create Your Own Destiny bonus!
  • A creative visualization meditation to enhance your energy flow and activate your creative power.
  • Highly recommended to practice this daily to tune up your energy and prepare for this course.
  • This is specially designed to activate your energy before client sessions or workshops. 
  • May be shared with your energy healing clients and in live events that you do. 

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Energy Healing


"I love everything about this course! Not only rich of informations (including up to date scientific research), moreover, even for a busy mom like myself, it’s doable.
Most of all, so grateful for reclaiming this wisdom of simplicity, presently and beautiful way to take care and love myself, my love ones and  All around. This course is a gift of Love and Abundance. 
Thank you for living from your heart, with such a deep connection to this forgotten Divine Feminine Wisdom."
- Gladys Chihjo, Taiwan
Maia Method of Energy Healing Practitioner Certification Training Online