Trust Your Intuition & Follow The Heart Path

Trust Your Intuition & Follow The Heart Path

To follow one's heart in life and be guided by divine intuition is the ancient way of hero's journey.

The heart path today is renegade to the traditions of modern cultures which prize logic and science over intuition, dreams and synchronicity. 

Yet the heart path is universal, it is the way of humankind since the beginning.

To live in the wild, one must trust one's own instinct and must cultivate a strong awareness of the physical and unseen worlds, to know one's direction in life and be keen to the signs in nature clueing in to the animal wisdom, the weather, the seasons and cycles of change. 

We've been trained to put our trust into experts, to turn to others before trusting ourselves. To even dismiss our intuition and instinct because of the expert opinion of our upbringing, schooling or scientists. 

Yet today we can see by watching fantasy movies or scrolling social media how many cultural stories and beliefs shared are fictitious, crafted in such a compelling way as to appear real to those who do not research the proof, evidence or situation for themselves. We can see how green-screen movies can appear more realistic than reality itself, making one wonder marvel at the special effects. 

Now more than ever, our domesticated culture has become a wild land of mythic mysteries, one in which cultivating our instincts of discernment, self direction, and inner knowing is more essential for survival than ever before. 

We must reclaim our lost arts of empowered connection - to our hearts, nature and spirit. 

As a child, I felt my path was to follow that which was expected of my culture, but as I grew, so did my intuition and I knew I would only thrive if I nourished my heart.

Dreams are ancient ways of receiving divine guidance, but are very symbolic, so we must understand the language of symbols, signs and feelings to truly grasp the meanings of our dreams or visions. 

Every time I've followed my heart, believed in my dreams, or followed the synchronicity - it's led me to the most amazing connections and experiences of my life, and filled my heart in the most incredibly blissful way.

Follow your heart and develop your trust and confidence in your own inner guidance system.  

Take the care to nourish and support your divine intuition.

Did you know that there are certain substances and lifestyle practices that can dull and numb your intuition and guidance system such as dehydration, synthetic hormones, malnutrition, many pharmaceuticals, environmental toxins, and negative media? 

There are also numerous ways to effectively increase your perceptive abilities including optimal and superfood nutrition, ample hydration through pure living water, meditation, heart entrainment, nature awareness and integrative movement practices. 

As a new paradigm entrepreneur pursuing the path of conscious feminine leadership I embrace lifelong learning and self awareness.

There are many ideas of how to do things, and how to live one's life, and there is so much value in being inspired and informed from other's experiences.

Yet, it's essential to truly fulfill our soul mission and follow our heart, to evaluate what we learn from others with the guidance and knowing within, to extrapolate how it applies to our own life and can inspire us to seek our own journey, rather than copying someone else's abbreviated template. 

As I've developed my path in the world, I have found significant guidance and support from my dreams, signs and synchronicity and my intuition - as much as from education, business trainings, coaches and mentors.

While I've been so encouraged, inspired and motivated by all the support and wisdom I've learned, I've discovered that other people's formulas for success are not my own. One cannot just follow along others step by step process and duplicate the same results.

One must put the essence of your own heart and passion into your work to succeed. This is why cultivating one's one trust and confidence in your heart path and inner guidance is essential to create the success that truly matters to you. 

As a heart-centered entrepreneur I mapped out my goals through conscious planning with calendars, accounting, reviews and plans, and also with intuitive discernment, conscious visioning, meditation and journaling to receive the guidance of what my heart and soul is calling to share. 

This is the way we design our own destiny. By tuning into our own ancient wisdom as spiritual leaders, visionaries, and innovators. 

We rise up in our vision as we consult like kings and queens with the whole holistic wisdom of the court of our heart, from our strategic advisor of a mind to the astrologer and oracle of the soul.

Within we can find the way to achieve our own destiny and bring transformation to the world.

Trust yourself and the power of your instinctual knowing. 

Pay attention to your dreams, to the message of the birds or animal that visits your backyard, to the rainbow in the sky, to the symbology in your life - and see what the Universe wants you to create! 

Follow your heart - it will always guide you lovingly towards your dreams.  

Believe in your dreams. You are worth it.

Many blessings, Kara