5 Steps to Empowered Health

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Here are five steps for creating empowered health and an extraordinary life.

#1: Take Control of Your Life

To create awesome health and vitality, you must take charge of your life and make empowered choices. Empowerment is not something that anyone can do for you, it is something that you must claim for yourself. By taking total self-responsibility for your life, your choices, the food you eat, and the direction you are taking, you become the conductor of your destiny. Do you own research, question assumptions, get a second opinion, be open to learning from all places, and find the solutions to your questions. You have more resources available to you that you may be aware, it is your responsibility to discover, access, and utilize your birthright of empowered living and choose which of the options are best for you.

Affirmation: "I am creator of my destiny. I choose to create an amazing life." 

#2: Be Proactive About Caring For Your Health

Your health is your wealth. Learn to consciously care for your wellbeing and longevity with natural health and self-care techniques to keep your immune system strong. Your body's fertility, sexuality, and health create your vitality, energy, and longevity. In order to live long, enjoy life to it's fullest, prevent illness, and feel great it is essential to be forward planning about nurturing your health and not suppressing your body's natural self-healing abilities. Study and implement practices including healthy eating, exercise, bodywork, and meditation for integrated self-care practices that address your mind, body, and spirit. 

Affirmation: "I am healthier every day. My health is my wealth, my vitality is my longevity." 

 #3:  Be a Steward For the Planet & Environment

We are all living in one world together, and we are each a microcosmic holographic representation of the whole. Our health and abundance is directly related to the health and vitality of our planet, which is facing mind-boggling challenges today. As individuals we are each responsible for making a difference in healing and preserving our home. For it is no longer a question of what the generations to come will do with the problems of the Earth - it is up to us who are now walking on this planet to realize that unless we do something about the current state of the world, there will be no future generations. Learn and take action to protect and clean up the environment, reduce toxin exposure. and making conscious choices about the effects of our consumption and lifestyle. Believe you can make an extraordinary difference in the world and go for it!

Affirmation: "I am a steward of the Earth, dedicated to healing and preserving the vitality of our planet and all life." 

#4: Prioritize Self-Care

In order to have a sustainable impact in your life through your work and creativity, as well as ongoing health, vitality, and longevity, it is essential to prioritize self-care. Don't put it off, or ignore it, or think you are not worth it - write it on your calendar, make it a habit, and honor your self. Taking time for naps, nurturing, nourishment, working out, yoga, meditation, and natural body care enhances your health, rejuvenates the body and mind, balances the emotions, and increases happiness. Self-care is an essential step on the path of success, otherwise the road leads to burn-out. So, take time for a hot soak in the bathtub, a walk in the forest, or an afternoon siesta, and feel your vitality and self-worth grow! 

Affirmation: "I love and honor myself, and care for myself daily through nurturing and nourishing acts of self-care." 

#5: Love Your Body

Your body is the divine vessel that your spirit expresses itself through this life. While we may have things that we feel belong to us in this life, such as cell phones, clothes, houses, laptops, and other physical items, really the only thing that is truly ours is our body. It is the single most important thing is your life, it allows you to be a living expression of your soul in this world today and to interact with the world and other people. Love your body, and it's perfect uniqueness. You are beautiful, wonderful, and powerful just the way you are. Honor your body, for it is the temple of your soul. Care for your body with healthy foods, fresh air, sunlight, exercise, massage, bodywork, and by avoiding too much stress or toxins. 

Affirmation: "I love and honor my body. My body is the sacred vessel of my spirit. My body is beautiful, powerful, and perfect.. I am so grateful for my body."  

Which of these 5 steps do you need to work on?

What can you do in your life to empower your health, and create a more extraordinary life?

I'd love to hear from you below in the comments!

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Wishing you Awesome Health,  


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