How to Clear Your Energy & Get Centered - Fast!


I have a super easy, fast, and powerful energy clearing practice to share with you today.

All the cells and tissues of our body create electromagnetic fields of energy. Our body is an energy system, which ancient traditions have known for thousands of years, and now science is developing technology sensitive enough to measure and verify these fields of energy. 

Through our thoughts, beliefs, and actions we can create changes within the energy of our bodies. 

In Ancient Egyptian Alchemy practices, the energy body is known as the KA. It's possible for our energy body to become attached to other energy systems - of people, environments, or thought systems - through energetic cords.

So, if you can't stop thinking about your kids, your spouse, your clients, or the evening news - than you probably have energetic cords that are connecting you to those other energy fields and these cords can drain our energy. 

I'm going to share with you a 10 second energy practice to get centered by consciously clearing your energy, cutting the cords that connect us to others, bringing our energy back into our body, and sending love and appreciation to your whole self. 

Check out my video for this easy practice that you can do anytime you want to feel more balanced, clear minded, energized, and grounded. This is especially great for the busy holiday season, for parents, and for helping professionals who work with a lot of people. 

Energy Clearing for Getting Calm, Centered & Cutting Cords:

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