How to Create a Freedom Business & Lifestyle

Kara Ananda - Wellness Entrepreneur & Business Coach

Are you creating a conscious business and hoping to create financial and time freedom for yourself, while also making a big impact and helping lots of people? 

I have been a wellness entrepreneur since I was 19 years old, beginning with my massage and doula career, and I started working in the health and wellness field when I was 15 years old at my first job in an integrative medicine clinic and massage therapy school. 

Helping to provide education and empowering health solutions to humanity has been a passion and path of mine for over 20 years now. 

Through these decades of experience I have developed skills in building a private practice, teaching multi-day professional workshop trainings, hosting retreats, public speaking, writing and publishing, consulting with local and global organizations, and growing a successful online global business providing support and services to wellness pros around the world through online courses and business coaching. 

The amazing thing is that business training was NOT something that I originally received in my healing arts education. As a dedicated entrepreneur, I had to research and implement through trail and error for years, to figure out how to grow, scale and transform my work into the business I really desired and dreamed of creating.

After winging it through most of my twenties, running my business on pure passion, I decided to study business and entrepreneurship and sought out books, courses, programs, and mentorships to learn how to be of greater service in the world, which I have immersed myself and thousands of dollars into over the past many years, to become a confident online business owner, creator and connector.

It was disappointing for a long time to find that conventional business advice did not resonate with me, as most traditional business books are masculine oriented with military business strategies to dominate the competition and fear-based sales tactics. Not my thing! 

Luckily, I have waded through the macho ideas of the past and have witnessed the emergence of a new partnership model of business that thrives on vision, collaboration and creativity rather than competition and conflict.

This new paradigm of conscious business is so fun, exciting and empowering!

This is why I am so passionate about helping wellness pros and holistic entrepreneurs, because it took me years of struggling to craft my Healing Arts Business System to be able to support other busy entrepreneurs to accelerate their business reach, impact and financial growth. 

7 years ago I decided to create more freedom in my business as well as more impact and I shifted my business model from primarily in-person sessions and workshops to global online courses and coaching. This has been amazing and allowed me to now support wellness professionals and holistic entrepreneurs from all over the world, while also traveling with my family and serving leaders from over 70 countries around the world. 

I encourage you to follow your dreams and know that you can create the business you desire! 

Are you creating a freedom business as a holistic entrepreneur? 

Here's some of my top tips for manifesting your great work in the world.

Freedom Business Creation Tips: 

  • Believe in Yourself! 
  • Always Think About Your Clients and What Brings THEM the Most Value
  • Prioritize Self-Care
  • Always Keep Learning
  • Trust that You Will Be Able to Learn Whatever You Need To
  • Use Positive Language - Speak Confidently Like a Pro!
  • Stay Focused on the Big Vision - Don't Let Little Setbacks Deter You
  • Seek Out Mentors Who Have Done What You Want to Do
  • Create a Support System of People Who Believe in You
  • Practice Talking About What You Do All The Time
  • Go New Places and Meet New People 
  • Focus on Building Real Relationships with Your Community
  • Do What You Love


I believe in you!

Many blessings,