How Social Media is the Most Important Way to Grow Your Holistic Business and Empower Women Around the World

Visionary Women - are you ready to make a big difference today, to create a feminine freedom lifestyle and business, and to share your gifts, services, and inspiration with women all over the world?

Now is the time, we are in the Social Media Age, which is the biggest revolution in communication, publishing, business, and media that we have seen since computers were invented. 

The really cool thing about social media is that WOMEN are the biggest population and most active users on social media, and this communication technology perfectly suits our feminine brains and hearts. 

Now we have the opportunity to be not just the users of social media, but the leaders and connect, inspire and build communities empowering women around the world. 

It's time to stop spending so much time scrolling the news feed liking funny cat photos and shopping on Pinterest and to be making the content, inspiring women through your words, images, and videos, and creating a Feminine Freedom Revolution! 

We are fortunate to live at a pivotal time in the evolution of human consciousness and culture. At our disposal is a variety of multi-media technology to communicate, share, and learn from people and communities all over our planet. We are truly a global culture on the verge of universal consciousness. Through the conscious use of technology for communication and education we can create change on a grassroots level. 

Through the amazing developments in multi-media communication technology available today we able to reach out a make a difference through the web of life. In the next decade, the number of people online is estimated to nearly double from 2.4 billion people currently, to near 5 billion people online by 2020. The internet creates freedom and opportunity for any of those 5 billion people to network with any of the other billions of people.

Social media is where you can find women from all over the planet active every day in increasing numbers. Women are the most active participants on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+. Women also spend more time than men on social media each day than men. If you care about inspiring and empowering women and supporting feminine education, health, and leadership today - you need to be on social media sharing your ideas, where the women of the world are gathering. 

There are numerous available resources and technologies that make sharing your ideas, videos, images and message on the internet very easy through creating a website, blogging, networking, and social media. You do not need to know computer programming to create a website, blog or social media presence. Many resources are free or low-cost. Your voice counts and there are many people around the world would love to hear it! By utilizing the communication technology available to us we can reach more people, learn from each other, and network more efficiently. 

Technology is not inherently good or bad. It is how you use it. Be a force of change and healing in the world by communicating your empowering messages to the people who need your inspiration! Together we can bring health, prosperity and peace to the women of the world! 

It is my mission to support the new feminine leaders to step into your sacred purpose with confidence, clarity, and prosperity and develop awesome social media publishing skills, so that together we can uplift women around the globe and create healing, transformation and abundance for all!

Social media is the fastest way to grow your online business and share your empowering ideas with the people who need them.

I'd love to hear from you in the comments below: what's the biggest question you have about how to use social media to grow your business?

Many blessings, Kara