The Seven Sisters: 7 Archetypes of the Divine Feminine

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The are Seven Sisters in the sky encoded with ancient wisdom for the return of the divine feminine today. 

The Plieades constellation consists of seven stars known as the Seven Sisters in Greek mythology, and their archetypes correspond to the seven chakras of our body. 

This bright cluster of stars has been noted by ancient civilizations from all over the world more significantly and earlier than any other stars in the sky, which we now know through astronomy, calendars, creation stories, mythologies and more. This star cluster, featured in ancient art, star maps, architecture, and stories is most often associated with the divine feminine. 

The Greek mythology of the Seven Sisters gives us insight into how the seven stars and goddesses embody the archetypes of the divine feminine. It is from the Greek myths that the stars in the sky were named after the Seven Sisters: Maia, Alcyone, Electra, Celeano, Taygeta, Asterope and Merope. 

These 7 Archetypes of the Divine Feminine are the: Midwife, Queen, Activator, Oracle, Storyteller, Visionary and Priestess

The mythological goddesses who embody these archetypes through the Seven Sisters represent the universal energy templates that each of us can embody at any time in our lives, to empower the sacred feminine rising today.

Archetypes are the essence of human patterns of personality that go beyond race, time, age, gender, or culture - they teach us of the elemental patterns of humanity and help us to understand ourselves. 

With the focus on the masculine hero's journey over the past several thousand years, the feminine archetypes have not been as honored or recognized, and to keep this knowledge, it's been encoded with the stories and art of the ancients so that we can bring it to light today. 

Through resonating with these archetypal templates we can activate these energies within ourselves to support us in connecting with and activating our soul's calling and mission in this life.

When we embody universal archetypes amazing and synchronistic experiences happen that tune us into the greater collective wisdom and intelligence of humanity.

The Seven Sisters hold the keys to 7 archetypes for women’s leadership. Connecting with them consciously will support you to step into conscious feminine leadership to co-create peace, harmony, and healing for the Earth and Humanity now. 

Activate the 7 Archetypes of the Divine Feminine and embody your authentic soul power. 

Are you ready to bring greater healing, transformation, confidence, clarity and flow to your life and the world?

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