Midwifing The New Paradigm: 7 Exceptional Qualities of Feminine Leadership


Women are midwifing the new paradigm of feminine leadership together so as to bring health, energy, transformation, nourishment, and sustainability to all of our families, communities, and our whole planet. 

"Midwife" means "with women".  Feminine leaders are rising up in the spirit of cooperation not competition. 

The Dalai Lama recently was speaking in Australia about the need for compassionate leadership to solve the global crises today, and how women hold the greatest potential as leaders today due to increased sensitivity towards other's well-being. 

We need feminine leaders today in equal numbers as men in all areas of government, economy, and business. Women leaders bring distinctive energies to leadership that strengthens community, prioritizes sustainability, and values humanitarianism.

Visionary women leaders are not only transforming the old systems, but supporting sustainable and conscious enterprises including social entrepreneurship and cooperative business. 

Redefining leadership today through the embrace and integration of feminine qualities will bring about the rise of empowered human systems that generate education, health & prosperity for all globally. 

Leadership positions in government and business globally are dominantly held by men. However, there is a profound shift happening globally. For example, in India, throughout the last 20 years over 2 million women leaders have taken on positions in village government and have created powerful changes to improve social health and education.  This occurred since the 17th amendment to the Indian constitution was passed, which required the reservation of 1/3 of all positions in every village government in India to be held by women under the Panchayati Raj system of localized Indian government. Despite continuing threats of rape, murder, and abuse to women who step into these roles, women continue to readily accept leadership positions motivated by desire to make a difference and be a part of positive change. 

In the US, women generally hold equal levels of mid-level managerial positions in business, however, the top-level tier of business executives is strongly dominated by men. In 2010, only 2.4% of the Fortune 500 chief executives were female.  

However, this can be changed, as in Norway which now has 44.2% female board members, resulting from a 2008 law requiring companies that are publicly traded to have at least 40% women on their boards. The results have been positive, and other European countries are looking to follow suit. 

A research study published in the BMC Public Health Journal evaluated the characteristics of women who effectively created social change through their leadership work and noted several strong factors of successful feminine leadership that indicate that women are more likely to have a transformational leadership style.

This is great, because a new study published in the July issue of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine shows that a transformational leadership style in the workplace positively also leads to higher employee well-being and productivity.  

A new study by Caliper, a Princeton-based management consulting firm, shows that women leaders have exceptional qualities that distinguish them including being more persuasive, fostering inclusivity and community, and are more willing to take risks. This study shows that women are leading the way to creating a new paradigm of leadership that is being increasingly prized by top-level organizations globally. 

7 Exceptional Qualities of Feminine Leaders:  

1. Vision

Successful women leaders often speak of having an epiphany, a spiritual awakening, calling, or significant experience that led them to cultivate a strong vision which fuels their work. Feminine leaders are visionaries working toward creating transformation, healing, and prosperity to the world. 

2. Motivation

Women leaders have a strong drive to create change in the world, support sustainable systems, and make an impact. The most powerful motivation for feminine leaders is purpose, more so than the desire to make money. With vision and passion, women are unstoppable. 

3. Mobilization

Taking action is essential for creating change and making things happen. Leaders create action through mobilizing their available resources, building upon what you got, and growing from there. Vital skills that women thrive at which support mobilization include networking, persuading cooperation, fostering trust, and building community. 

4. Persistence

Women leaders often experience greater challenges in their journey including harsher criticism, lack of resources or funding, and having to work harder to get to where they want to be. Yet, these same challenges can create a resiliency that strengthens the feminine leader who strives forward focused upon her vision to achieve success. 

5. Communication

Feminine leaders are more likely to have a communication style that supports connection and trust through compassion, listening, patience, strength, and humility. This helps leaders to hear, assess, and serve the needs of a community and build positive interpersonal relationships on all levels. 

6. Mentoring

Mentoring is essential for women to achieve successful leadership roles today. Women thrive when given examples of feminine leadership to witness, model, and learn from, such as from biographies, documentaries, and mentoring with women leaders. Successful feminine leaders may have experienced strong mentoring from family members, older women leaders, other successful entrepreneurs, or professional coaches. The new paradigm of feminine leadership strongly values experience, apprenticeship and mentoring, as well as life-long learning through continuing to study, read and learn from others.

7. Implementation

To create change in the world, you need to get out of bed each morning and take daily action. Women who make a difference are those who are consistently implementing what they are learning, studying, and discovering into their work to continuously improve. Most successful people do not achieve instant recognition, riches, and impact. Yet, through consistent implementation over time, of taking action steps toward one's mission each day, there grows the building of a dream, into a movement, into a whole new paradigm. There is a snowball effect that happens with consistent effort as long as one stays focused. The ability to successfully implement visions into action through bringing people together and staying focused upon your goal is a highly prized characteristic of feminine leadership. 

Visionary Women Rising

These exceptional qualities are to be noted, encouraged, and developed within ourselves, young girls and women today. Do you recognize these qualities within yourself? What quality do you need to focus on today to grow as a conscious leader? 

The new feminine leadership paradigm will rise through the social metamorphosis of our world into an evolutionary civilization in which women have a balanced partnership in global leadership.

Inspirational and motivated women entrepreneurs and social activists are creating prospering businesses, organizations, and projects today that support and empower women's health, education, and social entrepreneurship globally. 

Now is the best time to be a visionary feminine leader and conscious entrepreneur, a be a part of the birth of a new paradigm. 

We need YOU to step into your role as a conscious feminine leader today.  

We can change the world together.  

Do you have a vision to support community, health, education, sustainability, and/or transformation in the world? 

How are you midwifing the new paradigm of feminine leadership? 

Please share in the comments below.  

Thanks so much! 

Many blessings,

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