Womb Cycles

Empower Your Menstruation, Fertility, Hormones & Sensuality

Discover the power within your womb and cycles for empowered health, sensuality and vitality.

Discover the power within your body and womb as a source of cyclical feminine wisdom and energy for greater health, wellbeing, sensuality, joy, and manifestation. 

Your menstrual cycle is the key to unlocking this powerful resource for greater health, vitality, sensuality and creativity. Your menstrual cycle is like an oracle that can guide you to enhance your overall health, emotions, and creative state. 

Through utilizing the wisdom of women's healing arts and time-honored natural practices, while integrating new scientific understandings of women's health, you can bring balance and wellness to your menstrual health and hormones for greater creativity, success, and sexual expression. 

Menstrual health, fertility empowerment, and hormonal balancing are essential for feeling confident and empowered to utilize the wisdom of your womb cycles for optimal wellbeing, creative manifestation, and pregnancy prevention or planning. 

Your female sex hormones are your whole health hormones, important throughout your entire life for heart health, longevity, bone density, metabolism and energy, as well as for fertility, magnetism, and libido.

If you are experiencing any challenges or discomforts in your menstrual cycle, it's a sign that your hormones need support to function better, and the sooner you take charge of creating the lifestyle changes needed to get to the root of the issue, the better the outcome of your health and happiness for the rest of your life. 

The earlier in life that we learn to practice enhancing our hormonal balance the more we get to enjoy the benefits of optimal health, inspired creativity, thriving longevity, and enhanced sexual pleasure - and it's never too late to start creating better health!

You can heal trauma, overcome challenges, find balance, experience bliss, and empower yourself through greater understanding and connection with the innate cycles of rebirth, release, and co-creative potential within our own wombs.

Discover natural practices including nutrition, exercises, massage, herbs, energy healing, visualization, and stress reduction to create the radiant luscious health, sensuality, and creativity you deserve!

It's time for YOU to love your womb cycles and all the gifts of healing, regeneration, and sexual energy that it brings to your life! 

The world needs for you to shine your light and tap into your true authentic feminine sensual power!

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Womb Cycles Curriculum

Empowered Menstrual Health

Part 1: Empowered Menstruation

Find out all about natural menstrual health empowerment to feel better, have easier periods, and boost your mood and energy. 

  • Discover practical methods of creating ease and comfort during menstruation.
  • Learn amazing facts about menstruation & the power of our cycles. 
  • Discover how to tap into your healing power and spiritual wisdom during your menstrual cycle inspired by women's healing arts.
  • Find out about practical methods of menstrual care that enhance women's health and reduce menstrual discomfort.
  • Learn a powerful visualization and energy healing practice to sooth your cycle and harness this energy for manifesting love, success, health and bliss in your whole life. 

Fabulous Fertility through the Womb Cycles

Part 2: Fabulous Fertility

Discover how to use the power of your fertility for maximizing your health, beauty and sensuality. 

  • Learn methods for pregnancy prevention that are scientific, safe, effective and non-invasive. 
  • Discover how to detox from hormonal birth control methods and bring balance to your body. 
  • Celebrate the potential of fertile health for not just procreation but also co-creation, creativity, socializing and work. 
  • Learn to understand your fertility signs and read the language of fertility in your body for greater health and manifestation.
  • Understand the optimal benefits of each stage in your fertility. 
  • Become confident in knowing how to use the power of your fertility for enhancing your whole life. 

Creating women's wellness through holistic hormonal support and natural self-care.

Part 3: Happy Hormones

Bring balance to your body, mind and spirit through holistic hormonal health and self-care. 

  • Learn how your hormones are essential messengers in the body for maintaining optimal health and wellbeing throughout our lives. 
  • Discover ways to naturally regulate your menstrual cycle and enhance your health. 
  • Find out what foods and nutrients are vital for hormonal health. 
  • Prevent hormonal imbalance and consequential health impacts through lifestyle practices including herbs, massage, exercise, stress release, and more! 
  • Learn about the connection between our sex hormones and our overall health, lifelong vitality, sensuality and longevity. 
  • Learn to love your hormones and listen to them!

Enhance your sensual energy by aligning with your womb cycles.

Part 4: Sensual Energy

Discover the secrets to enhanced sensuality, success, creativity and manifestation through the womb cycle!

  • Learn how to harness the power of your womb cycles for enhanced sexual expression. 
  • Revealing ancient secrets of women's womb power for evolutionary creativity.
  • Discover the peak times of the cycle for manifestation, high performance, setting goals, social optimization.
  • Optimize your energy and creativity through working with the source of womb vitality. 
  • Get into the flow of creativity by aligning with your sexual creative energy. 
  • Be inspired to express your sensual nature in new and innovative ways!
  • Learn specific simple practices for amplifying your sensuality for health, energy, and bliss. 

PLUS Special Bonuses!

Featuring Content by Incredible Special Guests Teachers!

Zsuzsi Hussla of Unraveling Her shares Menstrual Wisdom

#1: Red Tent Wisdom
from Zsuzsi Hussla of Unraveling Her

Get a chapter from Zsuzsi's inspiring and revealing book "Unraveling Her: Release Yourself from PMS & Menstrual Madness and Fall in Love with Your Feminine Rhythms" on menstrual empowerment and women's wisdom. Zsuzsi shares from her experience of overcoming women's health issues and studies of somatic movement arts, women's health, herbalism and spiritual empowerment.

Jocelyn Gordon of HoopYogini

#2: Womb Embodiment
with Jocelyn Gordon of HoopYogini

Discover Jocelyn's experience finding greater embodiment and health through her womb cycles. 

Jocelyn is an ecstatic embodiment expert, movement arts teacher, yoga teacher, Theta healer, massage therapist, holistic birth educator, and life coach. 

Carly Rae Wombmama on Women's Reproductive Health Bodywork

#3: Self Womb Health
with Carly Rae of Wombmama

Discover the benefits of massage, bodywork and self-care for empowered womb care and holistic pelvic health. 

Carly is an experienced massage therapist with experience in structural integration, holistic pelvic bodywork, womb massage, doula care, and humanitarianism.

Shona Keeli Jones Womb Whisperer

#4: Yoni Love by
Shona Keeli Jones of Womb Illumination

Get Shona's Love Cup Manual, an e-book all about the use of menstrual cups, including a very special Menstrual Blood Rebirth Ritual. 

PLUS Shona's awesome video on Blood is Life. 

Shona is a Yoni Empress and Womb Whisperer, dedicated to supporting the unfoldment of your divine expression and exploration of your inner power through your womb center.

Womb Cycles Course

Enhance your cycles, hormones, vitality and wellbeing through discovering the power of our womb cycles.

Intro Bonus from Kara:

Intro Video: Bringing Light to the Womb by Kara

  • Learn about how our cycles are essential for lifelong health, vitality, sensuality and more. 
  • Discover a powerful womb energy practice for clearing trauma, generating health, and revitalizing your sexual energy. 

PLUS Instant Bonuses from our Guest Experts


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  • Ongoing access to the course to complete at your own pace.
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  • Contact Kara at anytime by email for personal support or questions. 

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