The Power of Feminine Sexual Energy

The Power of Feminine Sexual Energy

Our sexual health is vitally important to our overall wellbeing - physically, emotional, mentally, socially and spiritually. It is woven into the story of our whole lives.

Sexuality is an integral part of our humanity, it's not just about the ability or desire to have sexual relations with another human being, or the process of procreation, nor just to create heightened states of arousal for momentary gain. 

Our sexual energy is our life force - it is the pulse of ecstatic energy moving through our bodies throughout our lives, supporting our health, creativity and longevity.

Bodies create sex hormones not just for erotic desires or the potential of pregnancy, they are hormones of health, essential for the well functioning of our bodies, the prevention of disease and the extension of our lives. 

It is our sexual nature as humans that brought each of us into being, that stimulated our growth, our adolescence, our cycles, our attractions to others, and creates the momentum that keeps the human race evolving forward.

It's a powerful sacred sensual force that deserves to be truly honored, celebrated and protected.

We are conceived and born into these bodies because of human sexuality and then our sexual natures influence our entire lives. 

Newborns are immediately dressed in clothing distinguishing them into gender categories based on our sexual organs. Our gender - a visible sign of our sexual nature as human beings - influences not only clothing but what toys, books, games we are presented with as children, as well as what we are taught in our family, schools, religions, media and society. 

Because of the innate inner power of our sexuality, it is seen as a threat, and our culture works to control the expression of our sexuality from birth onward, to suppress our ability to access our full source of personal empowerment. 

Today, it is a challenging world to embrace and honor our sexuality, with pervasive culturally-provoked sexual violence among all genders.

Sexual abuse, violence and rape should be addressed as an utmost concern to the very fabric of our human culture - it is a war upon our life essence that must be halted. 

Nurturing our bodies through Sacred Sensual Self-Care is a priority for empowered health. 

Female sexuality is a phenomenal powerful pleasurable force with amazing potential. 

Women are able to experience multiple and extended orgasms, engage in sexual relations for pleasure beyond reproduction, and experience orgasm stimulated from other parts of bodies besides our clitoris and vagina, including our mind and breath.

Our sexuality is not exclusively connected to our reproduction. While all other mammals experience seasonal fertility cycles, called estrus, instead of monthly fertility cycles of human menstruation, they also mostly only engage in sexual activity during times of estrus.

Women are demonstrative of the amazing power of human sexuality, as a source of pleasure, joy, happiness, health, creativity, wellbeing and sexual connection.

We enjoy sexual connection at all times whether fertile or not, and experience orgasm separate from conception. While male orgasm is linked with ejaculation, and the reproductive act, our female orgasmic pleasure is autonomous from reproduction, and has unlimited potential. 

There is great purpose and power to feminine pleasure and sexuality. Supporting ourselves to experience greater levels of relaxation, sensuality, openness, healing, joy and bliss supports our overall wellbeing, immunity, mood, productivity, longevity and resiliency in life. Our sexual pleasure is a power center that generates wellbeing and can be cultivated to maximize our health, creativity and success. 

Women have cultivated this source of sexual energy within for empowered wellbeing since ancient times through natural pleasurable healing practices such as enjoying sensual foods, sacred bathing, sensual dancing, relaxing massage, the art of aphrodisiacs, and feminine arts. 

Nurture your body! Discover what brings you pleasure and pamper yourself. 

Your sacred sensual self-care is a gift to yourself that deepens your connection to your sacred feminine sexual energy and your innate power as a woman. 

To thrive in this world, to care for others, to engage in positive relationship with others, and to have the energy to go for our dreams and stick with them, we must first care and nurture ourselves so we have the energy to sustain our spirits. 

What self-care practices do you love to indulge in that make you feel sensual?

Many blessings, 

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