The Secrets of the Seven Sisters: Ancient Archetypes for Feminine Leadership in the Stars

The Secrets of the Seven Sisters: Ancient Archetypes for Feminine Leadership in the Stars of the Pleiades

The Seven Sisters are 7 Ancient Archetypes for Women's Leadership that are embedded within our global stories, the patterns of nature, and our own women's bodies.

These 7 archetypes reveal a full spectrum of models of feminine leadership that have been encoded with the mythology of cultures all over the world, as well as within astronomy, astrology, biology, and numerology. 

The stars of the Pleiades are known as the Seven Sisters in many cultures, and particularly in Greek culture the names of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades are the names given to the 7 main stars of the constellation today.

I've been fascinated with the constellation of the Pleiades for over 20 years. Before I knew the name of the stars, it was the small bright cluster that I would always search out with my eyes at night.

Later I discovered they were the Pleiades, and was compelled to research their mythology, stories, and meaning.

Through learning about the mystery of the Seven Sisters, I have been amazed at the stories about these stars known as midwives, goddesses, and priestesses in different cultures.

The seven sisters correspond to the seven chakras and are encoded with wisdom for cultivating sacred feminine creative energy.

As women are reclaiming our true feminine power and stepping into roles of healing, teaching, speaking, writing, and being change-makers in the world, it is essential to understand that there are many ways that we can embody our true feminine power and be leaders today.

The Alpha leadership role that our modern culture sees as the typical model of leadership is not a pattern of balanced leadership for the new emerging conscious culture.

New feminine leaders need positive archetypes for us to learn and be inspired from that resonate with our hearts and souls. 

This is why it is so healing and transformative to learn about the 7 Ancient Archetypes for Women Leaders Today - to know that we can be conscious creators of this global transformation in many different ways, and that our roles as women leaders will actually change as we embody different stages of our lives.

These 7 archetypes are fluid and move in a spiral or circle, thus you may resonate with different archetypes depending upon what project you are working on, or the time of your life that you are in.

You will see how gentleness, creativity, and receptivity are also characteristics of leaders today, and that we all have a place in the feminine spectrum of leadership. 

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The Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters are the seven stars of the Pleiades and they correspond with the seven chakras.

The Pleiades are recognized in every culture around the world, and central to the secret knowledge of ancient civilizations. 

The Pleiades is the brightest cluster of stars in the sky, and these stars have been noted in cultures as diverse as the Egyptian, Greek, Hopi, Mayan, Lakota, Japanese, Maori and Australian Aborigine, since the beginning of human history.

Ancient cultures around the planet have long marked the cycles of ages through sacred calendars, pyramids, and astronomy, and every culture has marked the passage and appearance of the Pleiades in the sky through these ways. 

The Mayans, Cherokee, and Hopi believe that their ancestors come from the Pleiades. 

The ancient Mayans and Egyptians built pyramids aligned with the stars of the Pleiades. 

They are known in Egypt as the Seven Midwives.  

In China and Greece they are known as the Seven Sisters.

In Greek Mythology, they are recognized as priestesses, mothers, lovers, and midwives, and many ancient Greek temples were dedicated to the Pleiades.

Humans around the world have honored, celebrated, and marked the passage of the Pleiades for many thousands of years.

The Seven Stars of the Pleiades constellation are known today by their names from Greek Mythology as the Seven Sisters: Maia, Alcyone, Electra, Celaeno, Taygeta, Asterope, and Merope.

There are two other main stars in the constellation, the father of the sisters Atlas, and their mother Pleione, a goddess of the ocean. 

Beyond the sight of the human eye, there are actually over 300 stars in the cluster of the Pleiades.

This constellation resonates with the human chakra system, as we have 7 main chakras in our body, an Earth Chakra below our feet, the Soul Star chakra above our head, and over 300 minor chakras throughout our body. 

The Seven Sisters hold the keys to 7 archetypes for women’s leadership. 

Connecting with them consciously will support you to step into conscious feminine leadership to co-create peace, harmony, and healing for the Earth and Humanity now. 

Now is the time when the Sacred Feminine Energy that the Pleiades embody has come back into alignment with the Earth for the future cosmic evolution of humanity.

This is a potent and powerful time for aligning with the wisdom and teachings of the Seven Sisters. 

This is the beginning of an era of great transformation, in which the Sacred Feminine returns and comes into balance with the Sacred Masculine.

This is the birthing time of a universal consciousness born from the hieros gamos, the sacred marriage of the divine feminine and divine masculine.

Through the union and balance of the Universal polarity we can find peace within harmonic consciousness, creativity, and vitality. 

Ancient cultures around the planet have long marked the cycles of ages through sacred calendars, pyramids, and astronomy, and every culture has marked the passage and appearance of the Pleiades in the sky through these ways. 

Which of the Seven Sisters do you connect with most? 

  1. Maia the Midwife - Root Chakra

  2. Alcyone the Queen - Belly Chakra

  3. Electra the Awakener - Solar Plexus Chakra

  4. Clean the Lover - Heart Chakra

  5. Taygeta the Storyteller - Throat Chakra

  6. Asterope the Visionary - Third Eye Chakra

  7. Merope the Priestess - Crown Chakra

Discover which of these ancient archetypes that you resonate with and step into your feminine power, strength and wisdom.

Tune into the energy, names, and associated chakras of each of the Seven Sisters and feel which intuitively you are guided to connect with.

Consciously meditating and calling upon the name of this Star Sister will support you in the work you are doing to embody and ground in this energy in your life. 

Now is the time for you to be a voice and leader for change, healing and balance in the world and you can do that in the feminine way that feels good for you. 

Discover more about the stories of each of these seven sisters and the meaning the archetypes hold, as well as the global mythology and stories about the Pleiades from around the world in the Seven Sisters Circle.

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