4 Keys to Accelerated Manifesting with the Moon Cycle

Through working with the cycles of the moon, you can utilize the natural energy of the creative tides to enhance your manifestation skills with grace and ease. 

Just as it is easier to bodysurf a wave rather than swim against the current, when you use the energy of the moon cycle for manifestation, you get more accomplished with less energy. 

The moon cycles influence our biorhythms, feminine cycles, creativity, tides, and our energy levels. By working with the cycles of the moon to tune into your vision, focus on your goals, and manifest with the forces of nature, you can amplify your flow of creation. 

Living in awareness of the moon cycles reminds us that there are cycles to everything in nature. As we focus on one cycle, such as the moon, our awareness naturally attunes to the cyclical nature of life supporting us to have greater awareness of the bigger and more subtle cycles that we are progressing through as well. 

For women consciously working with an awareness of the cycles of the moon, we can work with these strong natural energies that are so deeply connected to our feminine bodies, emotions, mind, and spirit. You can awaken the divine feminine energies within your body, heart, and soul through connecting with the feminine cycles of energy in nature. 

The lunar cycles effect our fertility, sexual energies, menstrual cycles, pregnancies, and creative energy. When we are working with the cycles of the moon we can amplify our abilities for conscious creation and manifestation, while using less energy and force to make things happen. 

One of the biggest challenges that women visionaries have is over-investing energy into pushing to make things happen and experiencing burn-out. Learning the feminine keys to manifesting with the cycles of nature allows us to consciously cultivate our energy and keep balanced.  

The 4 Keys to Manifesting with the Moon Cycle:

The Full Moon is a time for Gratitude - to shine the light upon all the blessings, abundance, gifts, experiences, and wisdom you already have. In order to consciously manifest greatness in your life you must be able to clearly see what is already in your field of experience.  

The Waning Moon is a time for Clearing - to create the space to have the room for the vision you are creating. To clear out physical and mental clutter, to finish up old projects, to enhance the energy of giving and blessing in your life. 

The New Moon is a time for Visioning - to envision, articulate, and dream about the specifics of your purpose, passion, and mission. This is an ideal time for journaling, writing, making art, working on a book outline, and doing research for your vision. 

The Waxing Moon is a time for Synergy - this is the ideal time to network, connect, communicate, and take action. Take advantage of opportunities to meet and work with others during this cycle, pay attention to synchronicity, and take action toward consciously creating your vision.  

So, are you ready to harness the energy of the moon to manifest your sacred mission and divine vision?

Are you excited to write your own destiny, get clear on your purpose, make a difference in the world, and attract prosperity, health, and joy into your life?

Every day, look up into the sky and feel the light of the moon illuminating all the blessings in this world and in your life, and send love and gratitude to all the amazing women in our community and world who are believing in themselves and going for their dreams!

We are changing the world and we are doing it together. As we vision together and share the skills for feminine manifestation we are sowing the seeds of women's wisdom for health, prosperity, and leadership globally. 

Blessings, Kara

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