The Total Solar Eclipse: Rebooting the Collective Consciousness for Peace

The Total Solar Eclipse: Rebooting the Collective Consciousness for Peace

The Total Solar Eclipse and Leo New Moon on Monday August 21st is an auspicious time for focusing on your vision of what you desire to create in your life and see in the world. 

Eclipses are opportunities to REBOOT the collective energy on the planet and in humanity, and their effects are felt through ripples of change in the weeks and months following. 

Total Solar Eclipses are especially powerful as they are so dramatic in resetting our awareness and reception of Sun's energy, which holds the light codes for consciousness, and is essential for all growth in nature.

Additionally, Solar Eclipses always occur on the New Moon, which is the beginning of a new lunar cycle and the best time for manifestation of one's goals in alignment with the waxing energy of the moon. 

To understand how eclipses can effect our consciousness, think about how when you upgrade the operating system on your computer, you then have to restart the computer to activate the new OS.

This is what is happening with an eclipse - it's like REBOOTING our collective consciousness with the new operating system for accelerated higher processing and awareness. 

The Total Solar Eclipse across the United States on August 21st, 2017 is an especially powerful opportunity for a total shift in energy in the season ahead, as it's a rare totality and pathway.

There are amazing synchronicities involved in the timing of this eclipse, which I am excited to share with you...

The epic Total Solar Eclipse will be visible from coast to coast across the US on the New Moon in Leo of August 21st from Oregon to South Carolina.

This Total Solar Eclipse is especially significant, as the last total solar eclipse in the US was 38 years ago, and it was only seen in 5 states.

The last time a Total Solar Eclipse was visible from coast to coast in the US was 99 years ago in 1918.

With this upcoming Total Solar Eclipse millions of people from across the US will be synchronized in paying attention, gathering together, and viewing the eclipse.

This creates an opportunity for the entrainment of our hearts and minds to awaken to new levels of higher thought as we tune into the movement and cycles of the amazing natural world we live in. 

The Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st is extremely powerful, awakening a higher level of collective consciousness, as the planetary and solar bodies align and reset our reception of spiritual light on the planet.

What energies could this bring to the US and the world?

To figure that out I looked back to see what happened in 1918 and was amazed and inspired to realize that it was the year that World War I ended.  

I got chills realizing this, because one of the most powerful stories I know demonstrating the amazing power of collective consciousness is from Napoleon Hill, the author of "Think and Grow Rich", who wrote of the amazing demonstration of unified thought that he witnessed upon the ceasing of war in 1918. 

WWI was one of the deadliest and most tragic wars across our planet, and it ended in a profound moment of peace that created waves across the Earth through the collective consciousness. 

In Napoleon Hill's book "The Law of Success" he writes of the incredible experience he had on 11/11 in 1918, now known as Armistice Day, just a few months following the last "Great American Eclipse".

"On Armistice Day, 1918, we had evidence in abundance to prove the reality of the principle of telepathy, on a scale such as the world had never before witnessed.  I remember, distinctly, the impression made on my mind on that eventful day.  So strong was the impression that it awakened me about 3:00 o'clock in the morning, just as effectively as if someone had aroused me by physical force.  As I sat up in bed I knew that something out of the ordinary had happened, and so strange and impelling was the effect of this experience that I got up, dressed myself and went out in the street of Chicago, where I was met by thousands of others who had felt the touch of the same influence.  Everyone was asking: 
What had happened was this: 
Millions of men had received instructions to cease fighting, and their combined joy set into motion a thought wave that swept the entire world and made itself felt in every normal mind that was capable of registering this thought wave.  Perhaps never in the history of the world had so many millions of people THOUGHT OF THE SAME THING, IN THE SAME MANNER, AT THE SAME TIME.  For once in the history of the world EVERYBODY felt something in common, and the effect of this harmonized thought was the worldwide "mob psychology" that we witnessed on Armistice Day. "
- Napoleon Hill

This Total Solar Eclipse is an especially powerful window of time to open to the positive potential of collective consciousness rising, and to stay focused on our hearts to be ambassadors of peace, healing, and transformation.

The path of the eclipse will take several minutes to cross the land of the United States, and thus the energetic effects of the eclipse will manifest in our collective consciousness over the following months and years. 

What we focus on, whether despair or hope, conflict or peace, divide or unity, is what we will be putting our energy toward. 

During times of potential for big energetic upgrades, there is often upheaval and discomfort as things shift. Frequently the media will play upon this in order to keep people entrained to a state of fear.

I recommend limiting one's exposure to outer stimulation during this time, and taking time for meditation daily leading up to the eclipse, during the time of totality, and ongoing as a daily practice to anchor in the new frequency. 

We cannot turn a blind eye to the challenges of the world, but we must stay strong and focused on supporting each other to create the solutions for peace, community, and prosperity for all. 

Are you ready to open to new levels of energetic frequency and service to the world's healing and evolution?

It's already happening! Stay focused and grounded through this weekend to prepare for this potent eclipse energy Monday, and be a beacon of peace.

Throughout history, eclipses have been honored as a time of big change - either people were fearful of them, or they celebrated them as a time of peace. 

In ancient cultures, people did not know why eclipses were happening, and predicting them only became a practice in some places in the past couple thousand years, with limited success.

Without understanding the science behind eclipses, ancient people were often scared when suddenly the sky would go dark during the day, or the moon would go dark at night.

Yet, now that we know why eclipses happen, and that they are regular occurrences, there is nothing to fear. 

Eclipses have been also been signs of peace since in 585 BC a Total Solar Eclipse occurred during the battle of the Medes and Lydians. The darkening of the skies was a sign to the warring parties that they should make peace with each other, and they put down their weapons and ended their war.

It's time to rise up and dare to express those big dreams and goals you have within you! The world is changing, shifting, and ready for next level activation.

Let's harness this powerful energy for peace and find greater ways to support each other to rise up in our own power unified in love and respect. 

Meditation for Peace

Breathe deeply and rhythmically, feeling your whole belly expand with your breathe. 

Envision a sphere of light above your crown illuminated with divine light. 

Now imagine the light from this sphere flowing down into your body, flowing like a waterfall through every cell of your body. 

See all the cells of your body glowing with this radiant light. 

Feel your body and energy field full of this 100% divine healing light. 

Bring your thoughts to your intentions and visions, focus on what you desire to manifest in your life and for the world. 

Know that all is connected to the pure divine energy of the Universe, and that one light guides us all. 

Feel this energy of peace through your body, mind and spirit. 

Ask for a message from your higher self, guiding you to know what you can do to bring more peace to the world today. 

So it is. 

Many blessings and gratitude,