Choosing Lightness and the Simplicity of Abundance

I celebrated my birthday this weekend with a gorgeous trip to Portland and the Oregon Coast with my family. This is the gorgeous view of Haystock Rock on Cannon Beach on the anniversary of my 37th rotation around the Sun. I am so grateful for this experience of life! 

What a WILD amazing full spectrum adventure it is be alive on this Earth!

Birthdays always bring up a lot of emotions, as well as big energetic shifts as we go into a new year of our life. Honestly, this past year has been hard, and I am so happy to be letting go of the stress and challenges that I overcame in the many trials of this last year (and beyond). I released a lot of tears this weekend in gratitude for getting through all that I have in my life and being surrounded by the abundance of life through nature, beloveds and synchronistic signs of support from the Universe. 

The most powerful message for me has been that only love matters. 

We don't know how long we have on this Earth. Or how long we will get to spend with any of our friends or family. Things and stuff don't matter. In this game of life, the most valuable currency is stories, memories, experiences and relationships. 

Choosing lightness and the simplicity of abundance.

I want to LIVE more, LOVE more, BE more and DO more. 

I want to hug all my friends more. 

I want to laugh more with my children. 

I want to enjoy all the time that I can with my husband experiencing the magic of life. 

I want to visit more beautiful places. 

I want to spend more time in nature.

I want to feel the pulse of my spirit stronger in my body. 

I want to experience pure radiant bliss at the cosmic WOW of being alive! 

I want to help others to live their lives with joy, wonder, vitality, gratitude and abundance!

I want to be inspired in new ways. 

I want to connect with amazing people all over the planet. 

I want to dance more. 

To make more room in my life for what I really truly want I'm letting go of some other things that I don't need.

I want less stuff to have to take care of. 

I want to spend less time cleaning my house and up after my kids. 

I want to make less decisions about what to wear or how I look. 

I want to lower my monthly cost of living, so as to increase my experiences of living.

I want to be prepared to thrive in all circumstances. 

I want to release obligations that no longer serve my highest purpose. 

I want to release all stress accumulated from the past. 

I release all fears and doubts that stop me from pursuing my biggest visions. 

With this new year I am choosing lightness. 

I am welcoming the simplicity of abundance. 

Choosing the Simplicity of Abundance

I have been taking loads of stuff and things away to donate to the thrift stores and give away to friends. I've been selling furniture. I've simplified my wardrobe. I'm releasing old classes and programs to make room for the new ones. I've organized my computer files and unsubscribed from lots of lists. Mercury retrograde in Gemini is the perfect time to get organized and release! Especially for this Gemini mama.

I'm moving out of my home in 3 weeks and traveling for the summer to visit and share with many along the way. While I am sad to leave my home that is up for sale, it's creating the perfect opportunity for travels and new experiences which is going to be SO much FUN - and getting us away right before our next door neighbor starts his big summer construction project on his home feet from our bedroom window. 

The Universe is supporting us to have the best experiences possible! 

I am so excited to have more freedom to bring more play, spontanaiety, and adventure into my life, to connect with old and new soul family in magical places, to enjoy more time with my beloveds and to bring new energy, inspiration and spirit into my life. 

Say YES to transformation, choose the incredible lightness of being so as to make more room for the simplicity of abundance

Choose to say yes to living your life in your way! 

Many blessings and gratitude!