Mystery of the Magi: Ancient Secrets of the 52 Playing Cards for Love, Magic, and Destiny

The Magi's Cards of Destiny

The 52 Card Oracle

Since ancient times, people have used astrology, numerology, and symbols to understand the cycles of time and transformation in the universe and our lives.

The 52 cards in the playing deck are actually an encoded book of wisdom that contains hidden knowledge of our destiny, relationships, and prosperity.

I was introduced to the destiny and love cards in 2009 and have found incredible insight and accuracy through studying this system.

It's quite in depth and by discovering the card of your birthday you can learn about the cards of your relationships, the cards influencing your current year, 52 day cycle, and more.

Inspired by the destiny card system, I have created a free online oracle to choose a personal card of the day, with a positive affirmational power message based upon the 52 cards and their influence.

Choose a power message in my Mystic Magi Oracle, and then you can explore more to learn your birthday card, relationship cards, and more.

The 52 cards of destiny and love are a thousands of years old game played by people all over the world.

The cards are said to be created by ancient Magi's who brought the wisdom of the cards to Egypt.

Learn more about the 52 cards of the magi in my online course The Maia Mystery School.

The 52 cards of the playing deck are an ancient book of the Magi for fortune telling, prosperity, and love.

The Cards of the Magi

There is ancient wisdom encoded with the deck of playing cards.

There are 52 cards in the deck for the 52 weeks in a year.

There are 4 suits for the 4 seasons, and the 4 weeks in a lunar cycle.

There are 13 cards in a suit, just as there are 13 weeks in a season, and 13 moon cycles in a year.

There are 12 court cards for the 12 months of a year, and the 12 astrological signs.

The 4 symbols of hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades correspond with the 4 elements of astrological signs: water, air, earth, and fire.

There are also 7 cycles in year of 52 days each, representing each of the 7 other major planets in our solar system, plus one day, which is the wildcard. 

When you add up all the numerical values of the cards it equals 365, the number of days in a calendar year. 

All the days of the year are connected to one of the 52 cards, except for December 31st which is the Joker, a wildcard who's destiny is a mystery.

Create your own destiny with the oracle of the Magi

The deck of cards holds great mystery and magic.

The story is that an ancient Order of the Magi is said to have encoded their book of wisdom, describing the patterns of the universe for revealing the truth about our lives, destiny, and relationships in the 52 card playing deck in the times of Atlantis.

The cards then traveled to Ancient Egypt, from where they later spread to Europe, and have thus become one of the most popular and ancient games in the world.

Now the deeper mysteries of the 52 cards are being revealed in these transformational times to help us find greater understanding, connection, and meaning in our lives, as we seek our destiny.


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The Mystic Magi Oracle

The Mystic Magi Oracle reveals universal wisdom for transformational leadership today through the hidden book of knowledge in the 52 card playing deck. 

Get daily inspiration for visionary living in synchronicity with the natural patterns of the universe. 

Choose your own card in my free online oracle to discover your destiny with a message of magi wisdom. 

The Mystic Magi Oracle is based upon the hidden calendrical codes in the 52 card playing deck for love, magic, and fortune.

Receive an inspirational affirmational power message encoded with the ancient knowledge of astronomy, numerology, and universal patterns of nature.

Choose your card of the day and discover more to find out your birthday card and love cards.