The Pink Ribbon Scandal: Breast Cancer Profit or Prevention?


What do pink ribbons have to do with breast health? Corporate profit. 

Breast cancer research is not the same thing as breast health research. 

Which do you want?

Breast health or breast cancer?

Here's my personal opinion: if you want breast health look to the health experts (not the sickness experts) for support. If you look to the breast cancer industry they are only going to give you info about treating cancer NOT preventing it. 

We all should be concerned about breast cancer. It's terrible, messed up, tragic, and awful. 

1 in 8 women in the US will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetimes. It's the most common cancer that women are diagnosed with and the second most common cancer that women die from (the most deadly being lung cancer). 

My godmother Gloria died from breast cancer when I was 11. She was my mother's best friend. She was an awesome woman, weaver, mother, and godmother. 

A couple years ago, a friend who was the same age as me, also a birth doula and educator, as well as a mama of two boys, died from breast cancer. She was in her early 30's, and left her husband with two small children. 

So when I challenge the breast cancer system, don't think that I am not concerned about breast cancer.

Because I am really concerned and really pissed off about corporations profiting from the tragedy of breast cancer and playing like they really are trying to help, when what they are promoting is compounding the problem. 

For example: 

  • The American Cancer Society recommends annual mammograms for women over 40, disregarding current medical standards that recommend for women ages 50+ to receive mammograms every 2 years.
  • The American Cancer Society is a billion-dollar charity that makes profit from making money for "cancer research" and is known to have financial ties to the mammogram technology manufacturers. 
  • Mammograms are known to emit high levels of radiation, which is a carcinogen (meaning it CAUSES cancer), and can permanently damage DNA. 
  • The amount of radiation emitted from one mammogram may be equivalent to the amount of radiation you would be exposed to from 1000 chest x-rays. 
  • Any company can put a pink ribbon on their product, and it does not mean that any money from the purchase of that product goes toward breast cancer research. 
  • Many products that flaunt pink ribbons are actually containing chemicals or ingredients that are carcinogens and are known to cause increased risk of cancer.

As someone who is very interested in researching breast health, I frequently notice how few resources are available for women on maintaining breast health and preventing cancer. Everywhere I look for info on breast health, I come up with only breast cancer info, and the number one recommendation for breast health is to get a mammogram, despite the risks and the high rate of false positives which put many women through potentially detrimental stress and biopsies. 

First, realize that any form of breast cancer screening, whether the orthodox tool of the mammogram, or an alternative such as thermography, ultrasound, or MRI's - are only ways to screen for potential cancer.

No form of breast cancer screening contributes to breast health or breast cancer prevention, and some may actually contribute to cancer.

All breast cancer screening tools will have a fair share of false positives which lead to very stressful further examinations, biopsies, and treatment. 

Overdiagnosis is another serious breast cancer screening risk. There are many women who are screened for breast cancer, and then treated for "early" breast cancer, which may never have grown into an issue. 

So what solutions or alternatives do we women have to the fear-based machine of the breast cancer industry and their gold standard of cancer-causing mammograms?

How can we focus on breast HEALTH?

Is there anything we can do to prevent breast cancer besides mammograms, early detection, and aggressive cancer treatment?

YES! There is.  

There are many things you can do to create your vibrant breast health!

If you want to support your breast health, and prevent cancer, you need to launch a proactive self-responsible plan of action to creating your own health, supporting your immune system, decreasing your stress levels, optimizing your nutrition and self-care, and doing your own research on how to support your magnificent mammaries.

What our mind focuses upon, we create. When we focus our thoughts upon our belief in our abundantly healthy breasts, we actually create more health and vitality in our body.

What are you focusing on? 

For more info on the dangers and alternatives to mammograms, check out my recent video here: 

To your abundant health! 

Many blessings,

Kara Maria Ananda


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