Viva la Boobies! The Movement Video

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Imagine women around the world bouncing their boobies for wellbeing!

Viva la Boobies has become a global movement for natural breast health! 

The global breast health movement has sparked me to share a powerful yet simple movement practice that anyone can do to stimulate health and energy. 

I've been so moved by letters and messages from women in countries all over the world asking for more information about breast vitality, sensuality, and longevity. Thus I am inspired to keep sharing more positive inspiration for empowered breast care for women. 

Breasts need movement. They are designed to jiggle, bounce, and move around. This is essential for healthy breasts. You can take proactive steps to encourage healthy movement of the breasts to support circulation and detoxification. 

The anatomy of the breast is predominantly adipose tissue (fat), lymphatic vessels, connective tissue, nerves, and milk ducts. Since there are no muscles in the breasts, the movement of the lymph through the lymph vessels is facilitated by the movement of the body, as well as the breath, and also by manual lymphatic massage. Movement is necessary for breast lymphatic health. 

Bras can restrict the drainage of the lymphatic circulation from the breast creating congestion and leading to tenderness and build-up of toxins and hormones in the breast tissue.  

Supporting the gentle movement of the breast each day through this movement practice, especially before putting a bra on and after taking a bra off, are vital for vibrantly healthy breasts that feel amazing. 

Here's a video with a really simple easy technique that any woman can do to stimulate lymphatic circulation and help your breasts to feel awesome!

All you have to do is bounce your boobies each day!

Watch Viva la Boobies! The Movement: 

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