The Story Renaissance is Here: How the Internet and Social Media are Changing the World

Storytelling and Social Media

The story renaissance is happening! For thousands of years, we have had dark times of the planet, in which information, wisdom and truth have been suppressed and teachers and storytellers have had to be very careful in how they passed along stories. Many ancient scrolls, libraries, and books have been lost, burned, or hidden. 

Wisdomkeepers had to encode truth within stories that were passed along orally or hidden within games only to be deciphered later by future generations when the time is right for it to be known again. 

The media has been controlled by those who wish to dictate what we see and hear, and only certain stories that fit into the mainstream model are allowed in newspapers, magazines, radio and television.

Yet, now the independent media revolution is happening thanks to the internet and social media changing everything. 

Today, we can easily create and publish videos and share them online through YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and our own websites. We can write books and self-publish for free through Lulu, Amazon and Kindle. We can create our own radio shows, music and podcasts and broadcast on iTunes, BlogTalkRadio, SoundCloud and more. 

Instantaneously, we can post news, updates, commentary, ideas, stories, photos, images, videos, slideshows, audio and multi-media projects to any social media network and reach people around the world, sharing our ideas and stories for free globally. 

Our ancestors could not have ever dreamed of this freedom of expression. This ability to connect, share, teach, inspire and make friends and community. It is now time to bring to light the stories that are within our souls, that have been waiting to be revealed for thousands of years. 

It is now safe to speak up and share your truth, your stories, and be a part of this communication revolution. 

What are you waiting for? 

We are listening...

Tell your story.

Kara Maria Ananda