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Pure and Premium Superfood Lifestyle

Do you want to experience top energy, enthusiasm, joy, and passion in your life?

To experience a high performance lifestyle, you need to fuel your body with high nutrient premium foods, grown as pure as possible in nature. 

Are you ready to activate your optimal health and wellness?

One of the most powerful things we can do to feel better in our lives and our bodies is to nourish ourselves with pure premium superfoods. 

I've been on a search for the best superfood nutrition for over a decade, and I'm so excited to have found incredible products that have made a huge difference in my body, mind, and family.

These superfoods are 100% non-GMO, organic, and sourced from farms over 100 miles from contaminating sites.

In addition, they test the groundwater on the farms for purity, as well as third-party test every ingredient to ensure they are totally free of pesticides, herbicides, GMO's, and bacteria.

Are you ready for a transformation in your body, mind, and spirit?

I'm so excited to be partnering with Purium to share a special deal on their powerful 100% organic non-GMO superfood system. 

These superfoods have been transformational for me, giving me so much energy to enjoy my life and achieve my goals, which is priceless!

Become deeply nourished & activate the full potential of your body & mind!

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My Superfoods Lifestyle

The Core 3 daily nutrition system has been amazing at balancing and nourishing my body, giving me the daily energy and nutrition I need to be a busy mama and entrepreneur.

The Core 3 contains a pure form of vegan protein called SuperAmino 23 that gives you energy and supports the muscles, and the amazing Power Shake, a gluten free, vegan superfood shake that dissolves in water mixed up instantly and provides the nutrients of 6 superfood salads, with an enjoyable berry flavor. Plus the ApotheCherry, a tart cherry concentrate that mixed with water becomes a delightful beverage packed with super nutrient power to support anti-aging, reduce inflammation, and increase melatonin production for improved sleep. 

The 10 Day Transformation and the Athlete's Transformation have been incredible at creating body, mind and spirit shifts in my life, and the children's superfoods and herbs are loved by my kids. 

An essential for the daily modern living wellness warrior is the Biome Medic, an amazing product designed to reduce glyphosate, the main herbicide used today and in Round-Up, from our guts, and then repair and rebuild a healthy microbiome.

This is a big deal because even if you eat 100% organic, glyphosate exposure is at an all time high, from convention agriculture, processed food, cross-contamination, water, air, rain, and spraying in public or common areas like parks, roadways, walkways, and apartment complexes. 

In addition to the Biome Medic everyday, I also take the Advanced Probiotic, and C From Nature

Experience the Best Superfoods

Save $50 off your first $75 order with my giftcode: KARAMARIA

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