Do the Work You Love Without Selling Your Eggs

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I once received a regretful massage.

While the massage was all right, the therapist and I got to chatting, and she shared how she was struggling. She was working her butt off massaging 6 clients a day, but still was not making enough money. Her own body was getting wrecked from all the work, as she was experiencing back and neck pain from her high volume of massage clients.

She told me that she was taking artificial hormones each day that were making her emotional and achy because she was going to sell her eggs for $10,000 to make the money she needed for a vacation to let her body eventually rest! This made me very concerned, as I could see that she was damaging her body in her pursuit of helping others, thus creating a non-sustainable career on the fast track to burnout. Plus, the massage was less than exceptional because she was clearly exhausted and lacking enthusiasm.

I passionately believe in the work of healers, coaches, women's empowerment mentors, holistic practitioners, and conscious entrepreneurs.  

Yet, it is clear to me that stepping into a new paradigm of business is needed for healers, coaches, and holistic entrepreneurs to make a difference in the world and make money. 

Having grown up surrounded by holistic health practitioners, and having been in the natural health world for over 15 years as a birthworker, bodyworker, and teacher, I have been impressed, influenced, and awed by the amazing work of those who seek to improve the quality of life for people and the planet.  

Yet, I have also been dismayed to see so many of these same visionary and holistic practitioners experience burnout from pushing themselves too hard for too little results, have to rely on day jobs doing work they are less than excited about, or just simply struggle for years and years doing what they do for passion with zero profit. 

I know that it does not have to be that way. I know that prosperity and abundance is all of our birthrights, and that by doing the work that your heart and soul are passionate about, and uplifting the world, we can make a difference and care for ourselves and our families at the same time. 

It just takes some strategy, support, and confidence. That is why I've created the Healing Arts Business Academy to support and uplift conscious feminine entrepreneurs to have the systems and mind-set to succeed in whatever your soul is calling you to share.  

You have a sacred duty to embody your prosperity.
 When you step into your power as a healer, lightworker, teacher, guide, mentor, advocate, inspiration, and innovator, you uplift everyone. Your work is needed by the world to bring change, transformation, and support for the challenges that the world faces today. 

When you trust in the value of what you have to offer, and know that it will enhance the wellbeing and empowerment of others and the whole world, it is your calling to find every way possible to share that.  

Yet, why do so many holistic, spiritual, and conscious practitioners go out of business, become overworked, and underpaid? 

I've witnessed dedicated students go through fabulous training programs - only to have their teachers tell them to move away to start their business somewhere else or be subject to their fierce competition.  

I've seen apprentices work, study, and train for years under a master in their profession, only to have that teacher kick them to the curb and slander them to the entire community, right when they should be graduating and launching their own private practice.

When I was searching for mentors in birth work and the healing arts, I had teachers who refused to mentor me unless I signed a contract agreeing that I promised to move away afterwards because of the fear of competition. 

I have been saddened to see incredible mentors of mine who have passionately worked at their field for 20 or 30 years with international acclaim, while paying the bills through their house painting job or farmer's market gig on the side because they can't figure out how to make their passion into profit.

Also, I see incredibly talented healers and coaches who invest in continuing education trainings in new modalities and techniques for their practice, thinking that each new certification or level of training will bring new revenue to their business, but yet they still struggle because they are not investing equally into their business training and entrepreneurial skills.  

I also see that many health and spiritual training programs educate their students in the philosophy and practice of their discipline, but lack leading-edge current business skill training. With the internet, social media, and the immunity of people to advertising, it takes a whole fresh new perspective on how to create a successful business today. 

One time I was at a gathering where I encountered a staff member of my former massage school, which was one of the top schools in the US with incredible teachers who were acclaimed on the national and international level. She asked me if I was still doing massage and bodywork, and I said yes. She said that was awesome because truthfully only about 5% of graduates were able to sustain a practice as a massage therapist! Holy cow! That shocked me!

This is common with other holistic education programs too. Many doulas, midwives, acupuncturists, coaches, yoga teachers, and more are unable to pay the bills with the work they love, despite the huge investment into their education, so their passion becomes their hobby, and a return to the corporate world pays for the bills. 


I have big news for you! 

You can be totally successful in making your passion into your thriving career and I am completely excited about supporting you to do so!

In fact, I think that it is your obligation to be prosperous and share what you have to offer with the world, because we need you to help make the world a better place. 

I've discovered that through investing in my business training and mentoring that I have increased my effectivity at being able to communicate what I have to offer, enhance my confidence in sharing my truth and wisdom, and discovered specific skills, practices, and strategies to take my business to a new level.  I've also gone from burnout and overwork to abundance and freedom and I'm excited to share how I did that. 

Through my extensive research (my clients have referred to me as a living encyclopedia of women's wisdom) , I have learned that there is unlimited abundance for all of us, if we choose to accept it, receive it, and most importantly TRUST in it. 

There is no need for fear of scarcity or competition when you step into offering your UNIQUE gifts to the world, and through skillful communication and networking you can reach people anywhere in the world!  There are abundant opportunities for you to thrive at what you love to do. 

So are you ready to step up and accept your divine mission to make the world a better place - and make your life the best life ever? Your clients are waiting for you to share your amazing skills and passion with them, to help make theirs lives better and solve their problems.  

Are you psyched? Me too! Join me for the Healing Arts Business Academy and get ready to step into being an empowered entrepreneur today! 

Leave a comment below and tell me what is holding you back from creating the dream business that you desire? What challenges have you faced in launching or building your great work in the world? 

Many blessings, 


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