The Healing Power of Love: Why We All Need More Oxytocin

The Healing Power of Love: Why We All Need More Oxytocin

Oxytocin is the hormone of love, which supports the feelings of bonding, attachment, and trust.

So many humans today are oxytocin-deficient, and more than anything else we need LOVE to help bring healing, empathy, and connection back to our world.

Oxytocin has fascinated me for a long time. It's one of the reasons that I am passionate about gentle birthing, for at the time of birth the baby and mother are flooded with the ultimate oxytocin high that supports them to fall in love.

When people are born we should have this oxytocin high to start our life with, so we feel deeply connected to our family and the world, and grow to be compassionate, empathic, connected human beings.

Yet most of us did not experience this. With over 95% of births having medical intervention, this disrupts these natural hormones of love, depriving us of our primal oxytocin experience.

We can do a lot to help consciously boost oxytocin in our lives, through conscious touch, cuddling, hugs, sharing meals together family-style, deep conversations that connect, and pampering self-care.

Touch is my favorite way, and as a former massage therapist, I have personally seen how transformative massage can be for holistic body, mind and spirit wellbeing for all ages - from babies to elders.

Women also have a special stress response called Tend-and-Befriend, in which when we are stressed and the sympathetic nervous system is in Fight-or-Flight mode, some are drawn to connect with others, talk, and help take care of those needing it.

This Tend-and-Befriend stress response creates oxytocin which is the antagonist to cortisol and stress hormones, creating a calming soothing relaxation response.

The world is transforming right now! So many people are in pain, suffering, and stressed out to a critical point.

A lot of the activism and response to our growing crises is more antagonism, anger, hate, and frustration.

But why is this happening, why is the world caught in these cycles of trauma and disconnect?

I think that love is our primal nature. It's encoded within us to connect and love each other, to be social and form communities.

But for a long time, we as a humanity have been oxytocin-deficient and this is passed through generations.

What would humanity look like if we truly honored and cultivated more love?

How can we create changes in the world, deal with issues that are challenging, while still being loving and seek connection rather than bullying and attacking?

We need more LOVE.

My work for a long time has been all about love.

From conscious birthing to women's sexual health, to helping people create the work they love that brings healing to the world. It's not about birth or health or business - it's actually all about LOVE.

That is my mission, to be an Ambassador of Love in the world.

Because we all deserve love.

If you are not feeling loved or loveable in your life, then know that it's not you, it's our culture that has been blocking our love frequency from before we were born.

You are deserving of love! To love yourself, to love your life, to love your body, and to be loved.

The great thing is that love is our true nature. We can always tap into it and nurture and grow it more and own our most incredible power for transformation, healing, and happiness.

So, do something every day to boost your love frequency!

Hug someone you care about, massage your body with oil after a shower, cuddle the kids in your life, call a friend and look into their eyes and ask them how things really are, make a meal filled with your favorite sensual foods, or dance!

Now is the time for MORE LOVE!

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