Love Your Feminine Body, Mind & Soul

A women's body is a channel for creative, sensual and spiritual energy. When this energy is honored, it can be used for conscious manifesting, sacred love and longevity. 

The physical health, energy and vitality levels of a woman's body are intrinsically interconnected with her emotions, beliefs and feminine spirit. Love is the most powerful emotion that creates healing and empowerment when we direct it toward ourselves and our bodies. 

Through deepening our awareness, health and self-care of our sacred feminine sexual energy with love we are able to create balance within our hormones, cycles and health. 

Our breasts and wombs are energetically connected to the source of creation and the energy of life and nourishment. 

This feminine energy within our bodies can be used consciously, not just for birthing and rearing children, but for the art of conscious creation for health, work, art and evolutionary ideas for the uplifting of humanity and all life. 

We can consciously choose how to channel our powerful feminine creative energy for love, vitality and success. It begins within, with honoring and appreciating our authentic worth, beauty, and creative powers. 

Love your self, love your breasts, love your womb - and celebrate your feminine body, mind & soul!

With love, 

Kara Maria Ananda


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