Finding Balance as a Creator and Curator for Social Media Success

Are you a creator or curator?

There are two main kinds of sharing on social media today. You can either be a creator or a curator. 

Content creators share their own original posts, blogs, writing, photos, art, images, videos and information. 

Content curators share other people’s posts, blogs, articles, links, photos, images, videos and media. 

It’s great to have a balance between creation and curation. That way we can share our own words and message, and also share the content of others that we support, care about, enjoy and want to post to our own community. 

Ideally, on social media platforms such as Facebook pages, Pinterest and Twitter it’s most desirable to be a content creator 80% of the time and a content curator 20% of the time. On platforms such as YouTube or Instagram, you may have 100% of your own content, though there are many people that also share others content on their networks. 

Now if you are a business owner with a Facebook page, take a look and notice - are you sharing other people’s content more than your own? Is it time to step up and share more of your own voice and message to your community? 

We have an incredible opportunity today to share our wisdom, insights, and inspiration with each other and learn from people all over the world.

Your voice is needed today to spread hope, healing and transformation through the weaving the web of community online and globally. 

Or are you only writing your own content and never sharing anyone else’s posts? Maybe you could grow your own business page and social networks faster by collaborating with others and sharing other people’s photos and links with who you resonate with once or twice a day? 

It’s called social media because it’s all about interacting, sharing and connecting. 

Curating other people’s content through shares, repins, retweets, and reblogging is a powerful feature of social media networks today. 

When your content is shared it gives new or enhanced life to your blogs, photos, and videos - and can spread your message throughout the world. 

Discover how to find the right balance between being a content creator and content curator to optimize your social media platforms, influence and connections. 

Your community needs you to both share your voice and show your support!

Many blessings, Kara