How To Choose The Best Essential Oils

Essential Oils for Premier Wellness

Since the times of the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, to the Queens of the medieval ages, to modern aromatherapy - essential oils are an integral part of herbal traditions. They are pure preparations of the aromatic compounds of therapeutic plants, that store the sacred plant essence for years.

I love honoring the plants through using the oils and am grateful for the healing energy they provide to my family. While I will always enjoy drinking herbal teas and infusions, wildcrafting herbs from local plants around me, and infusing my culinary and healing arts with the power of raw and cooked plants - the pure distilled essential oils have a special, lasting and unique role in the herbal arts that is easier and more powerful to use for body, home and family care. 

I want to share with you today, why I choose to use doTERRA essential oils.

I did lots of research into the top essential oils available today and am really confident to be using doTERRA essential oils.

They are thoroughly tested for pesticides, heavy metals, molds, toxins, synthetics, and for therapeutic potency from the distillery to bottles. 

They rigorously tests their products and have every batch of their oils and products all tested and verified by 3rd party independent labs too.

Through their quality assurance brand of CPTG - Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, they promise to uphold the highest standards in the essential oil industry for purity and potency, and then back that up with each oil batch being tested 5 times by the best independent labs.

The essential oil industry is unregulated, so the majority of oils you get on the market are diluted or cut with synthetics, some of these synthetics are neurotoxins. 

This is a big issue for me, as I want to have the peace of mind knowing the essential oils I use on my body and my family are effective and clean. 

The oils we can buy at the store only have to have 10% essential oil in them to be labeled as pure.

I've taken my doTERRA essential oils with me to the fancy natural food stores and compared the aromas directly with all the top competing grocery store brands, and the difference in smell alone is dramatic! 

They are also working directly with their farmers and distillers around the world through their Co-Impact Sourcing practices which does great work in supporting farmers and their communities, often in very poor areas.

For example, in Haiti, they have built a well, school, and plant facilities for the village they are working with, and supporting them to hire many more families and create a financially secure future, and more. 

doTERRA also has a non-profit foundation called the Healing Hands Foundation that is doing incredible work building birth centers, health clinics, schools, greenhouses, wells and investing in small business owners around the world.

I am really excited about the emphasis that doTERRA puts on supporting sustainable agriculture, communities, farmers, and essential oil education.  

I am impressed with what this company is doing to transform healthcare globally, they are collaborating with doctors, scientists and universities worldwide, conducting tons of research into essential oils.

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