Awakening to Infinite Love: The Rising Spirit of Conscious Creation

Awakening to Infinite Love: Get Into the Flow of Conscious Creation

The journey of life is full of clues to discovering the mystery of “life, the universe, and everything”.

It’s is all about decoding the messages and signs from Spirit that are prevalent in the world and seeing the truth of infinite possibilities for yourself. 

People are awakening today to greater knowledge about who we are, what we’ve been through, where we are from, and how to move forward with grace, honor, peace, and integrity.

It is a powerful time to envision the future you desire for your life's legacy, humanity, and the cosmos. 

Take action to manifest your dreams through creativity, innovation, and expression. 

Be a part of the co-creation of living energy on the planet today raising us higher toward healing humanity and the Earth. 

We are living in a unique time for envisioning the infinite possibilities of how love can manifest in the world, and activating how we wish to create our life anew.

Harness the powerful energies flowing through your mind, heart, and spirit by expressing your creativity in some way.

Get into the flow of conscious creation!

Major shifts are happening on every level right now. 

There has been an ancient battle of good and evil on our planet and in the universe for a long time. 

For several thousand years humanity has been struggling to break free, to rise up, and create peace and family. 

The tides are changing, the light is winning, there are confirmations of this appearing in many places, encoded within our world. 

We must be resilient, use our imaginative capabilities, stay connected to our source of joy, and feel the power of divine love radiating through the world. 

Imagine what the world would be like if the powers that control us suddenly freed us?

What would it be like if we all had healthy food, water, and medicine available to us all?

What if all the buildings you see were naturally powered with free energy?

What if the technology was developed to clean ALL our air, water, oceans, soil, and Earth?

What would it look like for all women, men, children, and elderly to have the resources, education, and tools to heal ourselves?

Humanity is at a tipping point, and we have incredible technology, wealth, knowledge, wisdom, history, and great minds right now. 

Now, what if the soulless few who have withheld this possibility from us are replaced with the powers of good who seek to support all people. 

How would you know it has changed? What would you see?

Envision that. 

And know that there are many good people working to support a better world right now.

But you are needed, you are a cosmic point of manifestation in the world today. 

What you do impacts the world holographically as you are an infinite light. 

Let your life be an expression of divine love in the world today. 

Illuminate the way. 

It's time to gain clarity and perspective so that we can clearly envision and activate the future we desire. 

Many blessings,