It's Your Time To Be Bolder

It's Your Time To Be Bolder - Create Your Holistic Business Success

Are you ready to really create your dreams this year with a powerful online presence for your holistic business so that you can support a growing global clientele, multiply your income, and create more transformation for your customers and community?

With 20 years experience in healing arts education and great success in transforming my healing arts practice from one-on-one local clientele to serving women online from ALL over the world through online courses and coaching programs - I've created the Healing Arts Business Academy to support you to quickly create, launch, and teach your amazing work online through bypassing all the years of trial-and-error that most go through. This is an accelerated path to online success for visionary health and wellness leaders in business!

Your message is important and needed in this world. It is important for you to invest in your vision and share your message of healing, transformation, empowerment, and sustainability to create a better world.

Investing in your education, coaching, and support is essential to your business growth. You can spend years trying to figure it out on your own (which I tried) and still struggle and watch your business grow very slowly. When I began focusing on my business training and coaching to grow my healing arts business I quickly saw the results as my business impact and income increased dramatically! Investing in my business and myself was the pivotal moment in which my business began making a bigger difference in the world and supporting me to really live the lifestyle that I desired. I now wish I had done so earlier! 

Over the last decade, I have studied with many amazing business coaches everything from online business, social media, holistic marketing, wealth consciousness, coaching, copywriting, publicity, and brand styling. Every day I read books, listen to audios, and watch videos about conscious business, leadership and success. I love learning and implementing new knowledge and ideas, and even more, I love sharing what has worked for me with my awesome clients to create new paradigm businesses. 

I've worked with many happy clients who have said that they've learned more from working with me for a few minutes, hours or weeks then they have in taking months or years of previous business training. 

I know that you can take your conscious business to the next level and that I can share all this business information with you in a fun easy-to-understand way that will save you years of trying to navigate through boring business books and trainings on your own. I love translating business wisdom into positive language and easy to implement ideas for holistic entrepreneurs who want to create positive change in the world. 

Gain greater confidence and a clear strategy to design your conscious online business to create global healing and transformation for the world, and prosperity, passion, and freedom for you. 

Invest in yourself to transform the world. Believe in your mission to create success.

Many blessings, 
Kara Maria Ananda