5 Steps to Manifesting Your Big Vision

Are you a dreamer?

I sure am. I have BIG dreams and GRAND visions. 

Since I was a young girl, I've been an avid daydreaming, imaginative, creative thinker. 

I remember growing up and being so excited and awed when something that I dreamed of, longed for, and envisioned in great detail came to fruition into my real life. 

It always amazed me how something that was so seemingly intangible truly could become my real life experience, joy, and pleasure. 

Over the years, I have learned that this practice of transforming dreams into reality is a process that can be learned, practiced, and refined. 

It is the art of manifestation and it is a powerful life skill to develop and become fluent in. 

Here are 5 steps to create your dreams into reality:

#1: Believe in Yourself & Your Dreams: Yes, you can do it, but you MUST believe in yourself. You are an infinite divine being deserving of good things in your life. You are the catalyst for your dreams. 

#2: Visualize Your Dreams in Great Detail: Fantasize, daydream, meditate, and ponder all the wonderful characteristics and moments of your great vision.  

#3: Write it Down: Get creative and mind-map and journal with pens, colored markers, and big blank white papers. 

#4: Create a Declaration: Craft and write a statement of intent, positively announcing your commitment and dedication to the actualization of your dreams and read it aloud everyday. Post it on your mirror, near where you get dressed, or on an altar. Smile and read it with joy each morning.

#5: Take Baby Steps: Ready, set, and ACTION! Start taking the steps toward your dreams. To avoid overwhelm or discouragement, break it down into small steps, have patience, and focus on one thing at a time.

Your momentum will build up and don't be surprised if your dreams start manifesting faster than you expected even though you are just getting started! It's all about intention and action. 

Remember - all accomplishments, goals, and achievements begin as dreams and visions.

Believe in yourself! You have dreams and goals for a reason. 

Leave me a comment below and share your favorite practices or tips for manifesting your dreams and goals into reality! 

Many blessings,

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