Fertile Secrets of Women's Leadership

Fertile Secrets of Women's Leadership

Could ovulation be linked to women's success and leadership?

How does the fact that many women do not ovulate due to the suppression of fertility by pharmaceutical birth control pills, high levels of stress, and environmental issues contribute to the lesser numbers of women in leadership roles today? 

It's shown that during the peak time of fertility before and during ovulation women are inclined to be more daring, more social, and are perceived as more attractive by both men and women. These same qualities of a fertile woman are similar to the qualities of a successful entrepreneur and leader. 

In fact, if you know your cycle you can maximize this energy for manifestation by planning live events, important meetings and networking to coincide with when you are around the time of ovulation for enhanced sociability and making connections. 

Today, 2/3 of teenage girls are put on the Pill, often to "regulate their cycles" even though irregular cycles can be normal, and especially in adolescents. This is also the time when girls start falling behind in grades and academic achievements. 

Is Women's Sexual Energy the Secret of Success?

There is a lot of research on ovulation and fertility as to how it effects relationships and sexual attraction, but I think there is a secret that is being ignored as to how the sexual woman can harness her fertile energy not just for potentially conceiving a baby but for conceiving all kinds of creative inspiration. 

In the classic success book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill he talks about the power of "sex transmutation". His writing is directed towards men and shares that a man who has the support of a woman in his life is able to harness that sexual energy for success, wealth and achievement. Well it's time for that secret of wealth and success to be known - that it's through feminine sexual and fertile power that many great creative ideas are born and gestated and that women who own this power themselves can rise to become great leaders. 

Our power as women will not be seen in equal amounts in business, politics and leadership until we also stop suppressing the inherent creative power of our fertility. When we honor our fertility it brings vitality to our whole life - supporting our longevity, energy, sexuality and creativity - long after the time our childbearing years are over. 

When we honor the creative power of the womb, it is ours for a lifetime, to have a direct link to tap into the infinite creative potential that will bring rise to balance between the masculine and the feminine in the world. 

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