The Seven Sisters Circle

7 Ancient Feminine Archetypes for Modern Women

The Seven Sisters and the 7 Archetypes of the Pleiadian Sisterhood

The Pleiades is the brightest cluster of stars in the sky, and these stars have been noted in cultures as diverse as the Egyptian, Greek, Hopi, Mayan, Lakota, Japanese, Maori and Australian Aborigine, since the beginning of human history. Ancient cultures around the planet have long marked the cycles of ages through sacred calendars, pyramids, and astronomy, and every culture has marked the passage and appearance of the Pleiades in the sky through these ways. 

These stars are known as the Seven Sisters as well as midwives, goddesses, and priestesses in different cultures, correspond to the seven chakras and are encoded with wisdom for the return of the divine feminine today. 

The seven stars of the Pleiades constellation are known today by their names from Greek Mythology as the Seven Sisters: Maia, Alcyone, Electra, Celaeno, Taygeta, Asterope, and Merope. There are two other main stars in the constellation, their father Atlas, and their mother Pleione, a goddess of the ocean. 

The Seven Sisters hold the keys to 7 archetypes for women’s leadership.  Connecting with them consciously will support you to step into conscious feminine leadership to co-create peace, harmony, and healing for the Earth and Humanity now. 

Now is the time when the Sacred Feminine Energy that the Pleiades embody has come back into alignment with the Earth for the future cosmic evolution of humanity. This is a potent and powerful time for aligning with the wisdom and teachings of the Seven Sisters. 

This is the beginning of an era of great transformation, in which the Sacred Feminine returns and comes into balance with the Sacred Masculine. This is the birthing time of an evolutionary unity consciousness born from the hieros gamos, the sacred union of the divine feminine and divine masculine.

The Divine Feminine Archetypes

The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades: Ancient Archetypes of the Divine Feminine

There are 7 Ancient Archetypes of the Divine Feminine that are embedded within our global stories, the patterns of nature, our own women's bodies and encoded within the Plieadian mythology.

These 7 archetypes reveal a the powerful influence that feminine spiritual leadership has had upon the evolution of humanity and how it's been hidden with the mythology of cultures all over the world, as well as within astronomy, astrology, biology, and numerology. 

As women are reclaiming our true creative power and stepping into roles of healing, teaching, speaking, writing, and being change-makers in the world, it is essential to understand that there are many empowered ways that we can embody women's spiritual leadership in the world today.

New feminine leaders need positive archetypes for us to learn and be inspired from that resonate with our hearts and souls, and represents a pattern of balanced leadership for the new culture emerging.

This is why it is so powerful and healing to learn about the 7 Ancient Archetypes of the Divine Feminine - to know that we can harness our feminine power in many different ways.

The Seven Sisters Circle

Maia Mystery School: Seven Sisters Circle - Rebirth of the Divine Feminine

Intro: The Seven Sisters

  • The mythology and sacred stories of the Pleaides from around the world.

  • The Seven Sisters mythology of the Pleaides from Ancient Greece.

  • The Pleaidian energetic connection with our 7 chakras and electromagnetic template.

  • 7 Archetypes of the Divine Feminine for Spiritual Feminine Leaders Today.


Maia the Midwife - the Goddess of Midwifery

1: Maia the Midwife

Maia is the Goddess of Midwifery in the Greek mythology. She is the eldest of the Seven Sisters. Maia is connected with the root chakra and the Earth. She is the grandmother of magic and helps us to bring to light what is within.




2: Alcyone the Queen 

The central star of the Pleaides, and also the brightest star in the cluster, Alcyone is connected with our wombs and sacral chakra. Alcyone is the Queen and the Mother. She guides us to claim our sovereignty on the path of the sacred co-creation. 




3: Electra the Activator

Electra is the Activator. She is full of energy, she awakens our power of manifestation, alchemy, and feminine magic. She awakens with her light what we desire to create in the world. She is connected with our solar plexus chakra and teaches us about our electric body, and the power of our will.  



4: Celaeno the Oracle

Celaeno is the wild woman. She is passion and love, deep magnetic power and energy. She is the oracle who holds the power of divination, intuition, and heart-knowing. Celaeno is associated with the heart, with love, mystery, passion and secrets. 




5: Taygeta the Storyteller 

Taygeta is the storyteller. She is the wise woman weaving the word wisdom, songs and chants to ignite the primal knowing within our hearts and souls. Taygeta is the goddess of the Pleaides that teaches us about the power of our voice, breath, sound, and communication.




6: Asterope the Visionary

Asterope is the starry one, the visionary and the artist. The goddess Asterope shows us about the power of our vision, our mind, and our thoughts and is connected with our third-eye chakra. She sees within her mind the collective knowing of the stars, the sacred geometry of the universe, and the patterns of conscious creation. She shares her visions and helps us to develop our enhanced artistic, intuitive and clairvoyant skills. 



7: Merope the Priestess 

Merope is the Mother Priestess, who brings forth the sacred feminine wisdom teachings to the collective consciousness on Earth. Merope is the goddess of the Pleaides connected with the crown chakra, she is the Queen Bee, and teaches us of the high priestess path of the Pleaides and the connected to the ancient Greek and Sumerian priestess temples and sacred bee practices. 


Seven Sisters Activation Meditation

BONUS: The Seven Sisters Activation Meditation

In this finale of the course, we will bring together all of the teachings of these goddesses into a powerful Seven Sisters Activation Meditation that connects our 7 chakras with each of the 7 Divine Feminine Archetypes to activate our divine feminine light body template for evolutionary upgrades. 

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