4 Tips for Getting in Touch with Your Body Wisdom

I hear the whispering of winter in the cold chill in the air and the lengthening of the nights, and I feel the pull inward. 

I'm focused right now on being all cozy warm in my new Maine home, stoking the fire in the wood stove, and enjoying the exciting planning process of getting ready for all the amazing events and projects brewing for 2014! 

With the long nights and crisp days, the internal urge has us (in the Northern Hemisphere) thinking about our bodies, how they feel, and what they need. 

Perhaps even New Years Resolutions have crossed your mind? 

I certainly am feeling how I need to create new routines in my life. 

I am committing to awakening early with the Sun to maximize my daily sunlight exposure, to move and walk outside each day regardless of the temperature or weather, to take my yoga practice to a new level with a regular time to tune in each day, and to pay more attention to being hydrated with the increase in spending times in dry heated buildings. 

This is about listening within and responding, rather than making resolutions based upon outside pressures or prompts. 

What does your body really want and need right now? Your body is always communicating to you, and you are already body wise. 

Here are 4 of my powerful and simple tips for tuning into your body wisdom for greater health, vitality and confidence in knowing how to satisfy your body's needs. 

Check out my new video by clicking on the link or the video player below:

4 Tips for Getting in Touch with Your Body Wisdom

& I'd love to hear your comments below.

Many blessings, Kara

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