6 Reasons for a Women's Health Revolution


I grew up fascinated with learning about natural ways of healing. My mother was very involved in studying natural health through study groups and classes with an amazing holistic doctor, and my first job was working at this doctor's holistic health center and massage therapy school in New Hampshire when I was 15.

I began studying women's health issues when I was 19 years old, and I moved to Seattle, WA to attend massage therapy school.

In a Seattle bookstore filled with piles of books and resident fluffy cats, I found a book that changed my life, "Women as Healer" by Jeanne Acterberg. This is an amazingly well-researched book that details the history of women in the healing arts throughout the Western traditions from Babylonian and Sumerian times, Ancient Greece, the Middle Ages, and to the medical, nursing, and midwifery professions today. 

My eyes were opened by this book to the deep and ancient heritage of women's healing arts which I felt within my heart and soul. It was in that book that I first learned about midwifery, and that launched my study into empowered birth, which has been a core part of my work for the past 15 years. 

Since I read that book in 1997, I have never stopped learning about women's health, natural birthing, fertility awareness, natural menstrual health, and empowered women's sexuality. 

I have cherished learning of sacred traditions of women's healing arts in cultures all over the world. Many of these traditions have been lost, and many are endangered, as they are passed orally from healer to apprentice. 

I am called to do what I can to honor and reclaim our heritage of women's healing arts, bring light to natural healing for women, and to help to restore balance to women's health globally today. 

For thousands of years, women healers have known how to naturally care for the health of the women in all cycles and stages, as well as how to use the arts of massage, nutrition, herbs, and movement to promote health and prevent illness. 

Yet the rise of Western medicine has been dominated by men, and women's healing wisdom has been oppressed. Still today we have modern witch hunts in which midwives are targeted and arrested across the country. 

6 Reasons for a Women's Health Revolution

  • In the US, the #1 most common surgery performed is C-section and #2 is hysterectomy. 
  • Breast cancer is the number one most commonly diagnosed cancer for women. 
  • 2/3 of teenage girls are on hormonal birth control. 
  • 1 out of 4 women are on prescription drugs for mental health conditions. 
  • 1 out of 6 women have experienced rape or attempted sexual violence
  • Homebirths and midwifery are illegal in many states. 

These are just a few of the issues that women face in the US, and in many places around the world the issues are even more complex. This is why we need you to stand up and make a difference to reclaim women's health and sexuality.

Women's bodies are used as profit for the medical system at the expense of our longterm health, vitality, sensuality, longevity, and productivity. 

We don't currently have a health care system, we have a disease care system. The emphasis is on pharmaceuticals and surgery to treat disease rather than education and prevention to maintain health. We need medical care when it's appropriate, and amazing education to inspire us to take an empowered integrative approach to our women's wellness. 

I believe that through education and awareness that women can enhance our health, vitality, and prevent unnecessarily medical issues or interventions. 

It is time now for women to reclaim our ancestral roots as healers, and learn to heal ourselves, and teach other women how to empower themselves with natural healing techniques.

Are you ready to reclaim the ancient traditions of the women healers and bring healing to feminine health and sexuality today? 

It is now safe for you to own your true feminine vitality & power and share this wisdom with other women. 

The time for feminine healing has begun!

Blessings & gratitude, 



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