Why I Must Believe in Peace

Believe in love, believe in truth, believe in people. 

We can overcome challenges and see through the deception. Do not succumb to the fear programming. The future has not yet been created, we can create a new way. 

Healing is possible. 

Love will triumph in all it's forms for all people! 

But some serious work needs to be done to get us all there.

Let's get to it. 

Believe in love, healing and people. Take action to create a future that cares for all.

Humans have incredible potential.

We cannot just give up, or expect the worse, because we have lost hope. 

The media today wants us to believe that we are inherently violent and that war is inevitable as human expression, and that violence towards each other, towards people who look different, towards women, towards children, towards other countries or religions or sexual preferences or colors of skin is part of who we are. 

But I do not believe this. Widespread group violence towards other humans is a recent human invention. However one we've been dealing with for the past ten thousand years. 

We are now at a time of massive transformation. 

When I was a kid I couldn't imagine what the internet would be like, how it would connect billions around the Earth, how we can each share information and connect beyond borders and faces in so many countries. This is all new, and it is changing things. 

Likewise, we must believe in our visions and goals for the future, even if we can't imagine HOW it's exactly going to happen. 

For we just might not be aware of the resources that we need yet - maybe we need to invent them. 

There is SO much innovation, technology and potential to clean the oceans, teach non-violent communication skills in our schools and institutions, provide real health care to people everywhere, create free energy, purify and collect water, to redistribute wealth to people, to build safe eco housing for everyone, to clean our environment, water, toxic sites, etc. 

So much progressive technology has been suppressed due to reasons of profiteering, monopoly and control. Imagine if these were made publicly aware of and available, what a different world we could live in! 

I have met so many incredible people in this world, who all care about making a difference, who are healers, educators, innovators, inventors, scientists, parents, students, builders, designers, engineers, and visionary leaders. I have seen people overcome incredible challenges in life, and they give me inspiration and hope. 

I must believe in a healthy future for humanity, because otherwise it's just too depressing! 

Things CAN change, why not? We have no idea what the future really holds, but we do have a part in creating it.

As I said, it will take work - lots of it involving patience, action, effort and persistence. And to do that kind of sustained work, you need to have a vision, to need to believe that there is a reason to put that effort and sweat and tears into it. 

So that's why I believe that we can create healing, peace and prosperity for the future of humanity, because I cannot live any other way.

Many blessings,